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The official website of NFL, Peterson wants to stay in the Viking pirates, Dezhou giants also consider football nest in the season due to injuries played only 3 games to get 72 yards after running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) said he wanted to end the Minnesota Vikings in the occupation career. but his wages are huge and are not guaranteed in the next season, which will account for $18 million in salary cap space. Peterson had to reach a consensus with the team to rebuild the contract in order to keep the team. in ESPN Thursday program Peterson stressed that their worth $18 million salary, but he also understood that the team may be in this offseason choose to break up with him. if I couldn't rebuild the contract, I'd like to find a place where both my family and I feel comfortable. Have a chance to compete the championship team, Peterson said. The main goal I want to finish is to join a team that wi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ns the championship. A team with excellent defensive team and excellent attack system. A team with a good coaching team that will help win the championship. Peterson then said that the New York giants, Tampa Bay pirates and Houston Dezhou are the next family he considered. , of course, any potential family wants to know that Peterson's 37 season impact on the age of 31 and affected by the meniscus tear of the knee is on average 1.9 hours after each stroke. I'd say 5 more years, that's the right length of time in my mind, Peterson said. The reason I said for 5 years is that I have to think about having more time with my kids, but I'm sure I can do a good job for another 5 years. nearly 4 years ago, Peterson predicted that he would eventually break the record of the league's history. At the end of the 2014 season, he said he had just come to the top of his career. Because he was very careful to protect his body, Peterson had always believed that he was able to maintain a professional bowl to 36 or 37 years old. no matter which team he played in the 2017 season, Peterson insisted that he would be ready to offer a high level of performance. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | you do not know: Brady resume | football the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) on Thursday morning in his face book posted a photo of your old resume, wrote in the fifth round, I really need it to play a role. he is not a joke, in an interview in 2011 Brady said he had in elective second or third brush off after feeling helpless, in turn to sixth before leaving home to go out for a walk because he couldn't come to reduce the pressure, stood there until the. however, it is difficult for us to imagine if Brady finally going to the job interview to a company like a resume, just to work as the rookie, he will not marry Giselle Bundchen (Gisele B ndchen ) Under , let's come and see his resume: Brady was in the 2000 NFL elective conference, in the sixth round of 199 by the Patriots selected, this has a word no matter where you are a chosen, you are valuable. In fact, the only player who had been selected in the sixth round and entered the hall of fame is the lion's defense guard Jack Chris Thissen (Jack Christiansen), which was in the sixth round of 1951.Our new football equipment network UMBRO Everton 2015-16 Jersey home court adopted the traditional design, New Jersey, newborn babies as a model, this is the team's "BornEFC" (New Everton) part of the campaign. UMBRO Everton's 2015-16 home court shirt, which is UMBRO's second year for Everton's shirt, has signed a long-term cooperation agreement between the two. And Chang Beer again sponsored Everton's 2015-16 main stadium shirt.Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr) the overall level of last season has been greatly improved, completed 3987 yards for 32 touchdowns, which reflects his leading group NFL attack strength, and this was second years with a large number of legend Bret faffe (Brett Favre contrast). had Carle's teammate wide receiver Michael (Michael Crabtree) said Clubb Terry and Carle Favre is very similar, this is obviously a very bold comment because Carle only played second years of ball. recently faffe I presented their own views, he said: "I am not sure whether I can call him a sought after, he is a more sophisticated, I mean he was outside of respect more than me, I think he did a great job in Oakland, I love his way of playing, a very good player." soon after Carle on twitter wrote: "faffe tribute, @ faffe salute you! #4 ".

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