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Arizona Cardinals defensive back Mathieu (Tyrann Mathieu) - Milly said in an interview, hitherto unknown their physical condition good. According to local media reports, Mathieu was very successful in recovering from injury, and he was very sure he could play in the first game of the new season. At the same time, Mathieu said he was looking forward to a healthy and complete season. during the offseason, the Cardinals defensive group appeared in a number of personnel changes. Antonio Cromartie, the team two, chose to join the New York jet, and the coaching team needed to find a new substitute on the second line. Mathieu can serve as the safety guard and five. According to the insider, the team will arrange him to play in the two positions, and he will be an important part of the defensive tactics of the new season. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ?????????? Last year we did very well, and I've been thinking that if I can keep 100% health, I'm sure it can bring more help to the team.The team and the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) was involved in "bleeding events", were sentenced to penalties alliance. At this stage, the team and the Brady has filed an appeal related penalties, it will continue to alliance also invested a lot of manpower and working time. Despite being suspended for four matches, Brady is still in accordance with the original plan to actively participate in the existing team training plan. According to reports, since the team began training in April 20th, Brady missed only media access, attend and participate in all training programs. According to insiders, Brady did not care alliance punishment, he will be in accordance with their original plan to spend this offseason, in order to show the best fit. According to reports, Brady refused to comment on any "deflation", he will put attention to the training and running the team. As everyone knows, Hugh Brady attaches great importance to the efficiency and effectiveness of training during the tournament, he hopes to be able to contact with a longer time with teammates, for earlier in the game.Detroit's male lion defensive end Damm hole Su (Ndamukong Suh) has always been a bad disguise. In 20-24 lost to the Dallas cowboys, Su in the news conference after their loss. During the interview, his eyes were red and his mood was very low. The end of the 2014 season of the lion, the lion's career seems su. In the interview, no reporter asked sue to leave the question directly next season. Most journalists still focus on the controversy of the game. When asked about the alleged foul passing foul in the fourth quarter, Sue said, "now I can't express my view. I haven't 100% understood the reason for that. I'm not sure how the rules are defined, in a word, the referee has made a penalty. Unfortunately, we were defeated at the end of the day, but one attack on a penalty should not decide the result of the whole game. We should have done better in the previous game. " previously had experts saying that sue would be very likely to leave the lion at the end of the season. His contract with the team is due to expire at the end of the season, and the two sides have not yet made any progress in the contract renewal. If he chooses to label sue, he will take 26 million of the guaranteed salary from the team, which is unacceptable to the lion. Su, in the last time he was asked to leave the question, said that his future would be decided by a broker. He said the old male lion would not get any "special care", and he would not have a preference when he chose to go home. The lion does not have much salary space to keep the Big Mac. For the fans, if he wants to see Sue continue to wear a blue shirt, he can only expect him to choose a salary reduction. At present, the possibility is very small.Chongqing hong'ao Bowling bowling | June 2016 fourth week competition female golfer Lu Yi 1267 points to win the arc! Chongqing honglink bowling alley June 2016 fourth week tournament held last night after 19:00 last night, a wonderful game player Lu Yi women's final arc talent shows itself to score 1267 points to win. The arc ball player Li Dongfeng won the second place, the UFO ball player took the third place to Jinhua, the two handed curvilinear player Zhu Ning won the fourth place, the UFO player Lin Yanxiang and Chen Jun won the fifth place, the sixth place.

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