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Our football equipment network Puma company in Slovakia Football Association (SFZ) in Bratislava announced the Slovakia national team in the 2016 European Cup Home Court New Jersey, national team player Marek · Hamm Sieck, Skrtel, Martin · Vladimir · Weiss mathus and · Khoza participated in the New Jersey palecek promo shoot, the national team will be wearing the New Jersey unveiled in 13 this month, with the Swiss team in a friendly match.this year, the jets will own two sign in safety, and no implementation of the first round of the 2014 show Calvin - Pryor (Calvin Pryor) fifth year contract options. The first round of the jet chose cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Jamal Adams (Jamal Adams). The two round took off Marcus Meyer (Marcus Maye), showing her determination to rebuild the second line, and at the same time, Pryor's condition was in deep water. but the coach Todd - Bowers (Todd Bowles) said to Pryor, "you are here, that you are not afraid of competition." Pryor's performance for three years is really unsatisfactory. But his road is not dead, and he can choose the market for water test players (but it will be a good result in 2017).Tampa Bay pirates star defense cut-off Gerrard Mccoy (Gerald McCoy) is now the boss of the team's dressing room. Out of the dressing room, he is equally skilled in the face of the media. The pirates will challenge Cleveland Brown this week, and in his first interview, he chose to put the quarterback on the other side as a discussion topic. In the interview, Mccoy admired Brown's first quarterback Blaine - Brian Hoyer. Mccoy said: "first of all, I have to show respect for Heuer and his performance in the field, although I can't understand him. This season he has been in the starting stage, he proved that he deserved as a starter. His excellent performance also helped Brown to move on. Mccoy obviously did not feel good about Brown Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel), and he did not mention Manzel's name during the interview. But his speech implicitly disagreed with the new rookie: "Heuer never wavered, he said little, but did much. He was that kind of man, so he was the first to start. He led the team in his own way, and every passing of his ball proved that the coach's choice was right.The official website of NFL | pony defender Davies on Sunday | return to football Indiana Colts still win the AFC South can occupy the first name, but the good news is their number one cornerback Feng tower - Davies (Vontae Davis) will return against Houston in the Dezhou team in the game. now looks like this. Davies has not yet received the report of concussion symptoms of the team doctors, but he has been training and having no difficulties this week. This Sunday will be the first time he made his debut against the Washington Red Team 2 weeks ago after a concussion on the back of his opponent. Davies told ESPN Network Interview: "this concussion is more serious than when I was in college. I don't want it to happen to anyone. I looked back at the game, because I don't remember what happened. I'm very difficult to sleep now, and it's very difficult all night. and the attention of Davies and the Dezhou people's outside hand Andre - Johnson (Andre Johnson) is able to play the match is still to be observed. Johnson had just passed a concussion study, but he had no training all week.

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