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Author: Fang Ling, NFL Chinese columnist played Electronic Arts Company produced 2008 "Madden dynasty mode" friends will encounter a puzzle, the virtual world, after the 2008 season, the 33 year old Payton - Manning will usually choose to retire. Some friends will take the matter to see the draft pick a lighter than a goose feather, quarterback Manning became the succession; and some friends still brood on Manning so early, why choose to retire? 21 century, electronic games, doing more and more magnificent rainbow, gently press a key is a long, long press is a bullet pass, you can overlook the audience, any player on the field of control. The facial expressions and personalization of the players are becoming more and more realistic, and the elders can not even distinguish the difference between the real game and the game. The game is still cold blood and ruthless, and the precision of the game can not simulate human character, and heart. Haruki Murakami once said, "I always thought that people were getting old slowly, but not, people were getting old in a moment." for football players, or for quarterback, they are usually "a moment" become old, 34 year old Troy - Ekman unbearable old pain early retirement; Terry Brad Shaw since 31 years later, it is difficult to once again led the team to enter the playoff career; the old age of Johnny - Younai Tasmania injuries had the main position to Earl Moral; Bret faffe fought to 41 years old, still martyrs old age but his physical state and in high aspirations, evident in the deal. These quarterbacks career, usually like John elvy like that and a hospice, thought, illness and death, It cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 's only human. in fact Manning's career trajectory and the "magic" Joe - Manning Montana is quite similar, though Montana's SAGE-like type, but they are also experiencing a major injury, the main position be replaced, the team continued to switch to other careers, and self-esteem, but difficult to return peak, Manning heart faint feel. Retirement period, may reach in the near future. Manning left the pony, the old partner Geoff - Saturday downhearted, choose to leave, joining the Green Bay Packers, as the new king Aaron - Rodgers League kick-off, spent the 2012 season Saturday get both praise and blame, once lost the starting center position, but can rely on the popularity of selected occupation bowl. Ordinary occupation bowl third games, there was a touching moment, as a member of the National League star team Saturday, but into the United Front attack, looked up, touching the ball, listen to, pass the ball from the crotch, tens of thousands of times Saturday career to complete this action, and this time. He chose the ball behind them, Payton Manning, and Manning hug, put the ball into the Saturday stout body, as souvenirs cheerfully off, everyone knew that this will be a kick-off, occupation career last Saturday, recalled the first career kickoff is also sent.June 20th news Davant Adams (Davante Adams), the Green Bay Packer, has a great potential in the 2014 rookie season. But after the season when the team's top receiver Jodie Nelson (Jordy Nelson) in the preseason knee anterior cruciate ligament tears after Adams failed to fill in for Nelson. but his performance in 2016 recovery, made 997 yards and 12 touchdowns, and now he entered the final year of his rookie contract. "it may not be something you want to pay attention to at the start of the season," Adams said recently when he talked about his contract. "I've seen a lot of players who have been distracted by this and forget what they are playing for. You play the ball in order to get the champion, so I don't think about the salary. I just try to play and try to help the team. All contract issues will be resolved at the end of the season or at any time. We will get a new contract by the time. " when you need to get a new contract, Adams may be the best over the free agent market, Nelson and Randall have given the packers array (Randall Cobb), unless the Cobb Adams played very well, they may not be able to give Adams a big contract.Washington Red - skinned quarterback Robert Griffin III (Robert GriffinIII) stood in the locker room to answer the reporter's 5 question about his slider. "I answered the answer once and again," he answered with a funny angry expression. I was just third right to finish the shovel. " coach Jay Gruden was also asked about Griffin's elegant slipping technique. His answer is, "can't Griffin slip a shovel?" Griffin's self - protection, or the lack of slippery shovel training, has become a hot topic. On Wednesday, Griffin said he was too many on line on Monday night against Cleveland Brown. "This intensity makes me understand what I should do. It's only second pre season games for me, but I can't do that. Griffin repeated the answer to the "successful slipper" repeatedly. In the match against Brown, Griffin used the action of the tackle third times, but his skill was not very graceful. Even when he got up, he got a little limp. It was obvious that the shovel had hurt himself. But Griffin said he was a little crippled after the game, because the knee was caught by two players. Granger said that I understood my quarterback and had doubts about his predicament. I understand that it is very difficult for such a high speed running to complete the perfect sliding tackle and to face the approaching capture. But I never taught her the skill of a slippery shovel, because many athletes learned to slide when they were children. Griffin himself also said, "I'm a newcomer on the shovel. I've never trained a slider, although I've played baseball." "He has played baseball, and it should have been more natural," he said. "Maybe he needs to train more and more skatting skills." The question of is when and where to give Griffin some special shovel training. "The New York jets had asked Rex - Ruian (Rex Ryan) to teach Mark Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) slippery shovel, perhaps this was an idea," Gula said. But I don't know if it makes sense. When he runs too fast, all happened very quickly, and the other quarterback face completely different, sometimes not nature is very normal, but maybe this is a chance for me to teach him slippery skills, not today not tomorrow but one day in the future." Groton said it was an interesting thing to practice his slippery shovel: "I was almost killed at the time, and that was why I was a little lame now." At the same time, he reiterated Griffin's value, so he needed to protect his health in the next 16 pre - season games. Griffin has undergone 2 operations on his right knee, and his teammates do not want to see him running without protection. Griffin's shovel may be a big problem, but when he gets hurt, the problem is bigger. The coach said, "I've seen someone contact slippery."The official website of NFL | and Seattle Seahawks coach Carol talks | football The NFL's oldest manager did not plan to retire recently. NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported that the Seahawks are with coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) to discuss the renewal. 64 year old Carol is about to enter the contract last year, after he led the Seahawks won the Super Bowl champion and the Seahawks signed a three year contract. will make a new contract for Carol may be ready to retire after the 2016 season will be handed over to the assistant coach position / line coach Tom (Tom Cable) - K-boom guess at. Carol, who has only made some achievements in 's later career, has reinvented himself as one of the most open and mentally intelligent managers in the league. in the past five years and Biliqieke new England patriots coach Bill (Bill Belichick) the best title of the competition League coach Carol has led the Seahawks play in team history the most successful era, which is a bright spot for two consecutive years to enter the super bowl. Carol and general manager John - Schneider (John Schneider) has led the Seahawks as a bold, do not take the conventional team to play well, they are attracted to the respected veteran players through free market and heavyweight transaction. Carol is not only the highest paid coach of the alliance contract, and can make their own way out of power.

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