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's discussion around the Denver wild horse quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) over the past few weeks may now be different. NFL official website reporter Albert Brill (Albert Breer) pointed out that Manning had been diagnosed with four muscle injuries in December, but he did not tell most of the details of the others, according to team members' information on Monday. For Manning's injury, the ESPN message was torn for four muscles, while Fawkes sports's Jay Glazer (Jay Glazer) was injured by four sides of both sides of the Manning, including one side pull (or partial tear) and the other side was serious contusion. The 38 year old quarterback for a 990 yard on 121 December 77 passes successfully, 3 touchdowns 6 passes was steals, the performance in the playoffs playing worse, he lost to the Indianapolis team in 13-24 games in the pony had only completed 56% passes and 1 touchdowns. , of course, Manning himself wouldn't use the injury as an excuse. Even though it makes people understand why wild horse will try new tactics in offensive team recently, wild horse still missed the chance to compete in the United States Championship and enter the super bowl for second consecutive years. In an interview after the game, Manning did not comment on the return of the 2015 season, which may be related to his state of mind at the moment. He is not only unable to perform the performance of his own standards, but may also take a long time and endure the pain of the injury. will he be back in the next season knowing that he may still have a similar encounter?took the 8 yard catch up array of Jarvis Landry (Jarvis Landry) to help Miami dolphins narrow the score gap with the new England patriots in the last regul cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ar season, but this time also made the money in his bank account much less. Landry's celebrations after reaching the gate made him eat 2 Fouls of non sports ethics behavior, which allowed him to get 2 tickets. Because he was fined 24309 dollars for the private place, because he was fined 24309 dollars for the helmet. So he was fined 48618 dollars in total. this season Landry completed a total of 94 receptions for 1136 yards and 4 touchdowns. As one of the rising stars in the league, Landry completed 288 passes in the first 3 seasons of his career, and became the most successful player in the 3 seasons of the 3 seasons with the New York giants' Odell Beckham Jr.. if the dolphins can in the wild card playoff week upset victory over Pittsburgh Steelers, after which they will once again face the new England patriots. It is believed that Landry's celebration of the Patriots is still fresh in his memory.7 game: referee referee NFL (R), vice president (U), CD (H), the main health cut (B) and the secondary wire cutting (L), the linesman (S) and field cut (F). the referee duties (Referee) The referee has the overall responsibility and control of the game. In the event of a dispute, he has the final decision on the score and the number of files. His decision is the final decision for all matters that are not subject to the rules of the rule or the referee's Handbook, especially within the jurisdiction of the other referees. Therefore, this position is often served as a referee and referee team leader. in the array during the kick-off, the referee position in the offensive, tend to be on the right (if the quarterback is right passing). He needs to count the number of offense. During the pass, he focused on the quarterback and his defenders. The referee decided any manhandled passer foul. If the quarterback loses the right of ball, he needs to decide whether to drop the ball or to pass the ball. In running the offense, the referee or throw the ball to the running back to observe from the quarterback, until the action is completed, to ensure that the case is pretending to pass or other deception pass. In the running back after the ball, the referee was running back and behind him. During the punt and kick, kick the players and help the referee to observe players and those who are close to their defensive player. If the kick is out of bounds, he needs the advantage behind the kicker to indicate the outbound point of the nearest border referee. the referee announced penalty yardage and the player number, and explain the complicated and unusual rules on both sides of the coach and captain. In addition to the basic equipment listed above, the referee also needs to carry a coin before the match (or overtime) to make a guess. accessory responsibility (Umpire) vice president of standing on the defensive line later for the observation of the offensive line and defensive side to stop trying to get rid of these people, to stop illegal stop observation. He needs to count the number of offense before the ball is opened. During the pass attack, he moved to the open ball line to judge whether the player would move forward illegally and whether the quarterback passed the ball before the pass. He also needed to throw the ball short, whether the pass was unsuccessful. when the vice is at the beginning of the attack, he is considered the most dangerous position of all referees. mainline responsibility (Head Linesman) The main line is at one end of the ball line (often opposite to the home team) to observe the offside, the violation of the neutral zone, or other fouls before the kick off. When the attack begins, his duty is in his near line area, including whether the player is out of bounds. When the pass attack began, his duty was to observe the area of 5-7 yards from his close line to the front of the ball. He marks the offensive trend of the ball and is responsible for the work of the code chain. Besides the common equipment listed above, the mainline cuts also need to carry the code chain clamp to locate the code chain group, while ensuring that it is located in the right place when measuring the new first gear. 〉Bowling |2015 "Hao to cup" National Men's Bowling Championships (South Division) Shanghai team end National Day holiday seems to be a lot less competition, everybody go out to play! At two o'clock this afternoon (oh, it should be yesterday ), located in Shanghai Luwan stadium, a layer of Shanghai Hao to bowling held 2015 "Hao to cup" National Men's Bowling Championships (South Division) Shanghai team, Cai Hongfu, Tang Jianliang, Feng Xiaobing, Gu Chengcai, Yang Yunhe, Ding Tianbao, Liu Shenyuan seven people and two 90 talent shows itself, the players and Hao to bowling the arena recommended three people consisting of a total of 12 Shanghai team one or two team. Game 6 in the afternoon and evening Bureau 35 feet short oil 6 45 feet long oil two stages, short oil really is not easy, but Cai Hongfu played a more normal, the other players were unable to play their own level, six short oil finished, Cai Tivoli (ARC), Yang Yunhe (UFO), Feng Xiao Bing (ARC), Ding Tianbao (ARC), Tang Jianliang (UFO), Liu Shenyuan (ARC), Gu Jing (UFO) ranked seven; later in the evening for long oil before everyone played a part of the strength, arc player Gu Chengcai hit consecutive five round of 200+, from the seventeenth short oil fell swoop rushed fourth total score. Grab a number of deputies. The flying saucer player Tang Jianliang 1273 minutes long oil king, the final ranking by fifth short oil rose to a total score of second! competition has ended, looking into the Shanghai team's 12 players to make a good summary of the whole brocade for Shanghai to win glory! 2015 bowling all brocade Shanghai selection race course time: start at 2:00 p.m. on October 6, 2015 location: 1-12 , Hao Zhi bowling Hall cost: Eligible athletes who participate in the qualifying trials (including 2 persons born after 90 years), please apply the 200 yuan registration fee to the front desk of the bowling hall before 12 o'clock in the morning of October 6, 2015, and leave the corresponding contact mode. All the players 30 minutes before the race start, overdue to the waiver, the entry fee is not refundable. competition arrangement: 1, the selection competition is divided into two games, and the 6 consecutive total score system is adopted in each game. 2 hours the first long oil 45 feet after the first game ended second extended 35 feet short oil field. Two 12 scores before 7 (including 2 90 directly finalists) joined the Shanghai team and Shanghai Hao to the bowling alley recommended 3 players a total of 18 people, set up 2 branch of Shanghai local team to participate in this year's championship. 2, the game uses the singular fairway 3, even 2 people arrange fairway. A single time draw to decide the competition of two games.

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