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last week, Washington's red skin made a change, one of which attracted a lot of fans' attention. "The season ticket holders will receive the list of players in the first time, the team signed free agent message teams draft, and all you want to know, in the red mobile phone app, remember that these messages are better than NFL and all the media earlier." it doesn't seem to be a big news, but the extra information is great for the fans. You need to know that NFL is very strict in the management of this kind of content. In the 2012 season, NFL fined $20 thousand because of red skin and Bill's early update of the team's injury list. The Raven team was punished for not updating the injury list in the same year. then how will NFL deal with this problem, even if the fans only learn the news in 5 seconds a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping head of time. Let's wait and see.Washington red skin Jamieson Claude (Jamison Crowder) finished 59 times in his rookie season, pushing 604 yards. The ball after continued to promote the known ability of young players have potential in the future growth of exon two is over. In the draft, the Redskins first selected wide receiver Josh dockson (Josh Doctson). In this regard, Claude is confident that red skin has the best line-up in the league. "I think so," Claude said. "We are the best in the league. We have DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson), Pierre pine (Pierre Garcon), and Jordan - Reed (Jordan Reed). We also added Vernon Davies (Vernon Davis), and Niels Paul (Niles Paul) and me, so I feel our catching line is full of talent. We work hard every day, keep in sync with the quarterback, and prove our talent on the field. this offseason, the Redskins quarterback for Kirk Cousins - (Kirk Cousins) with privilege tags, which can be expected in the case of sufficient weapons to lead the team to further.the New York giant met the worst. in the team's 22-27 defeat in Losangeles lightning match, the team first took over the ankle Odell - Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) ankle fracture. According to the people, he said he was also undergoing MRI to determine whether there was a ligament injury. the injury may let Beckham into the injured reserve list, although at least 8 weeks after he can be activated from the disabled list, but considering the severity of the injury and he is currently a giant record ranking, it is very likely that he will not play the game this season. before Beckham was injured, the other 3 giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall), Dwayne Harris (Dwayne Harris) and Stryn Shepard (Sterling Shepard) are also different because of injuries to leave early. is a bad reality for the already poor Giants: Beckham is the core of the giant attack team. He is the only team to reduce the speed with quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) are facing the pressure of players. He is the only one in the team that can beat the opponent's double or even three people. In this game, he completed 1 of 48 yards receiving touchdowns in the ball before he was credited with a fake to fool the opponent defenders at the space. Beckham was seriously wounded after the win the giants lost their only stable offensive weapons. In the face of the difficult race, the giant needs to continue the season without the number one attacking player.Water polo |2012 National Men's water polo League regular season sixth rounds of information the sixth round of the 2012 National Men's water polo League regular match was launched in from December 22nd to 23rd in Shanghai and Guangxi. Shanghai home to Guangdong, to achieve 2 to 1 negative results; Guangxi home against Hunan, 3 games are negative. The score is as follows: at this point, the 2012 National Men's water polo tournament regular season competition has all ended. Finally, the Guangdong team accumulated 44 points, won the regular season champion, Shanghai team accumulated 41 points in second place, Hunan team accumulated 23 points in third place. Guangdong and Shanghai entered the finals and fought for the championship through the 5 games and 3 wins.

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