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new England patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) did not want to stop their attack momentum in the social networking gun. but this time he used a gentle way to express their support for the infinite Brady, also expressed his dissatisfaction with the door to bleed. the United States time on Thursday May 7th, Edelman his Facebook avatar replaced Brady's shirt. The same is true of twitter. then Instagram. apparently Edelman support us is not surprising, after the two players won the Super Bowl in February has been through social software sharing. Of course, the penalty result of this release is not supported by Edelman's support. all let us wait and see.tiger August 21st news; last Sunday, Houston Dezhou people met the new England patriot in the first home game of the new season, though it was just a pre-season competition for training, but it still could not predict the outcome of the game until the last minute. In the end, the Patriots had a dramatic retur cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n to the ball. The Dezhou people used their best way to hold the lead in the red area and win by 27-23. In this game, the Dezhou people have excellent players at both ends of the attack and defence. 1. out of Bruce Ellington last week has just joined the team, the game has a good play, can run long distance route completion ball, and can pick it and get rid of the rapid advance of defense. He played 93 yards from 5 to 4 in the game, including a wonderful match against the Super Bowl corner guard Malcolm Butler near the border. The quarterback score was 118.8 points when he was used as a passing target. In the absence of Hopkins, Fuller and other main forces, he will be able to pick up the beam of the passing attack. 2. quarterback Tom Savage as the first quarterback for the team, Savage in the pocket performance stability, efficient zone leading the attack, and handed over the 9 transmission of 8 and 98 yards of data. And, in the face of the attack on the other side, he completed the pass 3 times, a total of 20 yards and a array. This game, he has a very wonderful connection with the J.Strong, B.Ellintong, and the near end Stephen Anderson. 3. running guard D'Onta Foreman 7 shot 17 yards, 2 to 66 in 2, and Foreman has a single big number in the last two seasons. The third quarter, he received the Watson pass, the other times breakthrough grapple advancing 63 yards. In addition, he also had a touchdown. It is foreseeable that the problem of low offensive efficiency in the red area of the team last season can be solved well. 4. defense end front Ufomba Kamalu completed 26 shots, completed 1 escapement, and pressed 3 times, and made 3 escapement in the runaway, and had no one to lose. In addition, he has a manufacturing fall ball, will attack at the end of the Patriot side before the end of the game off the ball for half a minute, helping the team to victory. 5. outside guard Tony Washington Jr. is on the left side of the defense line, and Washington is also good at the impact, completing 1 shots and 1 knocking down four points.J.J. w (J.J. Watt) and the Tennessee Titans rookie quarterback Zach Berg (Zach Mettenberger) - MAGOTAN before the game has liangzi. Earlier this week, Berg will be a self MAGOTAN spread on the Internet, a move that Watt is unhappy. In the end, the two sides ended with 30-16 wins in Houston, Dezhou. In the match, Walter finished 2 2 games and made the ball. When was celebrating one of the escapement, Watt made a self portrait to mockery of his opponent's young quarterback. After the game, Watt said in an interview, "he must realize that this is NFL, not a university. It's a professional game. Welcome here. " Watt's remarks could also be seen as a demonstration. On the one hand to tell young people not wildly at his place, hand also remind you not to annoy their league quarterback. "I'm very serious about every game," Watt said. If I first started as a rookie, I would be more cautious, harder, and focus on the game itself. But now we win the game, and that doesn't matter. " Watt does have a lot of rare professionalism that deserves all the young people to learn.The official website of NFL |NFL market to a 6-12 year old child fantasy football | opening promotion NFL official recently decided to fantasy marketing age groups decreased to 6-12 age group. started at NFL last season to try to think young people will promote their app, which was promoted in primary school to encourage children to play the game. NFL officially agreed on the promotion on Wednesday, and NFL will focus more on the school environment in the future. The alliance of child welfare advertising executives Josh Green (Josh Golin) said: we are very pleased to see the Alliance for age adjustment, the children will be the main flow in the future of the game for the parents, this is a good thing, because the alliance will support schools and teachers to help children develop a better habit of playing sports games.

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