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Our football equipment network is Eindhoven and UMBRO reached a shirt sponsorship contract, according to the Holland sports correspondent Thijs Slegers reports, Eindhoven from 2015-16 season wearing UMBRO sponsored jersey. Although no final agreement has been signed, UMBRO and PSV will soon announce the news of the sponsorship of the New Jersey. UMBRO will replace the PSV long-term equipment supplier Nike - the club's official shirt supplier since 1995.Indianapolis pony ensures that general manager Ryan Grigson is able to stay in the team. NFL official Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to people familiar with the news, said that the horse had renewed his contract with Grieg until 2019. Team owner Jim irsay (Jim Irsay) earlier this month that the renewal plan. spent an unpleasant 2015 season despite the manager's Chuck Pagano and Grieg Sen. Yel say Pagano has won a renewal for Grigson. Pagano renewed his contract with the team about four years ago about a month ago. As yel Sai said, the two people are "tied up in terms of contract". pony ended the 2015 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping season with 8 - 8 and held eighteenth talent shows in this year's draft.The official website of NFL | bears running back forty injured knee, unknown | football Chicago bear team suffered heavy losses this week. The team lost and lost. In the 20-23 Minnesota win, Matt Forte was injured. The 29 year old fox is the team's most trustworthy attack weapon, and coach John - Fawkes (John Fox) says his specific situation is still unclear. Foti is in the third quarter, and the Vikings safety Harrison Smith (Harrison Smith) after the collision of the wounded. Before that, he had 10 balls to push 41 yards, and 4 times to catch 28 yards. Foti was recently involved in the trade rumours that the trade rumors will be halted after the injury. Jeremy Langford, the new rookie Jeremy, has a flat appearance. in addition, wide receiver Eddie (Eddie Royal) was a knee injury in the game, also to leave early. At present, the bear team's attack player position has the injury crisis.The official website of NFL |2015-16 thirteenth power list | football season The regular season has entered the final month of contention, and the strength of the list has finally come to a new leader. The Carolina Black Panther team has become the only team to win the league in the league, and is expected to become the first team to win the playoffs in next week. The other teams in the front row are also stable. On the other hand, the situation of wild card game is a Monday the situation amidst the winds of change. So the list of strengths this week has changed little in the top ten, but the ranking has changed a lot. snow was a patriot lore power list second, fortunately, Gelon Koski was not seriously injured, they are still the favorites. In third the Cardinals this week with 49 hit is not good, but it is a win, if the same district Seahawks can help in the next week to kill the Vikings, then their position in the League of nations before two can be more stable ride. Fourth, fifth of the tigers and the wild horses have to fight for the second chair of the United States Union. Although the packers unexpected defeat bears, but the regular season finale against the Vikings home court game still allows them to regain the top of the North union. As a result, the packers were still in sixth in front of the Vikings. The Vikings for the Steelers lose, rose to seventh. The Seahawks won a crucial game, but it is not happy when facing the Vikings next week, still a lot of variables. This week, eighth place. The Steelers fell out of the AP before six, the situation is not optimistic. The next game against the pony, the tiger and the Mustang game must take two to win the initiative in the wild card race race. The top tenth of the list this week is the chieftain of this season. A wave of five consecutive defeats followed a five win. The last five games without a match winning percentage reached 50%. So the chief's tickets for the playoffs can be said to be almost got. Dezhou people and pony suddenly pushed them into the top six of the United States Union, a few weeks before they were afraid to think. But the journey has not come to an end, and the two teams need to work hard. The seven teams compete for three tickets, and the competition is still fierce. The two teams are eleventh and twelfth in the week. Bill, in thirteenth, will have a life and death battle in the thirteenth week, and if he can't win the Dezhou at home, it will basically announce the absence of the playoffs. Two 13, not a good sign. Although the bear team has climbed to the top of the fifteenth strength, but the League of nations, the situation is more severe, can get tickets for less, to squeeze out the Seahawks is not an easy task, but only five games left the Vikings a strong team, the destiny also bears players hold on his hand. Sixteenth giant is not so good luck, the last five games, every game is tough, I'm afraid it is fraught with grim possibilities. The Raiders are about the same as the bear team, but experts seem to be more optimistic about the bear team. The Raider dropped 6, and came to eighteenth. Red leather has been on the top of Guodong for the first time, and there will be no strong teams in the next five games. But considering the bad performance of koxin, there are still three away red skins.

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