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"Nous sommes l'Olympique Lyonnais" (we are Lyon) on the inner side of the new Lyon team's home shirt collar line. The Adidas uses a modern white V collar and three bars, while the red / Blue cuff of the shirt uses mesh materials to produce a polka dot matrix effect.had injured 49 people in San Francisco team rookie Bruce - Ellington (Bruce Ellington) is expected to debut on Sunday with the Oakland Raiders game, a punts in the last 9 days and New Orleans saints game in Ellington of a sprained ankle. this season, Ellington has been the 49 team to attack the hand, the number of kickoff return and punt return were 14 times and 17 times, are the most in the team. Ellington's recovery can even help the second defense of the team, because during his injury, he has been working as a corner guard Parrish Cox (Perrish Cox), which makes the defensive coordinator Vic van geo (Vic cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Fangio) quite headache. With Ellington going back to the attack, the team could not let his own main corner guard risk the unnecessary injury.The official website of NFL |2015NFL flag football game rules | football click here to download the full rule rule Before the start of the 1. game, the team leaders of both sides guessed the coin in the center of the field to decide which team to open the ball and the visiting team had the priority to guess the coin right. 2. guessed that the Chinese side chose to attack or defend, without guessing the direction of the Chinese side. The choice of the right to open the ball and the direction of the attack must not be postponing to the second half. 3. offense began to attack on the 5 - yard line and had three chances to pass the half. Once the midfield line is passed, three chances are gained and the score is tried. 4. if the offensive side did not score, exchange the right to attack, the new attack team started the attack from the 5 yard line of the party. 5. if the offense failed to pass the midfield and exchange the right of attack, the new attack team began to attack from the 5 - yard line of the party. 6. except for copying, all the offense after the conversion of the ball starts from the 5 code line of the offensive side. At the end of the first half of 7., the two sides exchanged the field, and the defense team was advanced at the start of the first half. border the line outside the outside of the site. It includes the border and two lines. ball line a virtual line that crosses the site through the point of the ball. target line the score of the offensive side or the line that the first attack needs to pass. flushing line (flushing line) a virtual distance ball line extends the line to the defensive side 7 yards across the field. offensive party has the right side of the ball. defender prevents the offensive side from advancing. pass hand player who throws the ball, may be a quarterback or not. blunt player (punching hand) defender is assigned to attack the quarterback of the offensive side, to prevent the opponent passing the ball by pulling the flag or destroying it.The official website of NFL |: Carle Crabtree is similar to the style of football | faffe Oakland Raiders wide receiver, Michael - Clubb Terry (Michael Crabtree) and Derek Carle (Derek Carr) played one season for Carle, but his evaluation is very high, even compared it to the legend Bret faffe (Brett Favre). Clubb Terry said, "this guy is amazing. He has talent. We will talk about how to do better on the court. I have a feeling that he has walked ahead of us. He can control the offensive team and control the whole game. He is a sought after this, like old faffe, they have similarities. for third years, Carle has just entered the league which is a high evaluation, last season Carle performed beyond his rookie season, led the Oakland Raiders finished 7 victories, he surrendered a 61.1% passing rate, 3987 yards and 32 touchdowns and advancing 13 interceptions. The 2015 season of Clubb Terry and Carle cooperation completed 922 yards forward, this is his occupation career high second season, and the occupation career high 9 touchdowns, compared to 2013 and 2014 and Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) cooperation, Clubb Terry did the good thank you Carle. The 2016 season is a good opportunity for the Raiders to be able to get a gain in the west side of the United States.

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