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has been on the 4th week, though it hasn't been 1/4 of the season, but for the James Jones of Oakland Raiders, James's match against Miami dolphins on Sunday is regarded as a must win. "For me, the game has to be taken," Jones said in an interview with the Kang Custer Bay Area Sports Network on Friday. We have a lot of experienced veterans in our team, and we know the probability. Although you don't know whether the season's trend can be reversed, it's hard to get into the playoffs with a 0 - 4 start. It is difficult to get into the playoffs, so it is necessary to take the game. We come to London is to play our game, and then with 1 victories in the holiday week." some people say that even the Raiders won't win the playoffs even if they win. Let's throw all of this behind us. Indeed, 0 wins and 4 losses is indeed a death knell, history only San Diego cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lightning team in 1992 to 0 wins and 4 losses after the start of the reversal of the playoffs. But 14.5% of the teams started in the playoffs with a 1 - 3 start in history. For the Raiders not only in numbers, in the overall lack of talented personnel and team depth, and in the American League's strongest division, the Raiders finally often trampled. That's why Jones thought the playoffs had to be taken on Sunday, and the reason he said it was to save the coach's job. I even joked that the negative side of the London game could leave the coach there. It won't happen, but the negative side's coach is very likely to sell the house in the market. Over the past few weeks, the Raiders have made significant progress, but coach Denis Alan (Dennis Allen) must show the team the trend of moving towards the right direction. If we lose to the continuous competition of the dolphins, it will obviously not help Alan's job. NFL media people Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported last week that the Raiders now consider sacking Alan too early. But the embarrassing loss could speed up the time. So Jones may be right, for Alan, Sunday's game "must be taken".U. S. time Tuesday, buffalo Bill and their offensive intercepts Cordy Glenn (Cordy Glenn) completed a big 5 - year contract worth $65 million. It is reported that in the contract guarantee fund of up to 36 million dollars, count the privilege tag Glen can get 13 million 700 thousand dollars per year. Glen, 26, was selected in the second round of 2012 and has finished 57 games in Bill, an important part of Bill's offensive line last season. Glen height 6 feet 6 inches, 345 pounds, was graduated from the University of Georgia, Atlanta, this season Bill Hugh Grant the privileges of the label.According to the NFL Network reporter Ian he reported that jet fired veteran wide receiver Brandon marshall. The jet just before firing cornerback Darryl ray Weiss and Nick Mann Godwin line. Marshall entered the league in 2006, once in the wild horses, bears, dolphins, the jets finished 59 last season to play ball, get 788 yards, 3 touchdowns.The Steelers coach | NFL official website not worried about Baer will be excessive use of | football Pittsburgh Steelers running Weile viand - Baer (Le Veon Bell) is facing more and more workload. With Le Garrett Blount (LeGarrett Blount), a ground offensive burden was handed over to Baer one person. Local time two, the Steelers coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) said he was not worried about Baer will be overused. For the 2 grade star, confident tomlin. Tomlin said: the excessive use of ? No, we don't worry about this. He was in good health, high talent and perseverance. From my own point of view, he is a natural running guard. Of course, Baer himself also said he was very excited about being able to contribute to the team. At present, Baer scored 1046 yards and ranked second in the league, trying to hit the ball 216 times and third. At the same time, he has completed a total of 65 shots to get 643 yards, the data list all running second. according to statistics, in the match with the saints in New Orleans last week, Baer took part in the 90 offense in the attack group's 92 - gear attack. Before the holiday, he and Tennessee Titans in the game also played well. The team attacked 74 gear, and Baer took part in the 71. In the last 2 games, he touched the ball 32 times on average with a comprehensive number of 238 yards.

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