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In the game on Sunday, Denver Mustang had the first taste of the zero seal since 1992. After Hugh week, they lost only a total of giants and lightning. in NFL, if the attack team is weak, it's only a matter of time to change the quarterback. But the Broncos coach Vance Joseph (Vance Joseph) said on Monday, Trevor Ann sago (Trevor Siemian) "absolute" will continue to be the first mustang. Joseph believes that the Mustang reap 66 points in the past two games, and a 42 point change in the last four games can't depend on a single player. "this is not the problem of Trevor, it's our collective problem." Joseph said so. The block is indeed a problem, Simeon was sacked 4 times, and ran the guards in front of the open circuit under the condition of poor can not go out.The official website of NFL | Kirk - Cousins: don't play well should not come | football American time on Monday Kirk - Cousins (Kirk Cousins) was interviewed on Washington radio, talking cheap nfl jerseys free shipping about his contract. Cousins said he did not hope to get a long-term contract because of the 2015 season. Cousins is now the team's privileged label and is considered to be a good player in the next season. He said: "I think people need a lot of information to make important decisions, and for the Washington Redskins who need next season to decide whether to give me a long-term contract, I fully understand all of this, if they feel in my body to get good information that is the best, I certainly want more time to play and if I don't play well the next season, I really don't deserve it back, not worth the long-term contract, so I need to prove myself, wait and see. The privilege label can only ensure Cousins's one season, if he may lose his contract if he is injured in the next season or in any case. Cousins finally said, "all of this is not for what. I just want to finish signing the contract and get my own job. I am more focused on playing basketball, a simple contract, a simple process and a more secure second years competition.Barack Obama (Barack Obama) recently said he could not believe that the chairman's income was so high that he himself could earn 400 thousand dollars in 2014, of which 95 thousand was the privilege fee. Roger Godell (Roger Goodell), a new Yorker, completed an incredible income growth after entering NFL in 1982. By 2013, it had been exploded to earn 44 million dollars. in a recent TV show host, interviewed Obama about the future as sports officials thought, Obama said: "let me choose basketball, baseball or football officials, I would choose basketball, but I know that football officials can get 44 million dollars a year." obviously Obama is very clear about the sports economy. He obviously doesn't question Godell's income, but he exclaims this high income. After , Obama and the host also discussed the sports in Chicago, which was known to be a super fan of the Chicago bear.|2015 national high school handball Handball Championship held in Changzhou | hand Co Luca on August 2nd -11, the national handball championship held in Changzhou New District Experimental Middle school middle school, the tournament has come from all over the country (including Hongkong) 55 schools 72 teams participating, the number of athletes up to 1250 people, the scale hit the most ever! was hosted by the management center of the hand music and softball movement of the State General Administration of sports and hosted by the new North District Experimental Middle School in Changzhou. game is divided into group A and group B, a total of 72 teams participating, the men's teams, 24 women's elite 13 teams, 22 teams in group B men and women in group B of 13 teams, the total number of athletes reached 1250 people, the size of the previous record of the show nearly years of handball popularization achievement. The team number of units beyond the reception limit, the Organizing Committee in groups A and B separately, the game, a July 31st -8 month 6 days in group B on August 6th -11. The event will be admitted were the top eight and top three certificates, trophies and medals, each group will be selected by the "sportsmanship Award" sports teams, individual and referees, and awarded honorary certificates; for after the top eight athletes will be awarded a certificate of participation; in addition to the selection of the "best coach" and "outstanding referee". The organizer of the tournament Xinbei District of Changzhou City Experimental Middle School is one of the Chinese handball Handball Association Award traditional schools, this is the new North District Experimental Middle School hosted the first national handball competitions, school women's handball team participated in the four national championships and won the championship two times, but also the competition favourites. (finished)

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