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next season, the cosmos team will replace the new home and field uniforms, the traditional style of the club, plus their fashion design, which has made a unique blue and red match. Barcelona club will use red and yellow color Jersey - plus tenja area - Barcelona is its color club for the first time the traditional color. team uniform is a red and yellow striped interval, the collar is yellow, and the layout of the home team uniform. The beautiful red and yellow colors appear on the shirt in the form of the club's traditional stripes, and the sleeves are designed with a gradual color. The back - collar mark at the inside of the shirt writes the motto of Barcelona - "not only a club." The main body of the shorts is yellow, with a red stripe on each side, while the main body of the new type of stockings is like the sleeves, which is designed for the gradual change of red and yellow, and there is a yellow stripe on the top. The shirt shows the style and features of Nike, the workmanship, and the attention to the athletics, and adds a variety of technology to improve the performance of the players. The shirt is made of recycled materials, reflecting the Nike's determination to protect the environment. Each shirt and pants are from 13 recycled plastic bottles. 's first recovery process is to melt plastic bottles, form fibers, and make regenerated polyester. Compared with the traditional methods, it sav cheap nfl jerseys free shipping es 30% of the energy. Since 2010, Nike has used this method to recover nearly 1 billion 100 million plastic bottles. The fiber shirt weighs only 150g, 23% lighter than the previous version. At the same time, the strength of the shirt is increased by 20%, and its ductility is greatly improved. The fiber used Nike Dri-FIT technology, sweating better, making the players more cool and dry. The improved sweat channel of has many small holes, all over the Jersey's sides, and the back of the shirt. Meanwhile, the belt design of shorts lets the air flow of the shirt smoothly, making the players more comfortable and cool. in order to improve the comfort of the Jersey, the interface of the Jersey is designed with bold T-bar, which is more concise and solid inside and outside the line, while improving the comfort and functionality. At the same time, it also makes the Jersey more eye-catching.The official website of NFL | Raiders and Crabtree contract in 4 years | football Oakland Raiders will take over Michael Clubb Terry (Michael Crabtree) contract after the end of the season, but the team is obviously not going to let him test the water free market. Local time Wednesday, the official website of NFL reporter, and the Raiders have Crabtree a 4 year, $35 million contract agreement. Kelabuteliben for the Raiders to usher in the new season, he had played for San Francisco in 49 when the 2013 season injuries and 2014 season and mediocre. This season, he has shown the features of the new team again: the high success rate, the high performance in the red area, and good at playing after the ball. According to the current performance, he is expected to be at the end of the season when the ball 88 times for 1013 yards, 9 touchdowns. for the quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr), this is also a good news. He will continue to partner with the ball in the next few years, the 28 year old rookie Cooper Crabtree and Amari (Amari Cooper) will continue to escort him.2015 China Baseball League in Guangzhou! Jiangsu Tianma coronation Championship 8 7 to 8, 2015 China Baseball League finals in the Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center Baseball field, pictured at the scene of the game Su Jiaxuan 8 month 7 days to 8 days, 2015 Chinese Baseball League finals held in Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center Baseball field, for the Jiangsu Tianma team won the photo by Su Jiaxuan on from August 7th to 8th, the 2015 China Baseball League finals held in Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center Baseball field, as Li Gaochao interview Su Jiaxuan photo new network Guangzhou August 9, (Tang Gui, Jiangsu, Jia Xuan) from August 7th to 8th, the 2015 China Baseball League finals in Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center Baseball Stadium. In the end, the unstoppable Jiangsu Tianma played two games to beat the defending champion Beijing tigers to win the league championship. According to , Guangzhou is the last stop of this season's Baseball League. After fierce competition between two stations in Beijing and Wuxi, Beijing tigers won the regular season, Jiangsu got second, and third to six were Shanghai Golden Eagle, Tianjin lion, Guangdong cheetah and Sichuan dragon. reported that the final match was 3 games and 2 wins. In the August 7th game, both sides fighting is very intense, through to the playoff showdown. Jiangsu Tianma finally defeated the Beijing tigers 6 - 5 to win the first victory. The next day battles, Jiangsu Tianma has been in the game a slim majority, firmly hold the Beijing tigers. race to the second half of eighth, won the league pitcher Du Xiaolei hit a home run for the amazing, Jiangsu Tianma victory. Finally, Jiangsu Tianma fali, more than 4 to 1 win and win the championship. This increases the League relegation system, group B and group a champion will play sixth, decided a relegation places. In 7 days, 8 days two days of competition, the bottom of the rankings and Sichuan dragon group B champion Henan Kyrgyzstan as a challenge. Finally, Sichuan dragon were more than 5 to 0, 9 than 3 to win back-to-back beat Henan Jixiang, saved a seat next year. reporter learned in the scene that this year's League compared with last year, the team has increased, the competition has also increased. Li Gaochao, the deputy director of the center of the State General Administration of sports, baseball and softball, evaluated the competition. He said that the increase in the intensity of the competition benefited from the establishment of the team. Meanwhile, ensuring the athletes' competitive state is also the basic principle of arranging the competition system and the schedule. baseball, a popular sport in Japan, is likely to be in Tokyo in 2020.The official website of NFL |NFL on the sidelines of the new tablet computer technology to do battle command | football this season, the NFL team can use Microsoft's tablet computer in the game, mainly for photographing or videotaping, and analyzing the situation on the field. Unlike previous photographs, a tablet can more easily zoom in or down the picture, look at the details, and adjust the tactics in time. but the new technology can not be a big and small problem in the trial period. Bill coach Doug Maroni (Doug Marrone) is obviously not satisfied with the new technology. After he lost to the giants, he complained that his tablet computer could not be used in the first two quarters. They told me that the tablet was good, but it didn't really work at all. But I am very excited to try new things, the second half is always in use, I like it. is still a month from the regular season, and the NFL alliance and Microsoft still have enough time to debug the system to be used when the regular season is coming.

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