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even-even soccer equipment network at the beginning of October, Puma company four of the Mexico League club jointly launched a special "pink plan (Project Pink)" Jersey, for seventh consecutive years, the global sports brand to cooperate with the club together to continue to promote the fight against breast cancer "pink", designed to arouse the concern of this kind of disease, raise awareness and help people discover and treat. The new season of "Andre, the new Andre Andre, is always reluctant to praise the new partner, quarterback Andrew Andrew (Andre Luck). On Wednesday, local time, Johnson again expressed his admiration for LAK: "I think he might be the best of all the quarterback I've worked with. I'm very excited to have a chance to work with him. I can't wait to work with him. I'm sure I can learn a lot from him. " let us see Johnson once cheap nfl jerseys free shipping worked with quarterback what: Ken Dorsey (Ken Dorsey), Rex Grossman (Rex Grossman), Tom Savage (Tom Savage), David Carle (David Carr), Toni Banks (Tony Banks), "Sen Fels (Sage Rosenfels) - Ronaldo, T.J. Yates (T.J. Yates), Jack Del (Jake Delhomme), Homer Matt - Lennart (Matt Leinart), Matt Shaw (Matt Schaub), Keith cloth (Case, Keenum) - based, Ryan Malet (Ryan Mallet) and Fitzpatrick Ryan. (Ryan Fitzpatrick). has no doubt that the LAK will be better than all of them. Johnson also said in a subsequent interview: "I have been in the same place for a long time, and the last 2 seasons have been really tortured. To be able to come to the pony, as if at last breathing in the fresh air. " The new season's Pony will continue to break through, and Johnson also hopes to go further with the LAK.The official website of NFL | Rock in Titan's first career ended | football Tennessee Titans quarterback Jack Rock (Jack Locker) finger still recovering from injury, this week the team's starting quarterback by rookie Zach - Berg (Zach Mettenberger) as MAGOTAN, and even if Rock returns, this season he will not regain the starting position. this Thursday the Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt (Ken Whisenhunt) announced that Berg will replace Charlie MAGOTAN - White Hearst (Charlie Whitehurst) this week in the starting lineup against Houston Dezhou game. He said: now Zach is our first hair, and the future will be our first hair. Whisenhunt plans to let Berg take MAGOTAN the rest of the season starts, in order to have sufficient time to study the rookie's performance and future potential, to decide whether to choose the rookie quarterback in high next year. has been suffering from injuries since Rock entered NFL. In order to avoid injuries, Rock has been trying to transform into pure pocket quarterback. Unfortunately, the effect is not good, and the injury has not decreased. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The official website of NFL | Raiders: the boss moved to Losangeles would be a good choice | football , with the Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Mavericks joint training camp opened in California this week, the discussion on whether the Raiders can move to South California has not been terminated. The Oakland Raiders have a good base of fans in Losangeles, and from 1982 to 1994, their home is here. , when the Mark Davis Mark Mark appeared in the training field on Wednesday, he was warmly welcomed by the fans. One of the male fans shouted at him and went back to Losangeles. Davies also greeted the fan. Later, in an interview with Los Angeles Daily News, Davies said, "I believe that if we move back to Losangeles, the team will be welcome, because the fans of the Raiders in southern California are too strong." (Daily) A huge challenge for to move to Losangeles is the stadium. The stadium project has been hard to succeed since the Raiders and rams moved away from Losangeles in 1995. Losangeles is not the only place for Davies to consider the move. Last month, Davies had just approached Sanantonio local officials. Davies admitted in an interview on Tuesday that he really considered the possibility of moving to Texas, but he did not rule out that the team might eventually move to California. [related news] Magic Johnson: 2 years later, Losangeles has the NFL team spurs become the biggest resistance of the Raiders to Sanantonio,

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