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Toni - Romo (Tony Romo) is not at all worried about the clavicle after his operation, and he thinks the same problem will not continue in the 2016 season. recently said in an interview: "I understand my career. I also know that I was injured last year, but it's just clavicle. I don't think my clavicle will get hurt every year." is interesting by the clavicle in the past 5 years in 2 fractures, rare injuries fortunately such injuries belong to the quarterback position. He also said the team's 2015 season is abnormal, he explained: "I think we said last year is very unusual, we should not be so different, though we only finished 4 wins and 12 losses, we can do better, one of the reasons is my health problems, and his teammates the need for more improvement." The 2016 season Dallas Cowboys will be more offensive, because by the health conditions they can always do more points than the opponent. Another big p cheap nfl jerseys free shipping roblem the fact that the team is not by the health but keep the defense of the state, Randy - Gregory (Randy Gregory) and Laurence (DeMarcus Lawrence de KOS) 4 games before the season was suspended, rookie defensive tackle Malik Collins (Maliek Collins) foot problems need to be absent for 10-12 weeks.Reggie Bush (Reggie Bush) fourth club will find their own NFL career. The lion of Detroit cut off the old runner on Wednesday. Bush, a 29 year old, will pay $3 million 250 thousand next season, and the 2014 season has been poor for his ankle injuries. The layoffs meant he was reluctant to accept a pay cut to stay in the lion. only got 297 yards for Bush's 76 shot, a year after 1512 yards of his personal career through the ball and the ball. His teammates Joe Ike Baer (Joique Bell) be responsible for the most rushed the ball, and Theo - Reddick (Theo Riddick) often will replace Bush as the ball type running back. though the data of 3.9 yards per shot is the lowest since 2008, the video shows that in December, the speed and explosive force and direction change ability have returned. Unlike other senior running guards like Maurice Jones Drew (Maurice Jones-Drew) and Steven Jackson (Steven Jackson), Bush can still help a creative coach to make good use of his speed, agility and versatility. from the University of Southern California star running back and Chris - Johnson (Chris Johnson) and Dean Williams (DeAngelo Williams) - Gloucester together into this month cut back, they have in common is: the level of decline. 1997-2018 NetEase Ltd. all rights reserved. About NetEase | company | contact | Recruitment Information | customer service | privacy policy | advertising service | site map adverse feedback information reporting (function () {if (window.NTES!) return; function showFeedbackBox (x, y) {var footmainNd = NTES ('.N-nav-bottom-main') [0]; VAR feedbacklinkNd = NTES ('.ne_foot_feedback_link') [0]; if (! FootmainNd) {window.open} (feedbacklinkNd.href); return; VaR; X = x; VAR = Y Y; if (x) {(NTES & quot;.Ne_foot_feedback_box" [0].style.top) = x +" px"else{; X = - footmainNd.offsetLeft + feedbacklinkNd.offsetLeft (feedbacklinkNd.offsetWidth/2) - if (NTES.browser.msie 246; & & (parseInt (NTES.browser.version) = 7 ||parseInt (NTES.browser.version) {x = = = 6)) FeedbacklinkNd.offsetLeft + (feedbacklinkNd.offsetWidth/2) - 246 NTES (".Ne_foot_feedback_box" [0].style.left) = x +" px" if (y) {NTES (".Ne_foot_feedback_box" [0].style.top) = y +" px& quot; NTES (".Ne_foot_feedback_box" [0].style.display) = " block" function bindFeedbackBoxClose {(b)The official website of NFL | Brown angle Joe Hayden ankle surgery | football Cleveland Brown is one of the most outstanding defensive star group missed the offseason risk. Angle of Joe Hayden (Joe Haden) Wednesday to accept the left ankle surgery. Brown announced that Hayden would resume training during the training camp according to the plan. He is expected to be ready for the 2016 season beginning in the early September. , who was selected for the career bowl in 2013 and 2014, suffered injuries from ribs, fingers, ankles and concussion in the last season. He was put in the list of injuries in mid December and passed the consortium's brain concussion process in January 12th this year. 's time for the operation showed that ankle injuries were bothering Hayden more than he and the team's medical team expected. if this offseason has a good word for Hayden, that he already knew the team's new defensive coordinator ray - Horton (Ray Horton) of the defense system, three years ago, Horton served as the defensive coordinator Brown Shi Haideng gave the best season of his career.

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