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Las Vegas mayor Caroline Goodman (Carolyn Goodman) is confident that unless the implementation process goes wrong, the Oakland Raiders will move to Las Vegas. "if Nevada properly handles this, the Raiders will come here," Goodman said in an interview. Mark Davis, the boss of the Raiders, has said that he will invest 500 million dollars to build a plan worth 1 billion 400 million dollars in Las Vegas, which can accommodate 65000 people's Stadium in Mark. "Mark - Davies has assured us that Las Vegas will not be involved in the raider's Stadium contract," Goodman said. "I know we're going to have a team." in addition to Davies's $500 million, Jinsha and its partners will also invest $150 million, and the remaining $750 million will be obtained through cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tax. Supporters of the plan said in April 28th that they would ask the Nevada legislature to convene a special session in August, and approve the Levy of part of the housing tax to build the stadium. after that, NFL team owners will vote on whether the Raiders will be able to move, and the Raiders need at least 24 of the 32 bosses to agree.on Sunday of the United States, there were not many scoring highlights in Losangeles rams' competition against New York jet, but the performance of ram Johnny Johnny Hekker became the highlight of the competition. , the 45.8 yard player who had abandoned the field, played a 7 - yard discarded kick in his own 7 - yard line and kicked the 10 - yard line of his opponent. but such a 78 yard kick is still far away from the history of the league. The previous record has been maintained by Stephen O'Neal, a New York jet fighter. He completed a 98 yard throw kick in 1969 and kicked it from the 1 yards to the 1 yards of the Steve O'Neal. ? just yesterday. Carrick, the current United captain, announced his retirement from the end of the season on his social networking site. But he also said in an interview that my 16 Jersey is time for Mike Tommy Nai. He absolutely deserves United's starting position . in May last year, Mike Tuominai in United's first team, and in pre-season performance is impressive, but this season, he has won many games Captain also said: "I showed Mike Tuominai confidence and trust is from the first day he began to earn in, since he participated in the first Hall of first team training, the learning step by step, but he still has a long way to go." "I think this is the result of his performance, because there are some people around him that can correctly guide him. I have never met them, but I believe this young player's attitude towards football and other things, I have every reason to believe that his parents are very good people. They pass the correct values to Mike Tommy Nai. , this kid always keeps a down to earth attitude. He is very calm. I think he has passed some important tests, playing against Chelsea in the Premier League and in the Champions League.NFL's regular season MVP does not think that NBA's regular season MVP is the best player in the NBA League. Carolina Panthers super fans Stephen curry (Steph Curry) has been very love cam - Newton (Cam Newton), but the last season of NFL MVP recently said Lebron - James (LeBron James) than Curitiba stronger, Newton believes James than strong but strong than the knight warrior. Newton told reporters on Thursday, "is someone asking me, is Curie the most powerful player in the basketball court? My answer is "no", and curi is the best player in the best team. I still think James is the best. He can do anything on the court, but he is not in the best team. The energy of the team is always greater than that of the individual. When a reporter asked when Newton how to defeat the library in one of the single in laughter, Newton replied: "you are emphasized and singled out? I can tell you, no way!"

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