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even-even soccer equipment network Nike today launched a film called "you don't believe" limit clips. The film introduced by Wieden+Kennedy, director Daniel group (The Daniels) directed by actor Oscar · Isaac (Oscar Isaac) and Su Bingtian (the narrator, China sprinter, Aaron Gordon (·); Aaron Gordan, American basketball player, English Gardiner (·); English Gardner, American sprinter Stanton zhankaluo), · (Giancarlo Stanton, American baseball player), Kevin · Durant (Kevin Durant, American basketball player), Mo · Fala (Mo Farah, the British runner), Neymar (Neymar Jr., Brazil, ·, football player); Houston (Nyjah Huston, American skateboarder, Serena Williams (·); Serena Williams, American tennis player) and Zach · (Zach L Levin; AVine, American basketball players and other athletes are out of the mirror. The film aims to pay tribute to every sport enthusiast that keeps breaking its limits, as well as champion athletes including Neymar.NFL President Roger Goodall (Roger Goodell) said on Wednesday that if the final new England patriots won fifty-first Super Bowl trophy will be awarded to him for quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and will not feel uncomfortable. previously between alliance and Brady due to gas discharging door conduct penalty a lengthy litigation, Godell said in an interview that will not let him become awkward moment Brady awards. "not... A little Tom Brady is one of the greatest players in history. He has been doing cheap nfl jerseys free shipping this for years, "Godell said. "He's very close to winning fifth Super Bowl Champions. He is a great player, a great player and is sure to be in the hall of fame. So it's a glorious thing. " Godell was also asked about his relationship with the Patriot owner, Robert - Kraft, who has been criticizing the coalition's handling of the gas gate. And Godell stressed that he was just doing his job. Godell had previously decided to take part in the national championships in the new England. Since the release of the gas door, Godell has not been here to watch the Patriots. Godell said the decision was not a concern for security."feels almost blind." The Philadelphia hawk quarterback Randall Cunningham. in the history of NFL, there are many competitions that are known for weather conditions. This battle called Eagle bear is known as "Fog Bowl". The Chicago bear team met the Philadelphia hawks at the Chicago warrior stadium in the NFL playoffs before New Year's Eve in 1988. The bears in the first half with a quarterback Mike Tomczak and Dennis McKinnon's 64 yard pass end ball and scored a game first touchdown. And the hawk went all the way to the 26 yards of the bear team in the next attack. But the eagle hawk Luis Zendejas took 43 yards, and missed the end of the hawk's offensive. But then, Eagle hawk Seth Joyner cut off a passing pass of Tomczak, and the eagle got the ball again, and Zendejas completed the 42 yard goal shot, then the score was 7:3. but next, the hawk had two serious mistakes in the advance, which made their two Atlanta null and void! Saikuang enters the stalemate, until Zendejas again for the Hawks scored a 29 yard free kick will be worse at 1 points! The bear team, in the subsequent attack, also took the color - they pushed 44 yards and completed a 4 - yard flush run by Neal Anderson, then shot into the additional shot. At the end of the half of the game, the two teams were in a separate set, at which point the score was 17:9 and the bears were ahead. accident occurred in the first half two minutes before the end of the stadium and the warrior to float over the will of course completely covered, visibility dropped sharply to fifteen yards to! Both sides can not even see the border line and the first offensive LOGO! After the game entered the third Festival, the bear team quarterback Tomczak was injured. The thick fog caused the two teams to start the full attack of the road, which also added a little trouble to the eagle's score. in the second half of the second half of each team shot into a position ball, the score was finally locked at 20:12, the bear team wins. under the influence of thick fog, the worst of all is the quarterback. The quarterback hawk quarterback Randall Cunningham has passed 407 yards in the match, but he hasn't got a touchdown and has been copied three times. It's not difficult to understand his complaint. The last thing has to say is that the fog is affected not only by the players but also by the audience and the broadcast. CBS explains Verne Lundquist and Terry Bradshaw to make a joke - about three p.m.: Lundquist: "Cunningham is going to pass the ball, oh no, it's going to run, but it was captured fourth times... The amount of the amount, wait. "Zhuangyuanlang outstanding performance is defeated in Saint rams defensive messThe champion Losangeles rams quarterback Jared gove (Jared Goff) debut mediocre, and in second career games with the New Orleans saints defensive group poor he hopes to achieve a breakthrough performance. Goff will usher in the opener in the first wave of the attack, he continuously complete size passing attack, finally found outside the 24 yard passes over the Thai - Austen (Tavon Austin) made the first career touchdowns. But the saints soon equalized, their way from midfield began to attack the smooth attack to ram the red zone, four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) and Brandon - Coleman took a short pass (Brandon Coleman) for a 3 yard touchdown. At the beginning of second, Bracey in the red zone was sacked and dropped the ball, the ball was rams in the 6 yard line to snatch the saints. The goats did not pass the opportunity, passing the ball to find out Kenny - Britt completed 6 yards. But the saints quickly hit back, and after another smooth push, the running guard Mark - Ingram (Mark Ingram) finished the ball 10 yards. Then turn off the ball to gove was sacked, the saints to get the ball back right after the same did not waste the opportunity. Bracey himself finished 1 yards of the ball. After the rams defensive again can not stop the saints offense, Bracey short passes to wide receiver Michael Thomas (Michael Thomas) for a 6 yard touchdown. Before the end of the first half he also launched a wave of successful attack, Goff led the team to effectively promote and eventually pass to tight end Lance Kendricks (Lance Kendricks) completed a 15 yard touchdown. But this is the ram attack group last performance, in the second half they completely misfiring, the game of the saints offensive group stage. The second half saints attacked with Ingram's 61 - yard shot, which ended with Bracey's 22 - yard pass to Ingram. The third section near the end, receiver Thomas completed second touchdowns, he received Bracey completed a 21 yard touchdown pass. The fourth section at the beginning of the saints made the game seventh touchdowns, but this is by receiver Wiley Snyder (Willie Snead) long pass to running back Tim Heltava (Tim Hightower) completed 50 yards long convey array. Finally the saints 49-21 beat the rams. The rams quarterback gove 32 passes 20 successful 214 yards and 3 touchdowns 1 passes by steals. The saints quarterback Bracey 36 passes 28 successful 310 yards and 4 touchdowns, running back Ingram 14 red ball for 146 yards and 1 touchdowns, receiver Thomas 9 catches 108 yards and 2 touchdowns. is a contradiction between the wars, Atlanta Falcons have one of the best offensive group with defensive alliance strongest group of the Arizona cardinals. After the opening of xianbatouchou is the cardinals, they pass into.

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