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NFL????|????????????????????????????|????? Seattle Seahawks defensive core, safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) the injury affects every Seahawks fans. He was injured in the NBA final, and he once returned to the dressing room. After the match, the team revealed that Thomas was injured in the shoulder. Despite injuries affecting his training, Thomas has repeatedly stressed that even if he can't recover to 100%, he will not miss this perhaps the most important competition in his career. Thomas said: as long as I am still alive, there is nothing to limit me. I am not afraid and will go all out in the game. No matter what happens, I will spell the last minute. Thomas suggested that he would not deliberately avoid using the injured shoulder, and if cheap nfl jerseys free shipping necessary, he would hit his opponent with his shoulders in high speed. On the other hand, team mate Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) was also injured in the elbows in the last match. Although it will not affect the appearance of the game, it remains to be seen whether it will be able to play its 100% strength. If Thomas and Sherman are not in the best condition to play, the money Eisner Kam - Qiang Wei (Kam Chancellor) performance will become more and more important. He will be responsible for the anti run limit Le Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount), if necessary, he also needs to pass on anti rob (Rob Gronkowski) Kowski gloon. From the Super Bowl only less than a week, the Seahawks players need to seize the time to adjust the state. All the fans expect each player to be able to do the best and dedicate the best.continues to be injured and contentious, which is the remainder of the red skin of Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) in Washington. U. S. time Monday morning, Griffin confirmed leaving the team dressing room, which meant he would leave the red skin. has not officially released Griffin yet. But on all signs, the once round show will be abandoned by red skin, so Griffin chose to take the initiative to leave. 's picture of Griffin's departure was known as "Moving out", one of the saddest pictures of Washington Sports in recent years.The official website of NFL | Su warned his team-mates: we are far from enough good | football the United States Sunday dawn Damm (Ndamukong Suh) - Su hole before the speech to encourage his team-mates to unite, continue to work hard. Su said, "I'll lead this defensive team. I will stay here for 5 years, but it doesn't guarantee that I've been playing very well, so you must all play a part in playing basketball with me. Maybe the tactical system is not very good, maybe our technology is not adept, but we can do better, follow my brothers! This is Sue's prewar speech on Sunday. correspondent said that some of his speech was considered a leading speech. Some people thought they should be in the dressing room. Apparently, Su's position in Miami dolphin dressing room is not absolute. obviously Sue's speech left the dolphin defensive problems with themselves, so let's see how the dolphins deal with these problems.The official website of NFL | Miami dolphins Coach: the team leader of the lack of | football is very disappointed for the Miami dolphins this season. They are now 5 - 9, the last of the United States in the United States. 's recent team's temporary coach, Dan Campbell, said the team was missing the leader in the locker room. He recently told reporters: I think the main problem is the leader, we can do better. We have leaders in the dressing rooms, but they are just finishing their jobs. They just say what they agree or disagree with, instead of leading us to the next new direction. finally said, "the question of leaders is what I'm trying to challenge, and I try to let these guys put their eyes further."

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