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in the near period of time, all kinds of domestic violence of all kinds of NFL players emerge in endlessly, the social impact is getting worse and worse, and the White House is finally unable to sit down. Recently, the White House spokesman NFL as soon as possible good players in domestic violence. A spokesman said the White House attaches great importance to the burst of the past few weeks NFL players of domestic violence scandal, and that the present situation is very serious". , NFL alliance has the obligation and responsibility to regulate players' behaviors, and eliminate players' involvement in family violence, child abuse, and intentionally injure people. It's not just for the fans, but for the people of the United States. " The spokesman said. "These players are an example in the minds of many young fans, so the behavior of the players will have a great impact on young people. That's one of the important reasons NFL needs to stop the violence. and NFL, after being silent for a day, convened a conference by the president of cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the alliance, Roger Roger Goodell, announced that they would improve their personal behavior management regulations and cooperate with the players guild, and began to reform.If the to define the team has a number of luxury cars, if not the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco more than 49 people, this is a very interesting thing to see how many wonderful luxury cars in the NFL player in the home. started together these figures, 49 people took over Stephen - Jones (Stevie Johnson) need to race hard if he wants with his teammates, this is his car Chevrolet caprice. maybe Jones should ask Patrick - Wells (Patrick Wills) to borrow one, including this amazing Aston Martin DB9. or this BMW 745Li maybe Jones could buy a Mercedes Benz CL63 AMG with a professional bowl line guard. if I were Jones, I would ask the price of the wild horse. if you don't see it, Frank - Siegel (Frank Gore) might be able to take this car Rolls-Royce to Jones until he can play so far. or this terrible Land Rover, especially when Jones agreed to put up the masonry. or Jones promised to catch more balls and protect the president of the marthati. Colin Capet looks like the best man for Jones's car, as long as he doesn't drop the ball. if Jones is his good friend, maybe the Jaguar is good. you all know that we can't go far alone. Without Capet Nick, Jones needs to understand that. if Jones wants to be a little more man, maybe he should ask von Davies to look at this Ford F-150 or this Mercedes Benz S63 maybe Porsche Panamera can make the man the woman forgot. OK, now Davies is showing off. Jones also beat the wide receiver Michael Kelaterui (Michael Crabtree ) Jim - Haber (Jim Harbaugh) borrowed the car during the 2102 parade in San Francisco. if I were you, I would like to have Berman Porsche. What is the most important thing for ? Someone must tell Jones that he needs to be a good player on the court as well as his teammates, not on the pitch, and he's time to come out and look at the world.A combination of red wine and blue is Burnley Football Club proud of traditional color, New Jersey home court changed the preferred way of wine red shirt collocation, occupy absolute proportion, sky blue in the sleeve stripe form, also appeared in the collar and the cuff, the designer is redefining the way the club's image, remove the burden of "re starting".The official website of NFL | Jared - Allen can adapt to the new defensive? | football Chicago bears the coach group shake up in the end of the regular season, the new coach John - Fawkes (John Fox) hired Vic van (Vic Fangio) for the team. The team's defensive coordinator, defensive foundation will be transformed into 3-4 formations. Last season the bears at transmission performance is not satisfactory, but the personnel allocation is more suitable for the 4-3 formation, so the replacement system will bring what kind of change makes people worry that this is one of the biggest problems is the veteran Jared - Allen (Jared Allen) can change the front from a very good defensive side outside linebacker. Allen talked about this issue in an interview this week, and he said: This is not an impossible task for me. What kind of defense we will use next season, how I should be integrated into the system and how to achieve the goal of the team is a matter of concern to me. Allen said he had expected the team to change into the 3-4 formation, and he was looking forward to a new position. John - Fawkes used a mixture of defensive frontlines in wild horses, so my defensive duties were still unsure. But I'm not too worried about it. I'll talk to them for the first time when the coaching team is in place. I'm looking forward to the effect of the new change. Allen next season's salary to $12 million 500 thousand and full protection, so although the last season, Allen's performance is the worst career but still did not leave home. Allen talked about this and said he would go all in to contribute to the team's victory. He said: if I can choose it, I want to play the right side as a defensive front line player. But now I just want to win, so I can adapt to the team unconditionally.

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