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Zhejiang province in April, WenZhou Railway Station charter | Bowling bowling league 2015 Zhejiang province Bowling League WenZhou Railway Station will in April 18th, nineteen in Nanjing, Wenzhou Jiaxin bowling Museum, the relevant notices are as follows: competition: Eighteen at half past nine in the morning, second p.m., third p.m. at half past five p.m., nineteen at half past nine a.m. fourth games of fourth p.m. in the afternoon please take part in the first eighteen morning staff and the nine points of the NingBo Railway Station winners to report the opening ceremony and award. Please contestants in March 10th before the registration form to the mailbox 812595501@QQ.COM 2015 Zhejiang Bowling League and Zhejiang Championships competition constitution 1. Host: Zhejiang Provincial Sports Association Zhejiang Bowling Association two, undertaking unit: Hangzhou Fuyang Ford Bowling Club, Ningbo Compro bowling alley, Taizhou coastal spring bowling hall, bowling alley, Santa Jia Xingjin Bowling Club, Shaoxing Wenzhou Jiaxin X square fitness club. three, extension agency Wenzhou Xiang Rui Sports Development Co., Ltd. four, competition time and place: 2015 from January 17th to 18th, Lin Hai Spring Rain bowling Museum, In from March 14th to 15th 2015 Ningbo Compro bowling 2015 from April 18th to 19th Wenzhou Jiaxin Bowling Club 2015??5??16????17?? ??????????????? 2015 from June 13th to 14th 2015 X square fitness club In from July 18th to 19th 2015 Jiaxing JinShengD cheap nfl jerseys free shipping a bowling The League finals (Elite) and the time and place of the Zhejiang Bowling Championships are notified separately. five, participating units: of Zhejiang province (city), Zhejiang province Bowling Association membership and the bowling club team, not lovers can enroll in the individual competition, competition, elite competition; a club member can group teams participate in the next station, the club can change the team. 〉The official website of NFL | who better: Lynch or Blount | patriots Seahawks football Seattle - Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch MA) and new England Legelite - Blount (LeGarrette Blount) in their team impact way to the Super Bowl have played an important role, let us now look at the two powerful running back: Lynch: another rescue team time back in mid October... Percy - X failed in trading off factor (Percy Harvin) HARVIN after that time, the defending champion Seattle Seahawks state continued to fall, also lost to the enemy with shock ram, record fell to 3 wins and 3 losses. In this case, the tension filled with the team, some players open Haiying said the team should pay more attention to the ground offensive, six weeks before the team after attempting to integrate into the team directly HARVIN failed in the locker room constantly calling out the heart and soul really belongs to the Seahawks: Sean ma - Lynch. -- he just do his exchange, Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) said after the game, this is a very special season for him, because he has persisted for so long, his movement has been very well... He seems to run very fast, but also like a burst of time, but his attitude is always here, he can make good use of the field space, and sometimes even no space... He is not. Lynch has always had a high level of performance at a critical moment, and who else can do it? patriots are proud of their terrific second line defence, but their ground defense has taken 153 yards, 191 yards, 207 yards and 218 yards to their opponents this season. Two weeks ago, the crow hit new England on the ground to get 136 yards, and we hope to see Lynch holding 25 times on Sunday. How does Bill Bailey Chico (Bill Belichick) fight back? Perhaps he would like the thirty-sixth super bowl against the rams, the game plan to focus on fighting rams running back Marshall - Star oak (Marshall Faulk) on the law. No matter whether the Patriot law oak ball, all the time, pay attention to attack him, but the 2000 season is a guest Fabio in front of the next 81 passes the running back, and Lynch was not of this type, which means that Vince wilfork (Vince Wilfork) are fierce offensive front and his companions one would have to win them across the off line. And on the running guard, volflock can be the best player in the league, 〉Cardinals running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) has yet to return to training on Wednesday. Coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) said, "the running backs need some time to restore a neck injury. "really just takes time. Time and doctor. " Arians said. last week against the Jaguars in the game, Peterson in a red ball was the other three Titans - Marcel (Marcell Dareus) - darys, tower Sean (Tashaun Gipson) - Gibson and Paul - Pos Lutz Ni (Paul Posluszny) together according to the ground, but because the head first and the neck injury after with 2 stalls in tee. that week he was absent from all training. Covyn - Williams (Kerwynn Williams) took two fractured ribs and got 97 yards for 16 balls. "I know I don't have a lot of opportunities and I can't get it, but everything I do is to help the team," said alliance with the champion third years, clowney finally hit expectations. At the beginning of this month, Texas's defensive line coach Anthony Weaver published his views on the 24 year old young players in the Houston chronicle. "I told him that he could get into the hall of fame," Weaver said. "But you have to meet some conditions, such as keeping healthy, stable, and persevering. But he himself has all the qualities to accomplish these goals. " earlier this week, Klauni said the words were profound to him, "I'm not surprised at his comments. He saw my potential, and I had a very early communication with him. He has been witnessing my training and teaching me. I am full of respect for him and will go all out on the court as my answer to him. " Weaver said it right: is a skill point full clowney monster. I have always believed him, the only one that could stop him from injury. take this opportunity to see what other young players under the age of 24 have this potential? I don't care about their bright record, I'm just trying to find the kind of Yukelaoni them the rare talent. Here I have listed nine young players who are most likely to enter the hall of fame, and they are also nine different styles. Ezekiel 1. - Elliot, running back, Dallas cowboys I voted for him in the The Associated Press's best offensive rookie of the year, and he was in the first four of my annual MVP. I don't even have to make a list of his data. We just know that he's going to take a second - one - more than 300 - yard run in the first year of the league. Eliot fully meet the requirements of Dallas: share the pressure ball, run the ball, Prescott backcourt emergency line and to provide him with cover. He was the biggest winner of the first 9 wins in the regular season since 2015. because this is his first season, you may want him to slowly to prevent flattery. But his ability to be obvious to all, he absolutely has the strength to become a generation of giant stars. 2. Odell - Beckham, an outside hand, New York giant I'm going to write out the data here, and his data are really unbelievable. In his first three seasons, Beckham took 288 times in a total of 4122 yards and got 35. That is to say, the average 96 times a season, 1374 yards, 12! Odair's gift to heaven, he is the kind of extremely rare speed, athleticism and ball ability in a foreign took over, no one can stop it. 3. Mike - Evans, an outside hand, Tampa Bay pirate has been suppressed by his rookie of the same year.

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