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has just been laid off the Losangeles rams James Laurie Neidich may not be out of work for a long time. , according to insiders, the saints of New Orleans will arrange a trip to Louisiana for the 29 year old line Guardian on Tuesday, of course, mainly to discuss the contract. The saints expressed a strong interest after the Laurie's cut last week. Even the saints to grab the lock linebacker at the other team and Laurie Neidich approached before. last week Losangeles goats cut the number of the first in team history. The job cuts are mainly to save salary space. But in fact, although last season Laurie Neidich holds the number reached 109, the seven consecutive season holds several hundred, but his condition is very serious decline. Last season, he said one of the worst interior guards in the league, especially in the face of the ground attack. once again, the saints in the offseason trying to renovate their defense in a disastrous state. Fortunately, Sean Payton's boss or some young cheap nfl jerseys free shipping people of high quality such as Stephen Anthony, Lee - Kika Kazakhstan, German - Block J and Kenny - Vaccaro, Cameron - if they are players like Jordan side continued to grow, the future of the saints defense may change. last offseason saints have tried to sign some veteran, expect their leadership and experience to help bring the defense. Cornerback Brandon browner came last year, this year the saints will what gains?Denver Mustang can keep von Miller (Von Miller) without the label of privileged players. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), the NFL official, reported that wild horse was ready to offer Miller a super long contract. According to informed sources, the two sides can reach a new contract after the exchange period of optimism in the measurement of camp. Mustang general manager John elvy (John Elway) Thursday provides the latest progress about contract negotiations, he said the two sides have reached a broad consensus at this time "". "we're talking to Feng," Herve said. "We exchanged some quotations. We will continue to meet with his agent. We feel good about the progress of the contract renewal. Obviously, with his career performance and his performance this year, we are very keen to reach a new contract. NFL Miller wants to become the highest paid defensive player, had enjoyed this treatment is grace Damm (Ndamukong Suh) - hole Su, his offseason signed a contract in 6 years last year reached $114 million, including $60 million in guaranteed income. Last year, Miller is in a similar situation and the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston (Justin Houston) signed a $101 million, including $52 million 500 thousand guaranteed income contract. Miller has a great deal of advantage in the negotiations. If his contract deadline is completed before the franchise tag, which will affect the other players in the fate of the free agent market.usually, the team won't be sad for a long time after losing a game. But the New York giant may need a little more time. According to the Mcadoo giants coach (Ben McAdoo) said, running back Sean walling (Shane Vereen) the triceps was injured in the game against the Washington Redskins, the need for surgery, he will miss the remainder of season. Although Mcadoo said the operation will be ahead of the end of the 2016 season he, NFL website reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) and Lafoluo according to informed sources reported that may not be so. Volin recovery time in 6 to 8 weeks. According to the plan, he recovered giants on injured reserve list plan, this year may return volin. 27 year old joined last year as the ball type walling giants running back. This season, the 31 time he rushed the ball 147 yards and 1 touchdowns. In terms of catching the ball, he took 75 yards 8 times. He was in the third task may be most will be handed over to Bobby Linney (Bobby Rainey) to complete. The giant was lucky to have a good lineup in the running position. Orlean Dakewa (Orleans Darkwa) in the last game at the ball for 53 yards and 1 touchdowns, and rookie Paul Perkins their bench (Paul Perkins). The first starting runner Rashard - Jennings (Rashad Jennings) was not in the game because of a thumb injury, but he was expected to return in the next game. Although he looks very easy to replace , but he told the quarterback protection and his performance in the offensive as well, this may be the most difficult problem of Mcadoo. The next game is likely to be in trouble against the Minnesota Viking giants.Eric - Berri (Eric Berry) is back! The Kansas chief star safetys was found in the last season with Hodgkin lymphoma (malignant tumor), this time in the United States on Saturday against the Arizona Cardinals preseason return. before the start of the game, Berri hugged the most important person in his life - his mother, as he had previously promised. This scene was fixed by our reporters. Berri, who graduated from Tennessee, was the first round of 2010 draft. The career completed 289 grappling and 8 copies.

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