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The official website of NFL, the Vikings running back Peterson will not perform the contract of 2017, option football nest if the Minnesota Vikings next season to running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) continue to play for them, they will not accept his current salary. Vikings announced on Tuesday that they would not carry out the 2017 contract option of Peterson, which means that the star runner will become a free agent at the beginning of the new season in March 9th. reached a staggering $18 million in salary Peterson originally in 2017, Vikings, this decision is not surprising. , in both sides' statements, both the Vikings and Peterson said the latter still could continue to play for the team. Peterson had previously told NFL's official network that he wanted to retire from the Vikings. But his salary space makes it unlikely that he will return to the current salary. Rick Spielman, the general manager of the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping team, recently told reporters that Peterson would always be a Viking player, but the fact is that he may play for the Vikings in the last season of the 2016 season. last season Peterson was affected by injuries, took only 72 yards in 3 games, but he scored 1485 yards in the previous season. however, it is difficult to imagine the potential home will offer top contract for 31 years and two knee injured over peterson. Peterson's ability to recover from injuries can't be compared, but his next family has to be fit for his style. He has to find a team that can make use of his talent to attack the ball, which is not suitable for the passing of the ball. A team like Tampa Bay pirates is fit for him, and a team like the New York giants will have to change the attack system. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | said Thomas will not participate in the training camp | Mustang football recently visited Denver by de Marius, Demaryius Thomas and quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) of Denver wild horse. Thomas in the early March won the franchise tag, in the whole process of campus visits, Thomas said he will not participate in the program team's training camp. does not mean that he is lazy. In fact, he needs to train in Atlanta. He said, "I need to make my body better. There are many aches and pains on my body, but I can still run the route. , this is not surprising. Many unsigned privileged players will not participate in the team's off-season activities. Thomas may finish signing near July 15th. It's just because it's bad for him to sign a signature, so he will need such a long time to adjust.has begun the off-season season for the New York giant's Odell Beckham Jr.. Recently, Odell appeared in the black alert of CBS's TV drama, Odell. is reported that Beckham's play will be shown in the US time February 10th. In the movie, Beckham plays the emergency therapeutic room which is taken to the coach of the high school football team, so as to encourage the coach to persist in the operation, and the specific role information is not known yet. is obviously the next big star in the League at present. Beckham's incredible performance almost fans fans every season. Of course, his immaturity is also impressive.Denver Mustang has said goodbye to a quarterback, and they have no intention of saying goodbye to the other. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) on Monday reported that Bullock - Aus Ville Mustang (Brock Osweiler) will become the team next season starting quarterback Houston, but he also said Dezhou is believed to have taken away from the Mustang Oswald vhailor force threat. Rapoport also said to improve their Mustang on Oswald Villar's offer. On Saturday, the Mustang offered a 3 year contract for $45 million to Oswald veller, but Rapoport said Oswald Wheeler will not accept this contract because if he did better than expected in 2016 he will not be able to re negotiate the contract. as for the people of Dezhou, the first season including Blaine Heuer (Brian Hoyer), Ryan Malet (Ryan Mallett), T.J. (T.J. Yates) and Brandon Yates (Brandon Weede) - Vuitton this series of four who is far from satisfactory. 4 botched steals Heuer's performance in the American League wild card playoff game in week 0-30 against the Kansas City Chiefs led the team. January, Dezhou boss Bob McNally (Bob McNair) stressed that the team found an ace quarterback's importance. if the people of Dezhou and the Broncos started bidding war if vhailor price will be very high. Are people in Dezhou willing to pay a big price to get a new quarterback in surprise?

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