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Josh - Gordon (Josh Gordon) caught the eye of the league's top corner guards in a flash. Casey - Hayward (Casey Hayward) in the Losangeles lightning match against Cleveland Brown, mark Gordon. The lightning 19 - 10 beat Brown, but Brown's hand won the opponent's respect with the 85 - yard performance of the 4 - time catch. , "I think in addition to OBJ, the most difficult counterpart this year is Josh Gordon." Hayward said frankly, "I also appreciate it. Only need to train Keenan Keenan in the team training." A most exciting ball Gordon against Hayward, is in line with the hand power speed and exaggerated received DeShawn Keyser (DeShone Kizer) 28 yard pass, this is Brown the only a complete array of wave attack. "that was a 3 gear 1 yards, so I tried to use the border. I have pressed him on (on the line) and got a hand advantage. But the quarterback passed the ball very well, and he was good. " Gordon admitted that he was panting for 48 of the 63 offense in the first return. But another week's training will help him and his team to prepare for the game on Sunday at home to Green Bay Packers. Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy), the packer, also praised Gordon: "it's unbelievable. I know I'm talking nonsense. (Gordon's) personal training, coach and team help are worthy of recognition. " packers need to limit Gordon on Sunday, so we can get a win before cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the return of Rodgers, has entered the playoff hopes.will retain the Denver Broncos Vance Joseph (Vance Joseph). Joseph, who is the coach of the wild horse in the first year of the season, will continue to teach next season. Although Joseph's job security, his coaching will change. Special teams coordinator Bullock - Olivo (Brock Olivo), assistant coach and coach Eric, who ran Sitadesi (Eric Studesville), line coach Geoff - Davidson (Jeff Davidson) and coach Tolbert took over Tektronix (Tyke Tolbert) have been fired. was doubtful whether Joseph could stay in the team after a bad game of wild horse this season. After winning more than 5 seasons in a row, the wild horse was only 5 - 11 in the season, of which 8 games lost more than 10 points. The root cause of poor performance of Mustang is quarterback position, Trevor Siemian Trevor Siemian Brock Osweiler and Bullock Lynch (Paxton Lynch) failed to show the qualified first quarterback level. To be fair, the mess in the position of the wild horse quarterback is not caused by Joseph. Two years ago, Lynch selected wild horses in the draft, but the latter has been disappointing to the present. Mustang still excellent players in the defensive team, although they are losing a lot of games this season ranked twenty-second in the league, averaging loss of number third in the league. This shows that a lot of points are due to attack errors caused by the conversion of the ball group. Joseph remained in office after a bad first year, but the pressure on his shoulder would be greater in 2018. If the new season's wild horse still doesn't show up, he will probably lose his job soon.Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson), who was born in March 21, 1985, is 185 centimeters tall and weighs 98 kilograms. He plays the role of chief executive and is now in NFL Minnesota Vikings. Peterson is currently recognized as the "first runner" in the league. He is the 2008 season regular season MVP winner. He has been selected for 6 times in the professional bowl. He has been selected in the first lineup 3 times, and the total running number of the 2 seasons has led the league. Peterson was born in a sports family. His father was the University of Idaho, main point guard, and later because of injury ended his occupation career; his mother was a long jumper, won the three Texas state championship and achieved a full athletic scholarship of University of Houston. His uncle was also a NFL running guard. At the age of 7, Peterson witnessed his 9 year old brother died in a car accident, from then on, Peterson began to play crazy and exercise to conceal his grief. He began to learn football under guidance of his father at the same time, he also practiced athletics, 100 meters, 200 meters, three jump is Peterson. If not because of football, Peter Morimoto may become an Olympic champion in athletics. When he was in high school, he had run out of 100 meters 10 seconds 33 in the wind. But Peterson is best at rugby. In the third year of that year, Peterson ran the ball for 2960 yards and got 32 touchdown. His opponents would run around to find him to sign their names after the game. after graduating from high school, at the University of Oklahoma (University of Oklahoma decided to accept the invitation to become), Oklahoma Blazers (Oklahoma Sooners football team) is a member of. Peterson broke a series of college football records in the first season. In that season, the total number of Peterson's running ball reached an astonishing 1925 yards, and his 399 dribbling ranked the first in the country. In his first 9 games, he ran more than 100 yards in every game, which created a record of freshmen. Because of his outstanding performance in a season and he entered the final three Heisman candidate list. In addition, he became the first new player in the history of University of Oklahoma to enter the best team in the United States. Because of Peterson's guards, University of Oklahoma the way they were eventually invited to stride forward singing militant songs, when the annual Citrus Bowl (Orange Bowl). In the Citrus Bowl, their opponent, University of Southern California, completely blocked Peterson, and University of Oklahoma was regrettable. After the season, Peterson received a left shoulder operation. Peterson's sophomore season suffered a foot injury, but he still has a good play. Soon, Peterson came to his third season and his father, Nelson Peterson, was also released. In October 14, 2006, Peterson's father watched his son's game for the first time. Peterson finished in that February this year we still vaguely remember Jared - Alan (Jared Allen) unrestrained retirement video. recently the master of the escapement finally signed a day with the old Minnesota Vikings to ensure that he could retire in Minnesota. 4 14 Viking twitter released the news, the Viking manager said in an interview: "we are very honored to be able to let Alan again become a member of us, he is not only an example of the players and the fans, the most popular player, he will always be a part of us." Alan's career completed 136 quarterback killing, 83.5 of which were completed during the Viking period. Alan's occupation career began in the emirate of Kansas, after 6 seasons spent in the Vikings, he was thought to be the future is one of the greatest Vikings 50 players, after he went to the Chicago bears, last season in the Carolina Panthers his occupation career will come into contact with the first organic super bowl finals.

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