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Wednesday is Brady's birthday, the door finally deflated from walk out of the shadow in the quarterback for him the most common place to go (training patriot) celebrated his birthday. How does celebrate the birthday of a rich and handsome rich man (except for a ban)? What about the happy birthday song from the fans? training camp in the Brady on Wednesday morning to hear the fans as he sang the birthday song. For the in August 2016 has been 39 year old Tang God, is the explosion, he has been playing in the oldest player in the League in. Only a few players in the 2015 season is bigger than Brady, kicker Adam Vinatieri kicker Matt Bryant (43) (40), kicker Phil Dawson (40), quarterback Matt Hasselbeck (40), tight end / long open player Mike Leach (39), punter Shane Lechler (39) Peyton Manning (39), quarterback and defensive back Charles Woodson (39). not only that, everyone is looking forward to Brady at the age of 39 can play 12 games in the league. Historically, the age of 39 is not a good age for the quarterback. But the play too great, even in the last year at the age of 38, we also believe that he can hit a MVP season for the Patriots dynasty. in a word, Brady is the miracle of rugby sports medicine. The only one that slows his speed is the four game of stupidity. NFL official website, Geoff - Fisher - Tim, Kenath Castro insisted on using football nest After in the Losangeles rams lost to the New York giants before long, rams coach Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) at the press conference to answer about the team's quarterback Castro Zener (Case Keenum) problem. , cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the old quarterback, had been copied 4 times, one of which was completed by his opponent. When a reporter asked about the team may change with the quarterback candidate, Fisher did not give any gove (Jared Goff) - Gerald related information, he said: we insist on using Cass. We will adjust the position of the outside, and then the quarterback. The fact of is that at least two passes in the four intercepting should be caught. The last copy is obviously the tactical communication between the quarterback and the foreign player. is now hoping that Goff's starting call is very high, but the show's performance in the pre - season and the training camp is not really qualified for him to play. So for now, ram it should think of ways to help their running back Todd Karli (Todd Gurley). The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.American time on September 5, 2015 at 4 p. m., the Philadelphia hawk officially announced that 22 players, including Tim Tebow, were retreated. Despite the efforts of the whole summer, it still failed to move Chip Kelly. The NCAA first quarterback, who had once touched the United States, left the NFL again, and I will never believe that Tebow will never come back again. Although Tim Tebow occupation career is short, but in the 2011-2012 season, Tebow led the horse had once brought us a surprise, surprise in surprise is that a national sensation the American League wild card race. This drama starring the son of God, there are 1000 completely different scripts, 999 of which indicates that the Steelers victory, but the failure of the election. in the American League wild card game, almost no one is optimistic about the mustang. Although the Steelers are disabled full camp, but the skinny camel is bigger than a horse, old and solid defensive play + stable enough to help the Steelers wide receiver group take a behoove victory in Denver. While in college, most love fight Tebow in Denver plateau gave me a big stake in a head-on blow. time back to January 9, 2012, Denver, Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The Steelers quarterback Ben Ben Roethlisberger limped in the game, he never thought his team would fall here. But at the start of the game, the wild horse, as the home team, did not take any advantage. The first section of the Steelers two shot success, early to get 6:0 and Tebow in the lead; Mustang, has been criticized by people passing weakness exposed their own good option run most incisive, and did not play its first offensive power, Mustang won only 8 of the poor code. soon after the start of the second quarter, the Broncos offensive group weak again outside one of the main one disaster after another, took over the Eric Decker by the Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison in a strong impact after the ball, but the ball has not only led to Decker directly back to the locker room to receive treatment, but also destroy the first pass of the game Tebow. ??????????????????????????????Demaryius Thomas???????Tebow??????51??????????????|??????Eddie Royal?????????????Tebow??30???????????????7:6???????? And this set of combinations from the son of God just started... When the horse again got the ball right after Thomas received a long code number from Tebow after passing (58 yards), his ball into the end zone, completed a 8 yard rushing touchdowns, 14:6. At this time wild 〉The official website of NFL |2015-16 second power list | football season in the first week of the game at the end of the sea eye Deyao performance, some people worry about joy. But this is the first game of each team, and it doesn't give the team a pitch for the whole season. Some intended title of the team may need to review this week's defeat, they must recover as soon as possible, and strive in the next game in the return of the king! due to the Seahawks overtime defeat, the Green Bay Packers successful summit this week power list. Brady and G Ron Perkowski outstanding performance in the opener to let those who look down the defending champion to shut up, they go beyond the Seahawks and pony up to second. Despite losing the game, but the opponent has the strongest ground defense alliance, the Seahawks lost at least is not ugly, just drop two, looking forward to their comeback in second weeks. The Kansas City chieftain cleaned up the Dezhou people who had J.J watts. The quarterback Arrakis Smith performance exceeded people's expectations. If he could keep this state, maybe the chieftain could continue the rule of history, Sha Jindi's 50 Super Bowl. Ranked fifth in the Arizona Cardinals, but injured Andrew Ellington this week's victory to cast a shadow. The most surprising team this week was buffalo Bill, who defeated the great Indianapolis pony. Before the season quarterback on people unlimited Kandi Bill this season, but the first week of the performance of Taylor Bill fans renewed confidence. The tigers easily conquered the Raiders of Carle's Midway, and the Tigers had no blemishes at both ends of the Teck, and thus occupied the seventh place. If the attack is not a giant group performance sucks, and making mistakes on the coach and quarterback in the final round of the offense, too act with undue haste words, I do not have the giant cowboy lore chance plus Mendez Bryant would be absent for 4-6 weeks, cowboy drop two, ranked eighth. Although the Mustang win but mediocre, another one. Lost the pony, pony T.Y. Hilton injured may really need a week to lick their wounds were. Andrew - Lu grams of this week's poor, but who does not believe that he will be in the second week is such a performance. Although it has fallen by 7, the pony still occupies a position of the first ten. Other price great teams have defeated the Seahawks rams up 7. Lost the opener the Steelers fall 8. Philadelphia Eagle did not have the good luck of the cowboy, the failure to kill 9 places, the most declines this week. Peterson's struggling performance, Bridge Voight's unstable play made the Viking offensive hard to build, thus dropped 8 places to twenty-fourth. The second champion showdown between the end to Mario Kobita's victory, not only that, the Titan will also re pirate responded with a union vice monitor position. Below is the detailed list: Green Bay Packer 1-0 (+1) new English 〉

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