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the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) met on Thursday evening and the media, but his teammates have accepted the reporters interview, face about playing in the patriot game ball to be fierce questioning deflation. most people say they haven't noticed what happened. Matthew Slater, a secret service player, said he didn't notice anything outside the dressing room. Although he obviously heard enough rumors, he said "unfortunately," this week people did not celebrate the Patriots' march into the super bowl. Matthew Slater said Kell Kyle Arrington worked hard to ignore the noise, while security guard Arrington Devin said that he and the rest of the defensive team didn't care about the deflation of the ball or not, unless it would affect their passing the opponent's offensive pass or making the ball. run Weile Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) for the attack group and played against Indianapolis pony play get a lot of chance to punch the ball. He said he felt the ball is normal, in addition Biliqieke he and coach Bill (Bill Belichick) caliber consistent, he said in a release absolutely ignorant of things. "I don't know what it feels like when the ball is right, but it feels like a normal ball," Blount told ESPN. "I know nothing about it. The ball we use in training is worse than the ball in our game. I know cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nothing about what happened. " Blount also said the team will not let this thing against the Seahawks before making the team distracted, although every day to meet next week and media occasions there will certainly be a lot of problems about air door.Beijing time on November 3rd morning, the Arizona Cardinals on the road to 28:17 victory over the lack of Toni (Tony Romo) - by the Dallas cowboys, the four game winning streak, with 7 wins and 1 losses record in the top league of nations. Cowboy in after losing the game also suffered two defeats, losing the top position abroad East district. the game cowboy absolute core quarterback Toni Romo sidelined by the team because of back fractures, two quarterback Brandon Vuitton (Brandon Weeden) to replace by the starter. After the opening of Cardinals quarterback Palmer Carson (Carson Palmer) to quickly enter the state, through the continuous conduction distance with running back Andrew Ellington (Andre Ellington) of the punching ball all the way down to the cowboy half, but then errors interrupted Cardinals offensive rhythm, Palmer to wide receiver Michael Freud (Michael Floyd) the pass was a cowboy reserve cornerback Taylor (Tyler Patmon) - Patemeng steals and the way to complete 58 yard touchdown return, the Cowboys quickly made the lead 7:0. The first half of the first half of the two sides of the offensive have stagnated, the two teams with 7:0 score into the second quarter. The second day at the start of the game, the Cardinals again with Ellington Palmer's conduction through the run fast forward, left in the second quarter of 12 minutes and 39 seconds, Palmer success team near end John - Carlson (John Carlson) completed a 7 yard touchdown. The Cardinals equalised. With the Cardinals offensive full of sound and colour different, cowboy side method has not been able to find break defense, because Vuitton's poor performance, leading to star running back Murray Demark (Demarco Murray) has been the focus of attention of the Cardinals cannot perform super performance. The second half of the second quarter Cardinals once again launched an attack, the Cardinals or through efficient run with all the way down to the cowboy red, and eventually took over Jaron Brown from the bench outside (Jaron Brown) completed 11 yard touchdown catch, the Cardinals made the first leading. The cowboy Murray rely on run hard across the cardinals in midfield and half, before the end of the kicker Dan Berri (Dan Bailey) to try a shot, but unfortunately was the Cardinals star cornerback Patrick Peterson (Patrick Peterson) stopped. The Cardinals took a 14:7 lead into halftime. the second half back, cowboy offensive slightly, by pass and move more difficult to attack the Cardinals within the red zone, but this time to the near end Jason Vuitton (Jason Witten) - Witten pass by the Cardinals safetys Taryn Matthew (Tyrann Mathieu) steals, but failed. Fortunately, the Cardinals offense has stalled here, third failed to integrate an effective attack, the two sides did not score third. Entering the fourth section, the two sides continued to continue the third quarter of the downturn, the game fell into the abandoned kicking war. In ratio 〉the Denver Broncos defensive squad this season has been a wave of injuries, linebacker Danny Vincent (Danny Trevathan) - Trevor has become a fallen player. According to NFL famous reporter Ian - Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported on Monday, Torey Vincent suffered a knee dislocation of bone tendon requires surgery, so he has to determine the end of the season. Torey Vincent was injured in last week the Broncos defeated the San Diego lightning team to 22:10 in the second half of the race. Torey Vincent, 24, is considered to be an important member of the defense team of the Mustang team. But two independent knee injuries unfortunately came to him. Torey Vincent only played 3 times and completed 11 tackles. is the Broncos one disaster after another, and may lose another linebacker Brandon in the regular season for two weeks (Broandon Marshall), Marshall Rapoport revealed in Sunday's game in Marshall feet were injured, but fortunately return undecided, X ray negative. Marshall is a member of the season showed amazing Mustang defense team, naturally do not want to lose him in the playoffs.The official website of NFL | Jaguars quarterback Bortel J acromioclavicular sprain | football The Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake announced that Boteersi (Blake - Bortles) in the team to 38-31 lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game acromioclavicular sprain. Bortel J finished the race, the team did not clearly indicate whether the injured shoulder is passing. coach Gus Bradley (Gus Bradley) said that the injury was not serious, even though Bortel J was absent from training on Wednesday local time, there was no need to worry about it. The game, Bortel J ball 33 times, 23 times, 303 yards and 4 touchdowns, was intercepted 1 times, scoring 125.4 quarterback pass. A new career high in the number of pass and scoring. Bortel J is not lack of offensive weapons. With the return of the near end Julius Thomas (Julius Thomas), he will partner Alan Robinson (Allen Robinson) and Alan Hearns (Allen Hurns) to lead the offensive team forward. On the other hand, the performance of the line needs to continue to progress, the game Bortel J was sacked 6 times.

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