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The official website of NFL | Todd - Gorli can provide much help for the rams? | football ????????????????????????????????10??????????????????-???????Todd Gurley??????????????????????????????????????-??????Adrian Peterson???????????? However, Gorli tore the knee cruciate ligament in last November's competition and is still in recovery now. Whether he can catch up with the regular season as scheduled is unknown. But even more people are concerned, gorley comeback after can make great contribution to the ram. The first thing has to take into account is the ability of the ram to attack the front. Last season, Scott Wells, the first centre of the ram, is the worst center of the league. No one will be replaced this year by the four round of the 2013 round Barrett Jones (Barrett Jones). But Jones himself is also an Scott player who has not been tested. They also hope to last year's Greg Robinson left the show Bangyan Jiefeng (Greg Robinson) can have breakthrough improvement in the occupation career second. In the second round of the third round of the third round of the third round of competition, Haven Stern chose the right cutting front Rob Havenstein and the right front guard Brown Jamon (Jamon Brown), hoping that these two people can quickly become a reliable battle force. , another concern is the team's new quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles), due to the eagles offense and attacking the front, Fowles was in the 2013 season to set off a fight, 27:2 steals touchdowns than impre cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ssive. But the data show that Fowles's accuracy of passing the ball will be significantly reduced when facing the rush pressure, and ram's scattered offensive front cannot give Fowles good pass protection. , so for Gorli, he has to face a lot of offensive teams. If his teammates can't play a good standard, Gorli's own strength can't help the team too much.this week Sunday night game, the league's only undefeated Kansas chiefs came to Dezhou last week will challenge the "amplification" Houston of Dezhou, as the start of the season the team performance explosion, Emirates will become the biggest attraction of the game on the road will be opened. Houston in Dezhou last week 57-14 Tennessee Titans bloodbath. The four rookie quarterback Sean Watson play de - explosion, came 283 yards and 4 touchdowns and ran through the ball also got a touchdown, and he and Hall of fame quarterback Fran tarkenton as the history of the NFL single field to get at least 250 yards with 4 touchdowns and 1 rushing touchdowns. Rookie player. And Watson is the only one of NFL's rookie quarterback in the history of his first 4 games, with 7 passes and 2 shots. The Dezhou people got 57 points in this game, and the most scored by the rookie quarterback since Russell Wilson (58 points) in the 2012 season. Can Watson continue his miraculous performance? Kansas chieftain took 29-20 of Washington's red skin last week to become the only unbeaten team in the league. But the team quarterback Arrakis Smith scored 1 touchdowns and 1 touchdown run the ball, his 124.2 passer rating currently temporarily lead the league. The biggest surprise of the season is the Emirates rookie running back Kareem Hunter, he got 121 yards mixed code number again in the last week, including 101 yards rushing yardage, he also became the league history fourth (the top 3 were Billy Sims, Tomlinson Adrian and Radha gnan Peterson) in the occupation career first 4 games to get at least 100 yards of mixed rookie player code number. In the face of a very strong Dezhou defender, can Hunter and the Sheikh continue their performance? We will wait and see. NFL's chief commentator in Chinese official website: Zhang Yun (EggZhang)Squash | Chinese squash challenge match in the Capital Institute of Physical Education squash hall 1000 Luca December 14th 2014 China squash two day challenge match (Beijing Railway Station) at the Capital Institute of Physical Education squash hall 1000. From the country club and personal and foreign fans of squash competition, contestants show the striving, never give up, the greater the sports spirit in the game, will squash the noble, elegant show the most incisive. The China squash challenge (Beijing Railway Station) is sponsored by the State Sports General Administration of sports management center and squash ball Association Chinese, by the Beijing Oriental Sports Development Co., Ltd. and smart glass in the field of Capital Institute of Physical Education, Capital Institute of Physical Education contractors, gorgeous, in organizing Beijing smart squash club, 54 athletes in the 87 groups ultimately decide the fierce competition in the championship. The Beijing gorgeous Albert Stadium Construction Co. Ltd. and karanka (Shanghai) sports culture development limited company sponsored events, aims to promote the vigorous development of China's sports industry and fitness activities, promote the formation of sports related industry chain, to create a new growth point of China's sports leisure economy, effectively expanding the national physical fitness activity space, enrich people's amateur cultural life, improve the quality of life of the public. the squash challenge consists of two groups for men and women, each group consists of the elite group and the new group, the elite group of Chinese and foreign players are invited to participate, regardless of age, region, age. The new group is limited within 2 years of age, and not in the Chinese Squash Association organisation of the Games had been made four players score eight or organization in the areas of the game. The competition ends up with one or eight awards for each group. The tournament attracted from the Hefei University students participate in cutting-edge group competition, and working in Beijing and the study of foreign athletes, more is the 75 year old from Hongkong Mr. Yu Zhaoxiong China laojifuli, winning the new third man group. After two days of intense competition, the various categories of the championship, which was won by the men's elite from Beijing Wang Yan, men's champion is cutting-edge group of Peking University students Li Yue, women's elite group champion was studying in Beijing and Singapore's Lin Han, women's cutting-edge champion is Liu Yan from Beijing.The official website of NFL | Jay Cutler hamstring early exit | football Chicago bears in the second weeks to 23-48 defeat the Arizona cardinals. What is more concerned about the team is that the quarterback Jay - Cutler (Jay Cutler) was injured early in the game. In section second, Cutler pass by Toni - Jefferson (Tony Jefferson) steals, he was trying to grapple with a hamstring in the process. Then, Cutler returned to the dressing room and did not return to the game in the later match. in an interview after the game, coach John - Fawkes bear (John Fox) performance was more optimistic, he thinks that Cutler's injury is not right, do not affect him to play in the next week and the Seattle Seahawks game. When left 2 points and 59 seconds left in the first half, Jefferson finished 25 yards to cut back to the attack and expanded the lead to 14 points. Then the substitutes for the quarterback Jimmy Clausen (Jimmy Clausen) replaced Cutler as the quarterback of the team. Prior to the injury, Cutler 9 attempt to pass, completed 8 times for 89 yards, scored a touchdown. Although Cutler's performance has always been unable to satisfy the fans, the team still needs the experienced quarterback compared with Clausen.

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