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The official website of NFL | grams of Rome return to the pedicle jet, the former cornerback combined again | football recalled that a few years ago, the New York jet fleet sat on Darrel Revis Darrelle and Antonio Rome Antonio (Antonio Cromartie), which once let the quarterback and the foreign players sniff about the alliance's strongest combination. After two people went out, the new season came together again. ESPN reported that the jets Thursday with an agreement and grams of Rome Dida will sign a $32 million 4 year contract. will be 31 year old Cromartie in the jets for 4 seasons, but he will also work with last season's Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowers (Todd Bowles) meet again in the jets, the latter was appointed as the new coach of the jets at the beginning of this year. Cromartie scored 46 tackles and 3 cuts last season. He spent 13 times in his career 31 times in the jets. He has missed 1 Games in 112 games since 2008.NFL official website | Rodgers to the line and send the backup quarterback Chr cheap nfl jerseys free shipping istmas gift | football this season is the best season for the quarterback to give offensive players a gift. The Green Bay Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers), of course, will not be stingy. According to ESPN, Rodgers sent each of his attacking frontmen on Christmas Eve a Christmas gift 55 inch TV. , of course, did not forget his substitute Matt - Flynn (Matt Flynn) and Scott - Torkin (Scott Tolzien), and they also had a share. , Rodgers is not the only one to send TV. Baltimore team ran Wei Justin crow (Justin Forsett) FST to crow attack first team striker Denis and tight end Erwin (Owen Daniels) sent a 55 inch tv.In January, in January, in memory of the great Martin Ruud Kim, many players changed their own Black shoes (Black History Month). At this time of the year, the big ball shoes brand launched a variety of black moon matching shoes, which has become a big tradition in the alliance. In addition to the recent NBA relaxation of the team's shirt and the reference color constraints, the players can be more free to show their personality. in order to know more about how NBA manages the shirts and shoes of all teams and players, we interviewed Christopher Arena of NBA. Arena and his team specializes in the wearing of NBA, such as the cooperation between NBA and Nike, so does the team's jerseys conform to the design of Nike, for example, each player can have several "theme nights" in a season. (ten of the season) in the past ten years, we can find that the alliance has become more and more relaxed about the traditional dress requirements. , before reading an in-depth interview about NBA's policy on shoes and jerseys, we should understand that the league has always attached great importance to and respect the different personalities of all players. Nick DePaula:? What has been the change in the league rules for players' shoe matching in these years? Christopher Arena: I worked in this position since 1994. Our team began to pay attention to the color matching rules of these shoes from the mid 90s. At that time, the player had to wear a black and white match. The proportion of black and white main color changed to 51%. Because we want each team to have a different feature. As time went by, in the early 00, we classified grey as the main color matching. So there's a black and white ash. After a while, we began to think about the opportunity to compete in the full name competition, so that players can wear the color they want to wear, because it matches the all star game red, white and blue team uniform. when we implemented this policy, we began to study the requirements for wearing shoes for different activities. Our league has a lot of different activities and platforms every season. We think, "in order to match the different activities, the players need to wear different color matching shoes." For Halloween, for example, players can wear orange or orange black shoes. In 2011 and 2012, we tried some breakthroughs "in addition to black and white, the players can choose the color of the shoes at will."The official website of NFL | James - Jones: I'm free market the best external | football James - Jones (James Jones) is about to be a free player again, and recently he was interviewed about the team he wanted to stay. on Friday, Jones told reporters that he would like to return to Green Bay Packers, but now it seems unlikely that he will have to enter the free market. Jones said, "I want to go back to Green Bay, but I know it can't happen." As I have said, I like being a member of the packers, but we all know that this is business. I must enter the free market, and let me look forward to this. Jones explained and compared with other free market players. I heard that many people compared me with those who took part in the free market this year. I want to say that I am the one who has had the best season in these guys. Jones in the packers harvest period over period is indeed outside had not catch a touchdown, but he was in the Oakland Raiders that year all this data are below average, he can not fully prove himself in Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) who can have good performance.

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