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two will meet in Super Bowl quarterback Tom Brady of the new England Patriots (Tom Brady) and Atlanta's Matt Ryan Falcon (Matt Ryan) - keep in touch. "we always keep in touch in the past few years," said Brady Monday in a radio program. "I've been texting him all the time in the season, and so is he. I have a great respect for Matt. As a man, a player, a leader, he makes me like it. " said the university time Ryan Brady spent at Boston College, he has been concerned about him". Brady also said that when the Patriots and the Falcon training camp when two people experience jointly held in 2010. "I watch him carefully and he talked a lot," said brady. "Matt is a man of great grace and a good quarterback," The two teams last played in September 29, 2013, when the Patriot defeated the falcons 30-23 in Sunday night's night match.The official website of NFL | en Su - Damm hole for rude behavior to apologize to his mother | football , Damm, Ndamukong Suh, is the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping mother who has seen the most matches in the Soviet Union. But lately, she doesn't like to see her son's rudeness. Miami dolphins lost 17 to 33 to Buffalo Bill. They made their opponent finish 266 yards, and became the first team to finish 100 yards and 150 yards in a match. , and the most uncomfortable thing for the mother is Su's rude words and deeds. At that time, the referee was going to cancel his quarterback arrest, and Sue rang directly to the referee, and at that moment, the referee's microphone opened to play for the fans. "I learned about it from my mother. I owe her an apology," I told the public about rudeness, , USA, on Wednesday. Mom, I was wrong. Su is to apologize to the mother, and the dolphin is to apologize to the fans, they let Bill's running guard can finish 7.4 yards each time. But in the season, every match was blocked by 2 opponents, but the teammates failed to solve their opponents in 1 to 1 opportunities, so the dolphin defense became the second worst in the league.| squash squash Tour Finals held in Dalian, a record number of entries map is: the Chinese squash circuit tournament finals group draw lots. (photography Wu Peng) Luca October 21st theredstarsea World Cup Chinese squash Tour Finals draw ceremony opening ceremony and the Games held in Bay Shore Hotel Dalian. From the Organizing Committee of the competition, 64 athletes from all over the country (45 men and 19 women) entered the finals of the Chinese squash tour. Wang Tao , the State General Administration of sports management center two ball sports minister said at the opening ceremony: China squash tour held since attracted national squash enthusiasts to participate, has become the main event Chinese Squash Association can not be replaced, become fans of squash the charm of the stage. Wang Tao said: this event we will transfer to woman a man against the bold attempt to great extent increase competition, and enhance the competitiveness and competitive level of women's group A. I believe that with the continuous improvement of the bonus of Chinese squash tour, we will surely increase the development and influence of squash and further improve the level of squash in China. the final of the Chinese squash tour is sponsored by the National Sports Administration's small ball sports management center and the Chinese Squash Association. Dalian Guoguang economic and Trade Co., Ltd. The competition projects set up men and women's singles, participate in the circuit race and the final score of the finals to get the corresponding points and rank. The competition will be held from 22 to 23 October at the International Tennis Center in Dalian, · the diamond Bay squash hall. (Paul)Tom Brady (Tom Brady) has had enough of his supporters that he is always one of the best quarterbacks in history. Miami dolphins pass four quarterback Dan Marino (Dan Marino) recent first TV interview about "bleeding", he said that there was a problem of the new England patriots ball is not enough to influence the American League champion Brady won the 2014. he said: "I have always been Brady's fans, is always, I know him for many years, I think he is one of the greatest players in this position, this has not changed." Marino also said that as a quarterback he needs to consider more than the pressure of the ball. He also said that before he retired in 1999 he didn't know that the League was going to check the ball before the game. He explained: "training on Friday, picking up a good ball is very natural for me. I don't care if I check the ball before the game. I just put it in the bag and take it to the gym, so it's so simple." Marino also said that now there is a big difference from now. Now many teams need quarterback to get the route of the team without adjusting the ball, so that's why he doesn't think it's necessary to check the ball before the match.

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