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French champions Marseille club announced the team next season Champions League Away Jersey on its website, the New Jersey confirmed the spread of the Internet before the style, the new black jersey in addition to the traditional blue collar and shoulder, also joined the gradient pattern of red yellow and green three colors, this is epoch-making Club Marseille the first African elements are added to the shirt design, to commemorate the upcoming first held on the African continent in the world cup, red yellow green fine lines consisting of vertical hanging on the Jersey positive left, this combination is also revealing a little "celebrate" shadow. Marseille has just won the French league title in a week before they returned to the peak in French football after a lapse of 18 years, the club had only announced the black jersey plan at a later time, but the champion of the fans unprecedented enthusiasm, the club also conform to public opinion ahead of the announcement and the new Jersey all.The official webs cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ite of NFL | lion quarterback in Staffordshire for third weeks | football is doubtful Detroit lions quarterback Matthew Stafford (Matthew Stafford) mediocre in the two weeks before the game, a large part of the reason is that the opponents of his frequent impact. Local time on Monday, the team coach Jim (Jim Caldwell) Devielle test revealed not sure can play in the third week of staffordshire. next week, the lion will be against Denver broncos, admits he is not sure test Devielle Staffordshire present situation. Caldwell said: we need to continue to observe, he has a strong sense of pain. He was hit too many times in the game. The lion began to lose two, and the team hoped to find a way to win the game as soon as possible. With the Minnesota Vikings game last week, although only a Staffordshire was sacked, but he suffered 8 hits. At present, his chest, ribs and his arms are injured. at present, the team will continue to observe the Staffordshire, may have to wait until before the start of the game in order to make the final decision. There is only one substitute for quarterback on the lion's list, Dan Orlovsky (Dan). Deweier has made it clear that it will not sign a veteran quarterback.The official website of NFL | Falcon and Jones took over the contract for 5 years | football Atlanta falcons and Julio Jones (Julio Jones) deal with the new contract. The team announced on Saturday that they had renewed their contract with Jones for 5 years. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, reported that the 5 - year contract was worth $71 million 250 thousand, including $47 million in security revenue. we are very excited to be able to make Julio live for the falcons for life, and team owner Arthur Blanke (Arthur Blank) said in a statement. Julio has already established himself as one of the top NFL players in his career, and he has set a record of the number of hits in the team's single season. I am very proud of his achievements that he has just developed his potential. falcons picked up Jones from University of Alabama in the sixth place, and he played a team's expectation. In the 4 season, Jones completed a total of 278 catches for 4330 yards and 26 touchdowns made. Jones, 26, created a 1593 - yard team history record in the 2014 season. His 15.6 yards and 88.4 yards per game is the best data in NFL history. Jones and the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Bryant Mendez (Dez Bryant), the Denver Broncos wide receiver de Marius Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) with the top international signed a big contract in the summer to take over. Jones's $47 million security income is slightly more than Bryant ($45 million) and Thomas ($43 million 500 thousand). The agent of A.J. Green (A.J. Green), who took over the Cincinnati tigers, is now feeling very confident.The official website of NFL | - Palmer Carson: don't judge a person | game of football Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (Caeson Palmer) is a quarterback League player last season before three. He handed over 4671 yards of pass, 35 numbers of data, and these two figures were the new heights of his career. in addition to personal honor, Palmer also led the team to win 13 victories and impacted the league championship competition, but it seems that all his honors were remembered because of the defeat of the final of a league match. this game Palmer threw out 4 copies and eventually led to the team losing 15 - 49 to the Carolina panther. Palmer recently said the game you need to turn the page, you have to do, don't feel guilty about yourself, don't shut yourself up, you have completed 150 games, don't deny yourself because the 1 game, as long as you continue to move forward. Palmer is 36 years old this year. He knows his time in NFL is less and less. Considering the team's attack team's configuration, the next season is still the best opportunity for the team to attack the super bowl. But considering Palmer's playoff experience, 1 wins and 3 losses, 5 touchdowns and 7 interceptions, cardinals and Palmer are still need to try.

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