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Kurt Warner (Kurt Warner) has been retired for 5 years, but when the Arizona Cardinals quarterback appeared crisis, people still can not help but think of the level of the hall of fame. Even if only for fun, it is difficult to conceal the position in the hearts of fans Cardinals warner. The Cardinals defensive end Darnell doctore (Darnell Dockett) this week on twitter for Warner loudspeaker, ridicule Warner served as the team's quarterback can comeback. this season the Cardinals starting quarterback Carson Disasters pile up on one another., Palmer (Carson Palmer) in a month ago was injured for the season. The four point guard Drew Stanton (Drew Stanton) had another knee injury in the Thursday night match. The team had to temporarily use Ryan Lindley to act as a quarterback. There is news that Stanton will be at least 1 weeks off. Warner responded to the petition doctor on Twitter: "you this is my life, don't joke...... However?? If I think I am capable, I will be obliged! " Joking aside, the Cardinals really need to consider their quarterback. Although have been identified among the playoffs, but the partition of the first name of the fight is not over, their opponent i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s the Seattle Seahawks next week.this is the Detroit lions defensive end en Su (Ndamakong Suh - damba hole) contract, he will become a free agent after the end of the season, as the league's top defensive player, sue to high-profile. In the NFL awards ceremony on Saturday, the top male Kelvin Calvin Johnson also made clear that he wanted to stay in. He said: "as long as Su can stay, I will be willing to do anything that the team wants." 's biggest obstacle to Su's stay in the car city is the lack of space for the team's salary. Johnson next season will account for $20 million 600 thousand, quarterback Matthew Staffordshire (Matthew Stafford) next season will also take up $17 million 700 thousand (2016 and 17 years respectively accounted for $22 million), the light is the two cap space next season will occupy nearly 40 million, it is very difficult to make the lion to sue provide an average annual salary of more than $20 million in contracts, so Megatron will agree to cut and cut rate will reach the number as the key problem. NFL famous media man Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) said the lion for renewal of Su still have more confidence, but still let Sue into the free agent market in order to explore the market, the league has multiple teams to show a keen interest in the su. There are some players in . We are now sure there will be a statue in memory of them in the future. now Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) has been treated like this. Indianapolis's Pony has announced that they are making the statue of Manning and will unveil the statue in October 7th. In addition, the team will retire Manning's shirt in the midfield against 49 people in San Francisco in October 8th and let him be elected to the hall of fame. we really don't need to explain why Manning should have a statue to commemorate him, but we still show his career: his career passing a total of 71940 yards, 539 touchdowns (including 2013 season scored 55 touchdowns, the highest single season record for touchdowns), 251 times pass by career steals, passing success the rate of 65.3%, 5 times to become the league's most valuable player, 7 selected the best line-up for a while, 4 times into the super bowl, winning 2 times, more than one season with the pony attack ability become the best team in the league. He added a second spring in the Mustang, the team entered the super bowl 2 times, winning fiftieth Super Bowl champion. As of 1998 draft, Manning became the backbone of the pony in 15 years time, but also let the pony home court became one of the most opponents do not want to patronize the place. He was the first player to get the retiring treatment of the shirt after the pony moved to Indianapolis. "Payton will always be a pony player," said Jim Irsay, the boss of the pony, in a statement. "This will be a celebration and a proud event in our city, our state and the world's Pony fans." Manning said in a statement: "it is my great honor to be grateful to Jim and the yel family to give me this great honor."2015 Shanghai fairsun June (China Bowling bowling tournament gold league match kick-off on Saturday | bowling) news: CpBA occupation Bowling League Shanghai Ding Jie bowling hall welcomes you 2015 Chinese bowling league tournament gold June game will start on Saturday night in Shanghai fairsun bowling alley. At that time, the staff of the Ding Jie bowling alley will meet the competitors from all sides with a warm service, rigorous style, fair and fair competition environment. Shanghai Ding Jie bowling alley is nearly 2000 square meters, the surrounding environment is elegant, all kinds of sports and sports places are complete. Ding Jie bowling alley equipment is imported from America "Brunswick" native products ". There are 20 imported composite fairways. The ball hall is equipped with a top - class professional coach in China, free of charge and guidance for bowling enthusiasts at all levels. And there are professional kick-off masters. Shanghai fairsun bowling alley is the city and the national bowling competition of resident. The decoration is simple and the environment is spacious, which is not only beneficial to couples in pairs, but also for family and friends. It has a good atmosphere of large and medium group activities. In order to carry out the colorful mass sports activities and the national fitness movement, the Ding Jie bowling alley provides more and better sports cultural places for the people of the city. Let the citizens enjoy the health and happiness brought by sports. Sports life, life sports. Bowling bowling (rejuvenate) and Paul (Paul everything you Ling Ling). When you walk away a bowling, all the worries all light. competition oil pattern

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