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the New York giants wide receiver Victor Cruz (Victor Cruz) earlier this week said he is "definitely" ready to play, he also said in a torn patellar tendon has long recovery after his knee feels 100 percent, but he is unlikely to return to the stadium at the end of the preseason. 's knee is not the reason why he missed the Jacksonville Jaguar competition. Cruz had a calf injury in Monday's training and he had not been trained for the last two days because of his "light injury" injury. "won't be easy for the rest of the time," Cruz told the New York media. "I know what's going to happen, either on the court or on me. I'm so excited that it's not a serious injury. This is the difficulty that I can overcome. This is an injury that will not be a huge obstacle. " Cruz will be preparing for the team to play against the New York jet for another week. Many years ago, he relied on his excellent performance in the pre season match against jets to help him grow from an unsuccessful newcomer to a giant star player.The official website of NFL | Tampa Bay Buccaneers upset lore Pittsburgh Steelers rugby | Beijing time on September 29th, NFL a.m., four match a focus of the war Pittsburgh Steelers in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers home court challenger. Pirates in the game last week was the Atlanta falc cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ons suspended the game, they put 9 days ago shame turned into power, 27:24 reversed the Steelers lore. The competition also has 7 seconds, quarterback Mike (Mike Glennon) - getting the ball to Vincent - Jackson (Vicent Jackson), who completed 5 yard touchdown juesha. Glennon passing 42 times, completed 21 times for 302 yards, 2 touchdown passes, 1 interceptions. The another four offensive, 41 yard pass found Lewis - Murphy (Louis Murphy), which laid the foundation for the winner. Murphy took the ball 6 times, pushing 99 yards. Rookie wide receiver Mike Evans (MIke Evens) before he was injured, completed the occupation career first touchdown catch. The first section of the game, Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger captured pirates kill ball team to seize the opportunity, getting a 7 yard pass, scored 6 points. Running Doug - Martin (Doug Martin) recovered from injury, flush the ball 40 yards, and had a shot to the ball. This is the first time in the history of the pirates Steelers home court victory. has 40 yards to pass, 29 times, 314 yards, and three passes. At the end of the first section, a pass found a relay Antonio - Brown (Antonio Brown), completing a 15 - yard array. The second time is still a link between Big Ben and Brown, completing a 27 - yard pass at the end of the half - field and 5 seconds. Third touchdowns in the second half, in the gaps precisely found tight end Heath - Miller (Heath Miller). best game fourth, the pirates first team a play score, the score reached at 20:24, and then the defense in midfield prevented the Steelers offense, the Steelers were forced to punt. There are 7 minutes of the game, the pirates got the ball, getting to pass, in 2 minutes when the game, the Steelers push into the red zone. This time for the Steelers defensive success, the competition also has 1 minute 49 seconds, four Vikings offensive, the ball did not finish getting. The ball into the hands of the steelers. But the pirates holding the two pause can stop the clock. The Steelers three red ball and did not complete the 3 file conversion, at this time, the Steelers punt played just 29 yards. Pirates on the Steelers 46 yard line, the game time with 50 seconds to get the ball. Murphy in the ball running at one go, advancing 41 yards to the Steelers 5 yard line. After Glennon's first pass to Jackson, there was a game.666! Beijing time in December 18th, Kobe Bryant's influence had already exceeded NBA and was involved in other North American professional sports leagues. In today's NFL competition, Stefan Stefon (Stefon Diggs) imitates Kobe's classic action, and pays tribute to Kobe, who will perform the retirement ceremony of the Jersey tomorrow. in the midfield of tomorrow's warriors and the Lakers, the Lakers will be retiring for the legendary superstar Kobe. In the past few days, all walks of life in NBA pay tribute to Kobe in different ways, and the alliance has set off an upsurge of remembrance of Kobe. is not only in the NBA, in other North American professional sports league, but also in his own way to pay tribute to Kobe. in a NFL game today, the Minnesota Vikings beat the Cincinnati tigers 34-7. During the scene appeared in the game, the 24 year old Vikings field took over Digges and his teammates, the teammates squat behind him, his right hand holding his back, make basketball defensive posture, while Digges pretended to hold the ball in hand, head of a funny look around, pretending to turn right, but suddenly to the left back step, fadeaways. this action though funny but also familiar with NBA fans and freely flowing style of writing, one can see that Kobe is a classic action. And Digges is in such a way to pay tribute to Kobe! (Chi Mei) statement: Sina Net exclusive manuscript, unauthorized reprint!Nike held a press conference in Paris in January 17th, officially announcing a new partnership with the French Football Association. Mark Parker, President and chief executive of Nike, joined the French football star Diaby, A Diyala, Malouda, M'Wila and French coach Blanco to unveiled the latest French national football team. The New Jersey is elegant in design. It combines French style with the French tradition and Nike product innovation to create a distinctive Jersey equipment, achieving the optimization of performance and minimizing the environmental impact. The whole team inherited the fine tradition of French clothing industry and consistent standards in design, perfect with the French style and design level fit, make each player wearing a shirt, can display the highest level. jersey with light design innovation, the use of ventilation system of Nike Dri-FIT technology and Seiko secret agents, so the players keep fresh feeling. Suitable for ergonomic design and soft cotton feel can also increase the comfort of the players. this set of uniforms adhering to the Nike's "Considered Design" tenet, the company introduced the Nike is by far the most sustainable environmental protection. Jerseys, shorts are used fully in the ultra-fine polyester fiber as raw materials of waste plastic bottles. The shirt part also added organic cotton material (including 96% regenerated polyester fiber, 4% organic cotton).

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