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Dortmund star Marco · Royce said: "the Champions League matches are always so special, and the New Jersey is absolutely high." I really like its simple and elegant design. Yellow is part of our club and the city. I'm looking forward to wearing a New Jersey in the new season's Champions League.tiger July 3rd, , as the newest irrelevant president of the league, quarterback Chad Kelly (Chad Kelly) has faced great difficulties in its NFL journey. But at the same time, the Denver Broncos rookie is still in the right wrist surgery, it affected him to take an important training opportunity during the training and mini camp in the team. but Kelly is optimistic about his recovery and has set a timetable to return to the training field. "I hope I can start a pass in the next two weeks," Kelly said. "My goal is to be ready to go to the camp and to help the team win in any possible way." for veteran quarterback for th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e offseason and is used to establish new signings or tacit and other players to improve the team to stay. For rookie quarterback, they have to start from scratch, which makes the first few months was very important. though Kelly conceded that he had failed to pass his ball to his teammates, he was still trying to help himself in different ways, such as pretending to identify the midline defender of the defensive team in the hotel room every day. Kelly in the university to show their strength strong advantage. But injuries, personality problems and unstable offensive options have made his college career uncertain. He hopes this time to learn from his mistakes. He also sought the help of his uncle, the hall of fame quarterback, Jim - Kelly (Jim Kelly). "shut up and work very hard to be the first person to come to training, the last to leave, and become an example," Kelly mentioned his uncle's advice. "When you fall behind in the fourth quarter, your teammates will count on your performance. It's up to you to win respect and show them that you are the right person. " , despite the fact that Kelly has much to do in the quarterback competition of wild horses, if he listens to his uncle's admonition, his progress may be faster than expected.The official website of NFL |49 who will give strong rushed pass red big trouble | football 49 people in San Francisco will face Washington red skin this week. The 49 people's playoffs are so serious that the next game is not allowed to lose. In the recent 49 defense personnel and running through the regression has been getting better, this will be the team for the playoff guarantee on the this week, they have to face the red ball has been plagued with poor protection, quarterback Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) this season back in 52.1% by passing the overshoot pass pressure, of which 12.4% was killed, two items of data are the highest in the league. But even worse is the team left Jiefeng Trent Williams (Trent Williams) this week has been plagued by injuries this season, Williams will not play, the ball cover score for +6.3, just let the other get a sack from myself. Replace the appearance of Williams will be the rookie Morgan - Mose (Morgan Moses), +1.4 pass cover score in the face with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game last week, but this week he will face is poised to return soon Al - Smith (Aldon Smith), the pressure is not small. Alden - Smith at the end of the 10 match ban last week after the comeback, in the face of the giant game of the 8 successful quarterback to pressure, two of which hit the quarterback and six quarterback forced quick shot. On the other side, Aaron, Aaron Lynch also had 8 successful attempts, including 1 times of 7 attempts to win the quarterback. He scored +7.6 in the season and seventh in all 3-4 formation. Lynch and Smith's double goalkeeper is the biggest trouble in red skin.Only 1 weeks in the past 1 weeks, another 2015 new rookie ligament was tearing. only in Jacksonville Jaguars dantay Fuller (Dante Flower) suffered a torn ligament in less than 24 hours, the Denver Broncos rookie tight end Geoff - Hoyle Man (Jeff Heuerman) also suffered such a misfortune. The news from is from the official website of the Mustang. It is already a fact. "Hoyle Man ripped the ligament when he was training in the secret service team. He ran at full speed at the central area of the court, and then he was hurt after his capture. The coach of the wild horse said this: "I feel bad about Geoff's misfortune. He is an important part of our team this year, and will also be an important part of the team's future." with Hoyle Man's withdrawal, Manning's near - end competition has become fierce and uncertain.

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