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last week, the new world champion Spain released a new shirt - New Jersey world champion badge. The shirt shows the glory of the Spanish world champion in detail. In last week's international friendly competition, Spain played in the New Jersey. Unfortunately, it was defeated at the foot of Portugal. It also confirmed the curse of the world champion after the world cup.Green Bay Packers lost one of their most valuable players. In the opening match against Pittsburgh Steelers in the first attack wave, wide receiver Nielsen (Jordy Nelson) through injury. according to NFL official website cheap nfl jerseys free shipping reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to people familiar with the news, the initial diagnosis of the team's first take over is knee anterior cruciate ligament tear. The team is waiting for the diagnosis of the MRI results. last season Nelson was the first player in the history of the packaging team to receive 1500 and two digit numbers (13 times). In the past two seasons, he caught 183 times in the League fifth, and the number of catching the ball (2833 yards) was ranked third in the league, and the number of receiving times was 21 times in the League fifth.The new Bastia Jersey color is black, blue and white stripes are in the chest. In order to commemorate the victims of the accident in the stadium collapsed in Anne Freeh, New Jersey printed with "Collectif Du Mai 92". (Note: in May 5, 1992, at the time of temporary demotion to Serie B team in Bastia to a French giants Marseille Zhenfa Cup semi-final, built in the stadium can accommodate nearly Anne Freeh million people at the start of the game a few minutes before suddenly collapsed, resulting in 18 deaths, more than 2300 people were injured.)The official website of NFL | Colin Capet Nick return to San Francisco 49 train | football 49 people in San Francisco's quarterback, Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) formally returned to the team training camp for personal training on Tuesday. , the 28 year old quarterback, has completed 2 hours of training, except for the final rehearsal. On the same day Capet Nick completed a small number of passing training and participated in the 7 - to - 7 confrontation. Capet Nick was absent last season with his left shoulder, knee and right thumbs, and his movements seemed a bit rusty at the start of the training. coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) said that his training, he will slowly adapt to all the training, I will take him to adapt slowly, he was now to some personal training, and they took over the running route, all follow the prescribed order. does not mean that Capet Nick will continue to stay in San Francisco. He may still be traded before next month's training camp. But for him now, the most important thing is to adapt to Kelly's high frequency mode. Blaine - Garbutt (Blaine Gabbert) is still a quarterback to attack the first team. Garbutt said: I think Capet is doing well, his pass is good, we are more focused every day.

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