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Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) was formally returned. Denver wild horse announced on Thursday that the old quarterback will be the first quarterback in the January 17th playoff final week. coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) on Thursday morning in Bullock and substitute quarterback Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) private meeting after the notice of the decision team. When Manning was troubled by plantar fasciitis, Aus Ville started seven games. ?????????????????????????????????I????????????????????????????????????20??????????????27-20???????????????????????????????? The decision of is not surprising. Manning gave the attacking team a glittering performance, and his presence in the field seemed to improve the team's attack on the ball. However, when we replace Payton Oswald vhailor said so. was very interested t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping o see the top seed of the United States in a month to change the first quarterback, but the decision was right in theory. Manning is a future Hall of Famer and Kubiak wisely has the opportunity to leave for his return. This decision alone can't solve Manning's problems this season, but the fate of the team is now dependent on him.last season, the Green Bay Packers - James Jones (James Jones) wearing a Hoodie game style gradually popular, but after the League banned this dress. for Jones to wear it in the Green Bay to keep warm, but wear this buffalo Bill linebacker for Preston Brown (Preston Brown) who do not have the intention. on Thursday U.S. time Brown was asked to take off his coach Hoodie, because the temperature is too high, after Brown told reporters: "everyone thought I wear this to sweat, I just want to hide some candy in the clothes."The NFL website, JJ w may admit to the age of 50 can't walk in rugby nest last season, Houston, Dezhou's defensive player JJ J.J.Watt, still got the honor of her third best defensive players in the case of injury, which was completed by only the hall of fame player Laurence Taylor (Lawrence Taylor). Watt, an interview with recently, said, "I have to face the reality, because I need to play, and it will all happen. Maybe when I am 50 years old, I can't walk." then I would say, "you were stupid when you were young, but now this is what I need to do. injured Watt on the left hand, with his back protruding and five muscles ripped off last season. He still did 17.5 catch, 32 quarterback, 26 quarterback, 8 touches, 3 shots and 1 times. Watt told reporters: last season is the worst year of my body. I need to fight with injuries. My hands fractured. My back is prominent. My groin has problems. But I don't think everyone can understand this situation.In the base of | softball join in the Asian Games again turn | or use the same venues and baseballXinhua news agency, Astana January 31st sports news for the 2014 Inchon Asian Games, including a softball out of baseball, 31 Asian Softball Federation Executive Committee on OCA here will request, I hope to give a space for one person in softball games. at the end of last year, the Inchon Asian Games Organizing Committee of South Korea said that the 42 Asian Games in Inchon Asian Games will be reduced to 36, including 28 Olympic events and 8 non Olympic events, at the end of last year. Baseball has become one of the 8 non Olympic events, and softball is excluded. softball is similar to baseball, but it is less technically difficult and less athletic than baseball. The Asian Softball Federation in Asian Winter Games during the OCA OCA can call, hope to think again. Asian Softball Federation said that after their coordination, as long as softball and baseball can enter the Inchon Asian Games at the same time, the two projects can share the same stadium, and each item will finish their respective matches in 6 days. Olympic Council Chairman Ahmad expressed sympathy, he personally hope that the Inchon Asian Games to accommodate baseball, but he also said that this proposal will ultimately also discussed through forming the OCA coordination committee. The meeting of the Coordination Committee will be held in Inchon in April 12th. (finished)

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