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December 19, 2017 Beijing time, Kobe's shirt was retired, the first player in history to retire two numbers on the same team. On this day, millions of people to the "black mamba" tribute and homage to the legendary, also pay tribute to the youth. 96 gold generation recalls The 96 gold generation is an excellent player in the 1996 NBA show, giving the fans an indelible memory. The main members are Iverson, Ray Allen, Kobe, Nash, Marbury. In April 14th 2016, Kobe Bryant finished the last ball of his career, in November 1, 2016, ray · Allen announced his retirement. The 96 gold generation is only Stephen · on the battlefield of CBA; Marbury. in the evening of December 18, 2017, the Lakers played against the warrior midfielders. The NBA Losangeles Lakers held the ball retirement ceremony for Kobe · and Bryant at the Staples Center of Losangeles. At the moment of the midfield whistle, the whole scene was called "Kobe, Kobe". The legendary superstar's famous retirement letter, "Dear basketball," was read quietly, and Kobe's twenty - year journey was on the big screen in the center of the court. Kobe, a suit, walked slowly to the center cheap nfl jerseys free shipping of the field, and waved to everyone as he walked. Standing on the Lakers' LOGO, he took his chest. At this moment, he had a lot of words to say to everyone. After the speech of magician Johnson and Lakers boss Jeanne bass, Kobe's 8 and 24 jerseys slowly appeared on staples. The fans applauded enthusiastically, and it was finally Kobe's turn to speak. Kobe's speech , "thank you, thank you. What I want to say is, thank you very much for this night. It's not the Jersey hanging there, but those jerseys that were retired before. Without them, there will be no me today. The magician, West and Shaq them every day inspired me, "Kobe said. "second, I have to thank the team, and Jerry - Bass brought me here from high school. The next generation, this shirt will motivate the Lakers to move forward, and the next 20 years will be as great as the 20 years. "thanks to the fans and thanks to the media. You don't understand how important you are. When I get up at 5:30 in the morning and exercise, I don't know if I can get up, but you get up. You have been using high standards and high expectations for me. " "also thanks to my family, my wife, Vanessa. The last time I played here, the last one, I said I was too tired to know what I could do. Vanessa showed me the celebrities.NFL's official website announced | Jaguar and injured rookie signed | paid football No. 3 Jacksonville Jaguars rookie, Chong military dantay Fowler (Dante Fowler) has been announced to be absent because of injury throughout the 2015 season, a few days later, the team by signing the way to support him. On Tuesday local time, Jaguar announced a agreement with Fowler on a 4 - year, $23 million 500 thousand full guarantee contract. even though Fowler will miss his rookie season by injury, the Jaguar still offers him the highest pay contract available at the present stage. Jaguar general manager David Caldwell (David Caldwell) said: we are delighted to be signing and dante. Our support and trust in him will not be changed by injury. His attitude to the game and the spirit of athleticism are the reasons we choose him at third. He knows what he should do and is willing to do it. They all believe that he will have a bright future at Jaguar and expect him to return strongly in the 2016 season. Fowler himself said: I have to thank the team's management and the coaching team, and they gave me such a chance. I will focus on how to recover my injuries, and I am confident that I will return.even-even soccer equipment network according to foreign media news, British soccer star Beckham will beauty group L'OREAL cooperation with the world's largest launch of men's beauty care brand House 99, this new product line will officially start on 2018. This is the first time that L'OREAL has launched an independent brand from scratch. Beckham will be involved in the whole process of naming products from products to 13 products, including shaving, face, body, tattoos and hair care.The official website of NFL | Jaguars tight end Lewis left the team | football contract reconstruction According to people familiar with the matter, Marcedes Marcedes, a Jacksonville Jaguar, has rebuilt its last year's contract. Lewis's new salary and the amount of salary space is not yet known, but it can be expected to be far less than his original salary in 2015. Lewis accounted for $8 million 200 thousand of payroll is the third highest ranked team, before he is two this year signed free agent Thomas - tight end Julius (Julius Thomas) ($10 million 300 thousand) and defensive end Odd Rick Jia Reid (Jared Odrick) ($9 million). signed Thomas in March for 5 years and 46 million dollars. It looks like it may have made Lewis's Jaguar career in danger. The general manager, David Caldwell (David Caldwell), said Lewis could not guarantee Lewis's return to the team's tenth season. He has to compete to keep the team, Caldwell said after signing Thomas. Lewis's reconstruction contract makes it easier for him to stay in the team. He will become an important part of the offensive team, because the new offensive coordinator Greg Olsen (Greg Olson) likes to use more near end fronts in offensive tactics. Occupation career completed a total of 315 catches for 3789 yards and 27 touchdowns made Lewis is the name of the performance and stability of the open cover and players will be used as the medial proximal front. Lewis has never been an important catch threat. In his 9 year career, he only has 2 seasons, and he has caught more than 50 times. In the past 2 seasons, he suffered from injuries. A calf injury in the 2013 season caused him to miss 5 games, and he missed 8 games last season due to a high ankle sprain.

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