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Detroit lions linebacker Kell vannoy (Kyle Van Noy) is about to return from injury, the team had to reserve a place for him on the roster. On the other hand, due to defensive tackle Nick Fairley (Nick Fairley) were injured, the team needs to find his replacement. this week, the first made 2 decision, tight end Jordan - Thompson (Jordan Thompson) and security guard Jerome Princeton (Jerome Couplin) test had to leave the team. Thus, the lion can be vacated in 2 position on the list for registration vannoy and another defensive tackle. Thompson made 2 appearances for the lion and only once became a passing target. Even worse, he was unfortunate to get out of the game and directly led the New Orleans saints to complete the copy. The test is just PRINTRONICS starters without injury short opportunities, his performance did not win the capital for their stay. This season, he only played 11 games and finished 2 grappling. Wheneve cheap nfl jerseys free shipping r a team needs to adjust his lineup, he is always the first person to lay off the job. According to the lover, the lion is now mending the lineup to overcome the recent injury problems. The two people are still likely to be signed back by the team in the next few days.The official website of NFL | crow tight end Boyles was suspended for 10 games | football we have seven months from the start of the new season, but Nick Boyles's (Nick Boyle) 2016 season has been determined to have a hard start. The second grade of the Baltimore crow proximal front has been due to violation of the NFL performance enhancing drug use provisions fined suspended without pay for 10. this is the second time he has violated the rule, and last season he was banned from the final four games of the regular season because of violating the rules. It doesn't look good for a player who has just finished 18 times in a new season. but, before his new season was shortened, the first five show's near end still played a valuable performance. He was praised by the manager of John - Harbert (John Harbaugh) for his excellent open performance. But Harbert also said in December that he wanted Boyles to learn from the penalty penalty. but Boyles did not learn the lesson, instead, after the penalty announcement, Boyles had to figure out whether he could stay in the team. Crockett - Gil Moore (Crockett Gillmore) have become offensive players, Max - Williams (Maxx Williams) waiting for the opportunity and Denis (Dennis Pitta) pita still hope to return the case, Boyles is not stable in the future of the crow.The official website of NFL | advertising Raiders fans request former coach | return to football Oakland Raiders are doing pretty bad this season. To be sure, if they cannot win the Kansas City chieftain today, they will maintain 17 defeats in the past 365 days. In fact, this year the Raiders of the weakness of them just a microcosm of the 12 years since 2002, they never made the playoffs or winning more than 5. over the past 12 years, their best record was two 8 to 8, and the two years had been related to a man - Jackson (Hue Jackson). Jackson came to the team as an offensive coordinator in 2010. He caught the Raiders at 8 times and 8 defeats in the past year's 5 wins and 11 losses. Jackson, who served as coach in 2011, has maintained this achievement. As a result of a series of unrest in the management, Jackson was in class in 2012, and the Raiders went back to the downhill again. reported that some fans bought 1/4 of the Oakland Tribune's first edition to publish ads asking for Jackson's return.The official website of NFL | chief General Manager: Houston and future talks | football Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey (John Dorsey) said in a recent interview, the team has rushed from hand Justin and star Houston (Justin Houston) talks about the future. He said, the team has had a conversation with Houston's agent. chiefs still have less than 3 months to negotiate with Houston. The star red military in the first 4 seasons in the occupation career total 48.5 sacks last season, is 22 times as control alliance captured and killed the king. In order to lock the defensive core in advance, the emirate decided to open the renewal negotiations as soon as possible. He said: Justin is a very good player, I think the future he will continue as the chief effect. Houston himself has not yet made a clear statement of where his future is going to be. Some experts say there are still many teams concerned about Houston, which makes him not eager to extend his contract with the chieftain. As the top 5 levels of the league's top punching hand, to get Houston, any team must pay the corresponding high price.

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