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(Cam Newton) - cam Newton as Lebron in NFL - James (LeBron James) or James to NBA Newton this is a few days before the news. thanked Denver wild horse's line guard Miller Miller. Recently, he changed the word. He compared Newton with the Jinzhou warrior star Stephen Stephen (Stephen Curry). , he said, "if you can think of a player who can get a score in his own way, he must be curry, and he can always score on his own." , in fact, is a loyal fan of the Carolina panther, and he is also a good friend of Newton, apparently the two of them are willing to be compared. and Miller and Newton were all the 2011 talent shows, and two people exchanged players after the game, and of course all the friendships were cheap nfl jerseys free shipping another thing on the court. Miller said, "I'm going to be myself on the scene. Nothing can stop me. I'm a fan out of the field." related news: Miller: Newton is one of my favorite quarterbackHouston, Dezhou's new talent centre Nick Nick (Nick Martin) this week has a high ankle sprain in the joint training with New Orleans saints. He may miss the first season against Chicago bears. Dezhou selected Martin in the second round of the draft this year, they hope that he will soon become the starting center, but a back injury that he missed the first preseason, but the ankle injury let Greg Muntz (Greg Mancz) has become the first team. also Muntz plagued by injuries in college career and occupation career, but he is in the last season to join the Dezhou people after the unsuccessful rookie performance so as to keep the team. played 3 games in his rookie season Muntz in November last year due to a knee injury into the injured reserve list, but he joined a team of almost all the offseason training. He started in the first game of the pre - season.Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Laurence Timmons and his time in the United States on Monday (Lawrence - Timmons) agreed restructuring contract to create enough cap space for the team. The original signature based Timmons fee is $6 million 630 thousand, now after the reorganization of his basic income will be $870 thousand, there will be a $3 million 320 thousand salary cap space for the team. due to injury this summer the Steelers had to use more salary cap space to sign off the bench, then they need and they left Jiefeng Kevin (Kevin Beachum) - Biquan to complete the new contract.The official website of NFL | lightning player: Seahawks quarterback Rivers | NFL rookie Clark attack Seattle Seahawks defensive player Frank striker Clark (Frank Clark) annoyed more than San Diego lightning offensive players. These players claimed the Seahawks rookie in two teams against the preseason to quarterback Philip Rivers in the lightning (Philip Rivers) when attacks of the latter was pressed in the crowd. lightning left Jiefeng Kim - Dunlap (King Dunlap) in the Clark from the crowd out after being fined 15 yards of unnecessary rough foul. He told the media that he did not want to see the incident but he wanted to protect Rivers after he heard his teammates shouting at Clark. That guy is on Philip. He's our quarterback, Dunlap said. I protect the quarterback at all costs. Rivers during the attack by the Seahawks player Jordan - Hill (Jordan Hill) captured and killed in the attack, but Clark after the end of this action was criticized by lightning players more attention. That is our quarterback, lightning guard D.J. Fuluke (D.J. Fluker) said. We want to protect the treasure of our attack group. Clark and the Seahawks did not at the end of the game is to comment on the matter.

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