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Even the French club Bordeaux football equipment news Tuesday local time in the famous knights (Domaine de Chevalier) launched the Bordeaux team in the 2014-15 season of the new home court Jersey, six players attended the New Jersey conference, the team will be staged in the Saturday night at DELL stadium and horse home court Chaban - the Marseille game in New Jersey the first show.This paper is arranged in order according to the 2017 NFL draft first round, and look at the teams into the offseason after the urgent need of strengthening. Draft order by the record, and schedule the difficulty of decision (record and schedule difficulty is to consider the draft order the official union factor). note: No. 12 and No. 14 (hawk) are obtained through the transaction. The Vikings will sign its first round of trading to the eagle, but their record and schedule difficulty and the colts, so temporarily tied No. 14 position. The following will decide which team to choose the players by tossing the coin. 11. New Orleans saints 2016 performance: 7-9 (.523) preferred reinforcement position: cornerback, safety, linebacker analysi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s: in the quarterback talent bursting of the partition, the cornerback and safety position on the reinforcement are imperative. Sub 's - Bird in the safety position has been disappointing year in this position will encounter competition is also not surprising. The line guard is like the saints. 12. Cleveland Brown (from the Philadelphia Hawks) 2016 performance: 1-15 (.549) preferred position: quarterback, center / front, guard analysis: Cleveland in 2016 will be the No. 2 pick traded to the eagles, and hawks to choose to Carson wentz. So Brown is still looking for the quarterback that belongs to them. It is also imminent to strengthen the position of the inside attack front. The second line also needs to supplement the blood. The Arizona Cardinals 13. 2016 record: 7-8-1 (.463) preferred position: inner guard, quarterback, analysis: the line guard needs to add a person who can control the overall situation. Carson Palmer is 37 years old, and the state of 2016 has also fallen sharply. The Cardinals has been searching for in the second, so you can find a suitable potential starting cornerback is crucial to them. 14. Indianapolis Colts 2016 performance: 8-8 (.492) preferred position: line guard, attack front, run guard analysis: the defense team of the pony is getting older, so the line inside and outside of the line needs to supplement a young, hot, fresh blood with a big picture. It is obviously important to protect Andrew - LAK, but the attacking front of the pony is not very good. It shouldn't be too hard to get another quality running guard in the draft. 14. Philadelphia Eagle (obtained from Minnesota Vikings) 2016 performance: 7-9 (.559) preferred position: corner guard 〉The official website of NFL | bears offensive guard Kell long criticized | football fans the Chicago bear was lost to the Miami dolphin this week, and after the game, the attack guard Kell Lang (Kyle Long) criticized the home fans at the soldier's court. Lang said it was unacceptable for the home team to be booed by the fans when they were 0-14 behind. At the same time, Lang mentioned in the opponent face gear, fans can not produce enough interference, this also makes him feel unhappy. Lang said in an interview after the game: I don't know what to use to describe my disappointment. Our teammates have been doing their best, and coaches, staff and trainers have been helping the team forward. In the case of bad performance, the fans failed to support us. When the opponent made the 3 shift, the fans were not able to stand with us. These 2 points are unacceptable. 14-27 season after losing, Xiongben home court 3 matches, last win have traced back to December 9th of last year in the home court. Near the end, Bennet Feng matru (Martellus Bennett) said the fans understand decision, he admitted that the fans came to the poor performance of the team. Anyway, the bear and the Chicago fans are underestimating the season, and the team needs to adjust as soon as possible and move on.The official website of NFL | Panthers defensive end Alan determined to miss the next game | football The Carolina Panther had an answer to the injury problem that continued for a period of time before the next national championship, but not the one that the team wanted. The Black Panther has identified the key match of the defensive end forward Jared Alan (Jared Allen) (foot injury). Alan was injured in the post quarter finals and was absent from training for most of the week before Thursday's limited training. Kony Ealy will take the place of him. Alan said he would be disappointed that he would not be allowed to play in the next game. When asked if he was able to come out, ESPN said, Alan said. Of course?? on Thursday, the Black Panther commander Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) said Alan and running Jonathan Jonathan (Stewart Jonathan) looked very good, and whether Alan could play would be based on his tolerance for pain. Obviously, there was a lot of change in one day. Alan will not be able to play, and Stewart may play at the end of the game. from the good side, the news was not surprising for the Panther, and they did not promise that Alan would be able to play. I don't want him to think he can play whatever happens, Rivera said on Wednesday. I have a group of people ready to come, whether he is out or not. ... I don't want to give any wrong hints because I want these people to be concerned about preparing for the game. scored 2 times in the 12 game of the Panther's game this season.

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