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Monday night race of the Patriots lost not only Steelers unfortunately today, because Antonio took Brown (Antonio Brown) need to be absent for a while. Brown injured his calf in the first half of the game and was sent to hospital for diagnosis. X - ray results showed no fracture. According to ESPN reporter Adam - Adam Schefter, Brown's leg muscles were partially torn. No operation was needed, but it was impossible to participate in the match against Dezhou next week, but the playoffs were optimistic. seventeenth week Steelers against Cleveland Brown in the home court, still have a chance to get home court advantage and playoff first round bye.The official website of NFL | Crow: we deserved to take over fo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping reign criticism of | football Baltimore crow had a bad performance this week. They lost 13-25 to Houston Dezhou. Steve Smith (Steve Smith) said in an interview after the game: we were defeated, and that was bad. It happened and the problem appeared on our attack group. If you want to win, you need to score first, and this time we can't get enough points. It's a pity that the team didn't help the team win. four Joe Fraco (Joe Flacco) had the worst game of the season, his 50 attempt to pass only completed one of the 21 times, with 195 yards. Although the harvest of 2 touchdowns, but was intercepted 3 times. The Raven's ground attack is also completely restricted, and they only run 33 yards out of the game. Smith said: we accept, and understand all the criticisms. We behave badly and the criticism is inevitable. Last week, the opponent will be the Cleveland Brown crow, if you want to enter the playoffs, they not only need to win, also need to hope that San Diego lightning lost the game.Cincinnati tiger tight end Taylor - efot (Tyler Eifert) no longer participate in the occupation bowl. we can't forget the efot in last season's occupation bowl ankle fracture, he underwent surgery but not sure when to return to the stadium. On Friday, efot told reporters that his boot in a week after the removal and also said for his return to the stadium there is no timetable. efot also said that if elected, he would never again participate in the occupation bowl. He thinks it's not worth the risk. obviously, the job bowl needs to be readjusted. Roger Goodell, the president of the league, has publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the status of the professional bowl. I hope these dissatisfaction can drive change, like efot that players can continue to bring unique experience for the fans and do not have to worry about missing injured training. is waiting for efot return, tiger hope the last three rounds show tight end Taylor - Croft (Tyler Kroft) to make progress, he finished 11 in the ball last season made 129 yards and 1 touchdowns.The official website of NFL | Redskins cornerback pizza hurt his Achilles tendon | Rugby is also a news that you don't know what to look on. Washington red skinned Haier DeAngelo Hall has hurt her Achilles tendon recently, which is the second time he has hurt her Achilles tendon in 2 months, but this time he is trying to get some pizza from the kitchen. at the team press conference on Friday, the red skinned coach Jay Gruden replied: he tried to pick up some things and pizza in her kitchen the night before, and then slipped down, causing her Achilles tendon injury. actually in September 21st of this year against the Philadelphia hawk game, after the Achilles tendon injury, the 11 year old veteran and wait for a long time in the field, this time is expected to be operated in 5 weeks.

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