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Even if the BAPE network equipment football really want to set up a football team BAPE FC, their jerseys will be how? Although the Japanese brand is far from the team point, but Puma has been first introduced to the brand's theme "a Bathing APE" (a bathing ape) full set of jerseys designed.The official website of NFL | saints rookie quarterback Bracey as their idols | football In the first month of the New Orleans saints drafted quarterback Garrett Grayson (Garrett Grayson), the team hope he can in the future succession Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees). In an interview, Grayson revealed that he was very admired by Bracey and regarded it as his idol. Grays cheap nfl jerseys free shipping on said: I saw him, and he gave me a self - introduction. It feels like, 'God, that's Drew - Bracey!' It's like a dream come true for me to have a chance to be a teammate with such a great quarterback. It's wonderful to have a chance to learn from him. 36 year old Bracey has entered the occupation career years, according to the official website of NFL news reports, in November last year the saints have determined it with high priority to choose a quarterback. Finally, we can choose Grayson to make the team very satisfied. Grayson is full of confidence in his future: I am a very competitive person, and I often say I want to play now. But it was only to show my attitude that I was very willing to learn how to play behind Bracey, and there was no problem.'s position in Tampa Bay's pirate attack, DeMar Doston (Demar Doston), makes him not too much open to speak. This is the attack front, they do a lot, but little attention. But in the pirate's locker room, Doston is an honest person, he is often on the team's mind. This week, he was finally waiting for an opportunity to be interviewed. When was asked about the team's home losing streak on Wednesday local time, Doston said, "I am very reluctant to think about this problem. This feeling is terrible. This season, the pirates in Raymond James Stadium - home court has 5 game losing streak, so far have not won. Doston says the pirate fans are always doing well and are very supportive of the team. They should have got more return. Doston said, "it's hard, I know the fans want to see a victory, and we don't. We don't lack excellent players, and the problem is whether we can do it well. We need to be together and make some changes on the ground. "The official website of NFL | bears Houston's diagnosis of anterior cruciate ligament tear | football season talked about meaningless sacks celebrations, the Chicago bears defensive end Lamar Houston (Lamarr Houston) have not learned the Detroit lions linebacker Stephen Tullock (Stephen Tulloch) lessons, and torn anterior cruciate ligament Tulloch to celebrate their early in the season after the sack. repeated the same thing on Sunday after the bear team caught the new England patriots 25 points behind the other substitutes' quarterback. On Monday, many media reports that Houston also laced his anterior cruciate ligament, which meant he ended with 1 Notes in the bear season. and Houston's encounter can remind Tullock behind those captured and killed some of the dance should be more gentle. thought Houston would say sorry and regret it, but we wait until he did the same with Daluoke speaking man, I'll do it again.

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