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Detroit lions further replenish the depth of the line-up position. Local time on Tuesday, the team announced the Pittsburgh Steelers veteran receiver Lance Moore (Lance Moore) agreed to a new testament. The veteran is expected to play as a rotant player, helping the team to have a strong pass attack. lion first receiver combination will be Calvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson) and Gordon Tate (Golden Tate), the team needs more passes for enriching the existing tactical target. Moore had worked in the New Orleans saints for 8 seasons, and then joined the steelers. Last season, Moore played a limited time, was flat, finished only 14 times. The lion's choice to sign Moore's another goal may be that he hopes to help the young players in the team grow. There are also outstanding talents in the lions team, such as Cory Fuller (Corey Fuller), Jeremy Ross (Jeremy Ross) and Ryan Blow Les (Ryan Broyles). At the same time, although Moore has lost the depth of the threat, he can still use his experience to surprise the team.NFL's official website announced the | saints kicker Graham 1 | Rugby New Orleans saints hope to remain stable in the position of the kicker. According cheap nfl jerseys free shipping to NFL official website reporter, the team has reached agreement with the 37 year old veteran player Sean Graham (Shayne Graham) on the new contract. Graham will renew his contract with the team for 1 years, and in the last 2014 seasons, he has shot 19 shots in 22 shots. although the New Testament was harvested, Graham was not the only choice for the saints in the kicker position. He needs and a 2013 six round rookie Dustin Hoffman Hopki (Dustin Hopkins) competition. Hopki was signed by the saints in the final stage of the season after being cut off by Buffalo Bill. currently, the alliance has been trying to adjust the shooting rules, including the width of the ball and the additional distance. In this case, some players did not fit in. It is foreseeable that the alliance will continue to try in this area, so the experienced kicker will become more important. For the saints, they clearly want to leave a veteran in battle Graham, rather than a younger rookie.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?In the base of |2011 Kunshan international Slow Pitch Softball Tournament team won the championship | Kunshan Taiwan Association vice mayor of Kunshan, Han Wei, November 12th -13, 2011 Kunshan international Slow Pitch Softball Tournament in Kunshan wisdom Thean Hou Temple side of the new three slow pitch softball field was successfully held home court operations in Kunshan Taiwan Association team won the championship, and won four awards in one fell swoop, be worthy of the name big win home! , sponsored by Kunshan Taiwan compatriots investment enterprise association, the Kunshan Municipal People's government, Kunshan municipal Taiwan Affairs Office and Kunshan Sports Bureau strongly support this event. The event is held to enable Taiwanese businessmen and foreign friends from all over the world to know Kunshan, experience Kunshan, feel Kunshan, and feel the culture and spirit of softball, enhance their friendship and work together to promote the slow throw softball game. The competition consists of 15 teams participating in the Taiwan area, the elite team based in Southeast Asia and the representatives of China, Japan and Korea. Teams are the Kunshan Taiwan Association team, Kunshan softball league team - the blue team, Kunshan softball league team - the white team, Beijing Taiwan - friendship caravan touchdown team, Nanjing University of Technology softball team, Guangzhou Taiwan - China Caravan - Elephant team and Xiamen team, Shanghai Taiwan Taiwan, Dongguan United -TWAIWAN NO.1, Chengdu Taiwan Taiwan caravan team, Shenzhen Taiwan team - a yuan, Taiwan - South Vietnamese lion caravan team, friends happy Dragon Team - Taiwan, the Japanese team and American team -Blackouts team. after two days of competition, the Kunshan Taiwan cooperation team won the tournament champion. The Kunshan slow team alliance white team was runner up. The Shanghai Taiwan business team won the third place and the Dongguan team -TAIWAN NO.1 got the fourth place. The event also gave five awards: in addition to the Kunshan Softball League - white team Zhang Xingfeng won the home run award, the remaining four individual awards are won a championship team, Chen Zhikun harvest award and the best player awards, against Wei Ruofan won the MVP award, Xia Jinfarong used the best coach award. vice mayor of Kunshan city Han Wei, Kunshan Municipal People's Government Affairs Office Director He Cuiying, deputy director of the Kunshan Municipal Sports Bureau, Sports Bureau Zou Cainan, President of the Kunshan Taiwan compatriots Investment Enterprises Association Sun Decong, executive vice president Jiang Yulan, China Sports Federation, Chinese Softball Association chief consultant consultant, National Baseball & Softball League Li Minkuan, Chinese Softball Association Secretary long Yang Xu, Jiangsu Province Athletics Sports Bureau deputy director Yan Xiaoping, Chinese University Sports Association vice chairman, honorary branch of China Baseball Softball Association slow pitch softball won the organizing committee executive vice director of health, the national best softball league executive director, deputy director of the Beijing Association of Taiwan funded enterprises in Taipei City, long Yu que, (fast) slow Softball Association the Secretary General Chen Bingfu and the Taipei city (fast) slow Softball Association director general Cai Zhongren, attended the opening ceremony. (Liu Xiangqian)

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