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running back Matt Ford (Matt Forte) is one of the jets this offseason good players, but this does not prevent the team and his heart to part company each going his own way. according to the NFL Media reporter, the jet is estimating the value of the Matt Ford trading, Ford finished the pre - season first show last Saturday and scored 43 yards 10 times. Ford has been suffering from a tendon injury this summer, but he has proved that he has recovered well. Ford hit the ball 218 times in the jet last season, got 813 yards and 7 dads, and completed the 30 catch. Although the output is quite attractive, the $4 million guarantee gives the team more attention. If Ford leave, Bilal - Powell (Bilal Powell) and Yilaijia - Mike Gul (McGuire) will be the alternative.Philadelphia hawks in the offseaso cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n spent a lot of effort to deal chick Alonso (Kiko Alonso) defense group they hope the 2013 season's defensive rookie can help the team further. , but in the past 2 weeks, everything seems to be waiting. According to the news, the test on Monday showed that Alonso might be absent from the injury season. The famous news Mike Gelafuna (Mike Garafolo) said: "after today's test, Alonso could miss the rest of the game because of a knee injury." Alonso was injured in the first half of the match against the Dallas cowboys on Sunday and has never returned to the stadium since then. The team claimed his left knee was injured, and that was why he was absent from the 2014 season. the hawk is 0 - 2 at the moment, and everything will be worse if the defensive end has to be adopted.The second grade Minnesota Vikings wide receiver, Daryl - Paterson (Cordarrelle Patterson) can be said to be one of the most disappointing player this season, the original hope Paterson has always been in the doldrums, the team had been trying to try to make Paterson more ball have been unable to work. At the end of the regular season, the Vikings finally lost faith in Paterson. Last week, against Paterson's Black Panther game, he only took part in the 3 attack and was basically abandoned. Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner announced on Thursday that Paterson's first place will be replaced by Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson). Turner said: "Johnson is doing very well at the moment, so he will be the first start. Originally this position is Paterson, we have given him enough opportunity unfortunately he did not hold it, Johnson is in a better state. Charles - Johnson the last 3 games is a ball 22 times, 11 times the ball scored 180 yards and 1 touchdowns. This inspirational enough for Johnson, the Vikings in September from Cleveland Brown's sparring lineup signed Johnson, originally just a ball for depth, now Johnson did not want to become the team's main catcher. Paterson seems to be still not aware of their own problems, after the end of the game last week about his lack of playing time is very dissatisfied, he said: "I hope that I can play a game like this, don't just let me on the 3 files, which made me feel very good, hope to have this week improved."The official website of NFL | without accident 49 people ready to leave Capet, Nick | Rugby According to , 49 people in San Francisco are not currently active in trading Colin Capet (Colin Kaepernick) unless there is a suitable price. not only that, 49 people have already paid Capet Nick $12 million in April 1st revenue, at least when Capet Nick will appear in the list of 49 people, it seems that this price can also let Capet stay at ease to Nick competition starting position. reported that Denver Mustang, New York jets and Cleveland Brown were interested in getting Capet Nick, but the 49 was a 2 round of draft. The wild horse had previously communicated with Capet's broker, but the discussion on the restructure of the contract amount was not recognized by 49 people. now looks like Capet's possibility of leaving 49 people is getting smaller and smaller, although his agent has been trying to find a chance for a deal.

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