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Matt - Hassel Beck (Matt Hasselbeck) will be expected to fight the Indianapolis pony against Houston's Dezhou. was listed as a ribs injury on the team's injury list, and he could play in the next game. "really good. Very, very inspired, "Chuck Pagano, the manager of the Chuck, talked about Hassel Beck. "He did a good job yesterday. He's going to have a very, very good game. Before got a positive comment on Friday, Hassel Beck missed Wednesday's game and was limited to Thursday's training. Hasselbeck is dealing with painful rib injuries, which makes him difficult to breathe and pass. he can play for Dezhou to maintain hope to beat the AFC South First pony is of great significance. Hassel and Beck will face an excellent defensive front with the title of J.J. Watt, the best defender of the last season. Watt (13.5 time catch up) and Whitney Moshe Ruth (Whitney Mercilus) (7.5 t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ime kill) have scored 21 hits this season (the largest number of players in NFL). Before the show champion Jed viand (Jadeveon Clowney) - clowney made 4.5 sacks in 6 games. pony offensive lines throughout the season are not stable -- it is a friendly argument -- but the starting left Jiefeng Anthony - Castro R (Anthony Castonzo) is expected to return to the starting lineup in missed the last three games. Can look forward to many of the pony short attack.Philadelphia hawk quarterback candidate problem has not been solved after months of turmoil. But now, Sam Sam is the most likely candidate to become the first team player in Bradford. Coached Saint Louis rams in the 2010 season, the New York giants defensive coordinator Steve (Steve Spagnuolo) Genuoluo spa said in an interview, Bradford has the ability to succeed in the eagle. J Page Manolo said, "believe me, he has all the technology that the quarterback needs. In addition to this, he is still a fierce competitor, which is the necessary condition for the elite quarterback. He likes to accept the challenge, to trust his teammates, and to be very demanding for himself. " Without taking on the poly offensive, J Page Manolo believes Bradford can adapt very well: "he has the league's best mobile arm, than the ability to imagine more, he is fit for this offense. I believe that he will be successful. " as the same district rivals, J Page Manolo is expected to be in the new season and played two times in Bradford. Although J Page Manolo for the former disciple is generous words of praise, but he seemed to mark him equally confident.Beijing time of December 14th, the new England patriots came to Houston to meet the Dezhou people. The four quarter, Dezhou almost no strength to fight back, the Patriots in the away team easily won a victory, returning to the top of the American league. The score of the whole game is 27:6. first game, both sides tested for a while, the Patriot took the lead, by the Keshawn Martin (Keshawn Martin) completed the 2 yards of the ball. Then the Dezhou people returned a 37 - yard free kick. The first section of Harding Park, the road ahead of the Dezhou patriots team to 7:3. second games, the first two rounds of attack, each side completed a free kick of more than 40 yards. Then it went into the battle of the saw. Until the second quarter ended, Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and rob Kowski (Rob Gronkowski) Gelon line appeared again, this time with a 1 yard touchdown pass. At the end of the half, the Patriots expanded the difference to 11 points. 17:6. third, the first attacking patriots continued to widen the difference with a free kick. And the Dezhou people came to the red area of the Patriots, despite the mistakes made by the Patriot team. But the 4 consecutive offense failed to get the first attack or the array, in vain to return the ball to the patriot. Then the two sides abandoned each other until the end of the festival. The Patriot entered the fourth section with the score of 20:6. fourth competition, Blaine - Hoyle (Brian Hoyer) in the red area of the side appeared to lose the ball error. James - White (James White) easily reaped a running ball. Since then, the two sides have not been able to build a tree. The Patriots took a victory on the road with a 27:6 score.TEAMCONFGBOVRMichigan State16-2-30-5Purdue15-3130-7Ohio State15-3125-9Michigan13-5333-8Nebraska13-5322-11Penn State9-9726-13Indiana9-9716-15Maryland8-10819-13Wisconsin7-11915-18Northwestern6-121015-17Minnesota4-141215-17Illinois4-141214-18Iowa4-141214-19Rutgers3-151315-19

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