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new England patriot's rookie Sellers Jones (Cyrus Jones) does not seem to enjoy the team's super reversal in the fifty-first Super Bowl. , because Jones was the top ranked player in the 2016 season's draft of the patriot in the draft of the patriot, but when the team was 3 to 28 behind, Jones stayed in the field wearing clothes, because he didn't even have the chance to participate in other playoffs. "I won't be happy because I did not make my contribution," said Jones. I'm a team member, but I can't feel it. " The main reason Jones is unable to participate in the playoff team in the regular season, he kicked the ball in the abandoned off the ball 5 times, 11 punt return average 4.2 return yards, only in 14% when the number of defensive team. Jones on the season fourteenth weeks ruined team pu cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nt lead Baltimore crow lead the game, after he was involved in a game. But Jones became fans of the punching bag. For this reason, Jones canceled the plan to take off the season with his family, but began to prepare for his 2017 season. Jones said: "I have no entertainment for the rest of the season, because I'm not qualified to enjoy it."The official website of NFL | Raiders and veteran Woodson 1 | Rugby on Monday local time, veteran safety Charles Woodson (Charles Woodson) and the Oakland Raiders decided to renew for 1 years. According to the NFL official, the contract is worth about $1 million 800 thousand. It means that we can still see the veteran's performance in the game next season. this season, van derson's performance is beyond the team's expectations. His grappling number led the team and finished 4 times. In 1998, the Raiders selected the woods in the first round, but once joined the Green Bay Packers, the veteran decided to go back to where he started. Previously, van derson repeatedly stressed that he would retire as a raider's player. reviews the 1998 draft, and only 2 people remain in the league. In addition to van derson, the other was the top star of the year Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning). At present, the Raiders have announced the appointment of former wild horse defense coordinator Jack Del - Rio (Jack Del Rio) as the new manager of the team. As a team of the most senior players, most say, Woodson will provide help for the coach on and off the pitch.Bowling | Shenyang tiger Cup Super almost week race (2015-7-18 sixty-fourth field) and the latest almost integral table difference mark War: per only -100 yuan. first standard: Wang Chieh -230 second standard: Li Guangming -233 third standard: Li Fengtao -279 fourth: I wish -229 Department of PediatricsThe official website of NFL | jet Richardson: Watt and I are in the same level of | football if you ask 10 people, NFL, the best defensive end front is who, basically 10 people will say J.J. watts (J.J. Watt). Unless, the person you ask is exactly Sheldon - Richardson (Sheldon Richardson), he will say it is himself. , the best defensive rookie in 2013, thinks he is at the same level as Watt. This week, he said in an interview with EPSN: J.J. Watt, though he took several more than I took, was at the same level as my strength. He's more talented in sports, but I can't get anywhere. We have the same will, the same big heart, the same technology, and he can reach me, too. signed a contract of 6 years and 100 million dollars before the start of the season, so Richardson thought he should have such a big contract one day because they were at a level. He added that he and I are in the Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together., the same level, I don't overestimate he won't underestimate, I was doing the same level. although Richardson is not as elite as Watt, he is indeed the few highlights of the New York jet team this season. He said the jet fleet was taken off at thirteenth in 2013 and took 6.5 shots to lead the team this season. Like Watt, he was also involved in some offense. He finished 2 shots in 2013 as a running guard, but he didn't get the chance this season.

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