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Indianapolis's little horse head Kok Weng Weng Pagoda - Davies (Vontae Davis) recovered smoothly, plans to return to Houston Dezhou people this week. Davies took part in the training of local time on Wednesday, though he was wearing a red training uniform without any confrontation, he had shown a very good competitive state. now, the team has opened the green light for Davies, and he will be able to play as long as he passes the consortium's concussion test. Davies suffered a concussion in the November 30 local time against Washington red skin, forcing him to miss the match against Cleveland Brown last week. Coach chuck ppagano's (Chuck Pagano) revealed that Davies will attend the Thursday local time combat training. Pagano said: "he did a good job today and we have a more specific understanding of his situation. We plan to get him to take part in the confrontation in tomorrow's training, and let him wear armor and look for it. I cheap nfl jerseys free shipping believe this is not a problem for him. " If you can beat the people in Dezhou, the pony will lock the division champion ahead of time.Cincinnati tigers left A.J. Green (A.J. Green). according to NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the ace player took a contract extension of 60 million years worth 4 years on Friday. The tigers will challenge the Oakland Raiders in Oakland on Sunday, so they want to renew their contract before flying to California. The contract with Jeangreen Mendez Bryant recently (Dez Bryant) and Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) - Mathis contract signed at the same level. has been one of the tiger's signature figures since was selected by the tigers in the 2011 show fourth. In his first four seasons, he had more than 1000 yards per season, and only Randy Moss (Randy Moss) had done it in NFL history. In the four years, he is the history of the NFL career began after the ball number more than 3 player. coach Malvin - Lewis (Marvin Lewis) has not led the tiger won the playoffs last season, but saw his offensive group in the case of injured Green teeter after winning in the playoffs, he no doubt in the absence of the best in the League over the absence of one of the. Lewis, of course, knows that. The only surprise is that it took so long to sign a new contract.Carolina Panthers Panthers will face Seattle Seahawks challenge, this is their first postseason. on Wednesday in the United States, the Panther's attacking line players received a big gift. When they entered their locker room, they found a big color TV in their seats. , according to the team members, these color TV sets are jointly purchased by the team's running guard Jonathan Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) and Mike Mike Mike. 242 times this season, Stewart propelling 989 yards with 989 yards and 1 touchdown, and Tate Bert has completed 62 holding and 256 yards and 1.In the base of | softball team battle 3-2 World Championships - China reverse Holland | get a good start Figure for Chinese team and the Holland team in the game (source: ISF website) Figure for Chinese team and the Holland team in the game (source: ISF website) ???????????7??14???2012???13?????????????????????????????????????????????????3-2????????????????????? 2012 World Women's Softball Tournament, a total of 16 teams, China and Argentina, Czech, Holland, Puerto Rico, South Africa, the United States and Venezuela are divided into A group. today in the first round, China first opponents in Holland: after the start of the game China team into the state of slow, the first game of the Holland team to 1 points, second to fourth Bureau both sides failed to score, Holland team in the fifth inning and scored 1 points, and 2-0 to get ahead. Sixth, the two sides had no contribution, seventh Chinese softball finally play its due level, winning 2 points tied the score. The key to the eighth into the state China ability to seize the opportunity to win success winning 1 points, with a total score of 3-2 reversal of the success of the Holland team, to achieve a good start. is worth mentioning: the two veteran Chinese softball pitcher Li Qi Wang Lan and give full play to the advantages of rich experience, respectively got 4 and 5 old K, the Holland team suffered a lot. Chinese softball is a team dominated by young players, most of the players are the first to participate in the world competition, lack of experience, the experience in the first race of the whole process to improve the score tied the score, backward, successfully reversed the young players experience and psychological quality have a very high value. Beijing time July 15th morning, China softball will usher in the group phase second opponents in Puerto Rico. (Liu Xiangqian)

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