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took over DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson) is still favored popular. according to the Washington media, patriots, cowboys, pirates and eagles have asked Jackson. wanted to use the first round pick for the Patriots saints receiver Blanding (Brandin Cooks) - Cousteau, it proves that they want a speed type receiver. Cowboy if can let such players join collocation (Dez Bryant) - Bryant Mendez, the attack is a tiger with wings added. Jackson finished 56 hits last season, 1005 yards and 4.is the highlight of this week will be a Sunday night race in the National League West of the civil war, the country currently temporarily West top Seattle Seahawks against the Arizona Cardinals, which is also the season's first night game seahawks. Arizona Cardinals season fluctuating state, a veteran of four points last season - Palmer Carson had obvious regress. This season the Cardinals mixed offensive attack depends on the second grade running back David Johnson road + catch a person, he arranged the Cardinals team is 9 to 8 in the array. And the hot state made him a powerful contender for the best offensive player of the season. In the same season the Cardinals played well - Matthew finally in a safe tylan game last week the season for the first tim cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e steals. Can this hot state continue into the focus of this week's battle? Seattle Seahawks win over the past three weeks, although lost a number of important defensive players of the group, "detonation Legion in strength. This season they have limited the number of rivals to an average of only 283.6 yards, top of the league. Last week in the face of Atlanta falcons game, Russell Wilson gained his fiftieth regular season victories, but he took only 69 games left this feat, throughout the history of the NFL only two starters four points to less than his matches - Sitabule (62) and Tom Reddy (65) - cloth. The official website of NFL night race commentator: Zhang YunBeijing time, at 8:30 a.m. on October 12th, 49 people in San Francisco came to New York to challenge the giants. The competition was very fierce, the score of the two sides rose alternately, and the last time even staged a killing and an anti - killing. Total score: 49 people 27:30 New York giant. Both sides of the opened the attack and the first section failed to achieve a free kick from each other. After entering the second quarter, the giants took the lead into the break the deadlock, star quarterback Eli Manning (Eil Manning) led the team to run with, steadily, finally pass to running back Sean - vering (Shane Vereen) completed a 2 yard touchdown. The 49 person is still in the state, and 2 minutes less, and was shot by the giants. Fortunately, in the first half of the season, there was 3 minutes when 49 people finished a shot again, and the score was closer to 6-13. At this time, Manning opened the unique pattern, promote each other to the red zone from the 20 yards in just 3 minutes, but the last few seconds touchdown was challenge cornerback Trevor Bullock (Tramaine Brock) - Main steals, 49 people escaped unharmed. in the second half of the 49 finally wake up and stop the giant wave of offensive, quarterback Nick Colin - Capet (Colin Kaepernick) is the first international security - Boulding took over the veteran long (Anquan Boldin) to succeed, then continuously used brute surface propulsion scored the giant red zone, finally still by Capet Boulding 4 yards short of Nick wing array, to chase the score 13-13. Since then, the group began performing defensive moments, but Manning finished Pactrometer, open again matchless, less than 3 minutes in the last wave of advance, under the interference of short throwing star Odell - Beckham external (Odell Beckham), the latter by the defender and the speed into the end zone to complete a 17 yard touchdown. The game in the fourth quarter, 49 people also continue to promote the pass and move not resigned to playing second fiddle, Nick Capet, and finally by the road pass to Garrett - Crick (Garrett Celek) completed a 5 yard touchdown, tying the score again. And the giant team quarterback Manning still good state, but unfortunately in the last few attacks in the red area failed to reach, 3 points shot end. the last 2 minutes and 44 seconds, 49 people spent just half a minute, 5 ground push 1 passes, then attack to the giant in front of 4 yards, 2 minutes after the official suspended, the main running back Carlos - Hyde (Carlos Hyde) sudden strong middle touchdown counter ultra 4 points left in the game, at 1:15. The giants quarterback Manning want to win more consecutive passes forward, by the end of 84, near the end Larry - Dunaer (Larry Donnell) in the 2 defenders holding under 12 yards receiving touchdowns! The last 17 seconds, 49 failed to organize an effective attack, regret to leave. eventually, the giants killed 49 people with 30-27 in the last 1 minutes and won at home.players sometimes get criticized for putting their personal goals on the team's goals. But Elvis Dumervil, the Elvis of the Baltimore crows, has found a way to integrate them. duroville was 10 worse off his 100 quarterback career before the start of the season, but it's not the main milestone he cares about. Du mervil the number "23" written on a piece of paper stuck in his locker, his goal is to beat the New York giants defensive end Michael straughan Hall of Fame - (Michael Strahan) single season sack record (22.5 times), and he was quick to point out that his power is not just to get from breaking after the record of praise. "if I can get that number, it means we're going to get into the super bowl," duroville told the local media. "You try to win the game and you try to win the championship. For me, nothing is more important, because you can get beautiful data and be praised by people, but if you can only sit at home at last, it will really make data meaningless. Du mervil last season with 17 sacks ranked third in the league, and he also set a new team record, he may continue to also want to pay attention to his teammates Terrell Saggers (Terrell Suggs) are a major threat to the opponent quarterback. It's not impossible to get such a killing data, but for duer, to make the crow enter the super bowl next year, it's not enough to rely on its super performance.

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