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The official website of NFL | General Manager: Bracey will still be our football quarterback | next season, the New Orleans saints quarterback Drew four - Bracey (Drew Brees) will result in $30 million impact on the team's salary cap, there are rumors that the saints are considering he leave the transaction. Last month, Bracey and head coach Sean Payton (Sean Payton) both publicly said that the team will continue to play for the team next season. in this week's interview, the team general manager Mitch Loomis (Mickey Looms) said: Drew is our quarterback. They will deal with his contract, which may remain unchanged and may change. I've been studying our salary space, and it's not really good. But it's not a terrible thing. We know what the team is and what we have to do. Bracey's 2015 season is still outstanding, his pass rate has reached 68.3%, the copy ratio is 32:11, the quarterback pass score is 101. Although he has been playing hurt, but obvious to people. Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) and Tom Brady (Tom Brady) has proved to us that the quarterback can still succeed in the occupation career stage, Bracey is no exception.T cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he official website of NFL | red manager explained why | football interrupted the interview Monday night race Washington Redskins win over the Dallas Cowboys news beyond all expectations and has not been widely spread, but after the Redskins manager Toni (Tony Wyllie) - power hastily pushed quarterback colt McCoy (Colt McCoy) and interrupt ESPN in an interview with reporters this picture was viral spread. Tuesday morning, the power he had told TMZ sports reporters pushed the m'coy go and interrupted the interview because we need to go back to the locker room to the quarterback coach Joey Gruden (Jay Gruden) after mobilization. said: we need to participate in the mobilization speech after the quarterback, I did not decide any interview, I just want to hear McCoy coach's words, we think he must be inside. said the power when Gruden speech after McCoy went out and interviewed. He came out at the end of the dressing room and continued to be interviewed, and we ended up with a good end. is it impossible to speak without a starting quarterback without a starting quarterback? Who is the winner of the team's winning game this season? We will find that it is hard to say, now m'coy for Gruden is very England patriots are seeking reliable near fronts recently. According to many messages, patriots are currently trying to deal with Indianapolis pony's near end Dwayne Dwayne (Dwayne Allen). now Allen's contract is $17 million 400 thousand for 3 years, and the patriots may be swapping a fourth round show for Allen and a sixth round draft. this contract may indicate the Matra Lawrence Bennet (Martellus Bennett) in the Patriot time entered the countdown, Bennet is now a free agent, he had to rob G Ron koves Ki (Rob Gronkowski) were injured during play a huge role. Allen, 27, has gone through 5 seasons in pony, and has completed 35 passes and 406 yards and 6 touchdown in last season. The pony has just signed a contract with Jack Doyle, the near end.The official website of NFL |NFL nearly 50 years of classic battle: we can't go back | football in the summer of 1998, Michael - Jordan Byron - by Russell, the last shot into the top of the arc, completed second career three championships, also achieved fame as God; is the summer of 1998, Zidane in the World Cup final head scored two goals, led by France defeated Brazil, perfect in France dream. but in the 1998 season of the NFL game, but some lean look, John elvy, Dan Marino, Steve young and Troy Ekman have entered the career last season, and the League of future king Payton Manning just into line, he also wondered how to reduce the number of steals (26 times). At the juncture of the times, we witnessed a classic battle in the National League final. The guest, Atlanta falcon, the 1998 quarter achieved 14 wins and 2 losses is achieved since they built since 1982's best regular season record. The falcons coach Dan Reeves in his early years under the tutelage of Tom Landry, then steeped in league twenty years, reached a career in the 1998 quarter of the peak. Falcon defense have ten level league, cornerback ray Buchanan, safety Eugene Robinson and David Jesse - Tuggle line led the league's best defensive mistakes in the manufacturing group. Quarterback Chris Chandler until after the age of 32 mutton dressed as lamb, suddenly through Ren and Du two veins, but he is just a great manager's game. The trump card of the team -- run Wei Jemal Anderson, if I compare him with Sean, Lynch, we can think of Anderson's running style. 14 wins 2 negative regular season performance, even can not rank the first National League, because riding on their heads is the intoxicating purple Minnesota Vikings. Effect of black coach Denis - Green Bill - by Woershenxi coast attack, and this is a system of implantation of the Vikings offense, since Green arrived after the Vikings, they almost every season to the playoffs, after the completion of the bud Grant in a new round of Renaissance, but to be honest, they can be in 98 season 15 regular season wins 1 negative still surprising, because in the eyes of many people, the 1998 season they finished the season of miracle. Randall Cunningham, black quarterback, young was the highlight of the alliance known manufacturing machine, of course, he in effect Eagle achieved during the achievement only this, he won't feel bad, observe the passing quarterback, only with his legs to win the fans cheering, career approach death period, he join the Vikings, to become Brad Johnson on the bench, the 1997 season he has been drinking machine 〉 Viking

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