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Beijing time in December 11th, the Feinikesi University Stadium came into a focus campaign. The Minnesota Vikings against the Arizona cardinals. The score has been anxious, until the last moment, Vikings quarterback Bridgewater lost ball turnovers, the Cardinals only narrowly beat the Vikings in the home court. The score of the whole game is 23:20. first game, the two sides quickly entered the state of the game. The first attack of the Cardinals with a close kick in the lead. But Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) a 9 yard touchdown run with the ball immediately responded. Get the ball again Carson - Palmer (Carson Palmer) a long pass to open John Brown (John Brown), completed a 65 yard touchdown pass wonderful. The end of the first quarter, the Cardinals to lead 10:7. the second quarter, the Cardinals offensive continuously blocked, failed to expand the score. The Vikings, even though there was a mistake to drop the ball, leveled the score with a free kick before the end of the half - field. At the end of the first half, the Vikings Cardinals at 10:10. third games, the first attack of the Viking people again lost the ball error. The Cardinals took the opportunity to complete a 42 yard touchdown pass. The catch is Michael - Freud (Michael Floyd). At th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e end of this section, the Cardinals advancing to the Vikings within 5 yards, but the day before the end of the 3 offensive failed to convert into the array. The Cardinals with 17:10 score to go in the fourth quarter. the fourth quarter, the Cardinals began to hit a free kick near distance. The Vikings kicked a free kick of 54 yards and bites the score. In the 5 minutes left, Teddy Bridgewater came out of a 7 yard touchdown, Mike Wallace (Mike Wallace). Then the Cardinals left in the game 1 minutes 23 seconds kicked a 47 yard free kick. But it also left the Vikings enough time to draw the score. But in the game with 5 seconds left, Bridgewater was captured and killed off the ball. The cardinals in home court victory over the vikings.The official website of NFL | American football ball with a brief history of the evolution of | football football has gone through a long and tortuous change. At last, it has been upgraded from cowhide to cowhide products. Let's go back to the past to see how the pigskin in the US population has been upgraded to modern rugby. first, let us return to the age of ancient Greece. In that old age, everyone used the inflatable pig's bladder as a ball. That bleak age was only a pig's bladder. Those poor farmers will be pig bladder inflated, then tie, then the nouveau riche village can start playing ball. suddenly came in 1855, It passes like this., people finally invented the balloon real, and in college and the east coast of the Ivy League evolved in 2 forms, a kick up comfortable and another with ease. It was not until 1862 that the first American rugby league Boston tournament was held, and two kinds of balls were used. Over the next few decades, the rule was gradually standardized, mainly due to Walter Camp (Walter Camp). He formulated detailed rules, so he was praised as the father of American football. continues to say the ball. A cow can make almost 10 balls, each of which consists of four cowhide and a tie. Plug in a rubber liner and sew the skin with a punch. Finally, the air is inflated to make the internal pressure of 89 thousand and 635 PPA. The standard of professional ball, the diameter of the ball should be between 52.7 cm and 54 cm, and the girth is between 27.9 cm and 28.6 cm, and the weight is between 396.9 g and 425.2 G. in addition, in NFL, every team should prepare 36 outdoor match balls before the game, and 24 indoor matches, each ball will be tested within 2 hours before the game. There are 12 balls in the box by the official seal, personally unsealed, and at the start of the game. Those balls are printed on the words of K. today, NFL's official ball is the The Duke Rugby produced by Wilson (Wilson) sporting goods company. In 1941, at the time of the proposal of George Halas of the Chicago bear team, the rugby was named after The Duke, the nickname of the former New York giant Wellington Mara, and became the NFL official game ball. Du Keqiu has been producing more than 50 years, producing more than 7〉 a year.The official website of NFL | Wencibi Bradford understand offensive tactics faster | football recently Philadelphia hawks training camp, we see Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) in the offensive tactical understanding couldn't catch up with the rookie Wentz (Carson Wentz) - Carson's footsteps. now two people are learning new attack tactics under the lead of the new attacking coach, Doug Pedersen (Doug Pederson). Pedersen commented: the two Wentz shows NFL level arm strength and precision, he moved in his pocket for enough time for yourself, it seems to go in front of the Bradford wentz. In fact, Eagle chose when Wentz draft, Bradford began his protest, perhaps voluntary training camp is just a start. if the situation may continue to do so sooner than we think Wentz will become the starting quarterback.Cleveland Brown will be restarting the rookie quarterback. chief (Hue Jackson) announced that Cody - Kessler (Cody Kessler) will start the game against the Dallas cowboy. Jackson called the first Kessler rather than the veteran Josh McKoen (Josh McCown) to assess the rookie quarterback. "I want to have a chance to keep watching him," Jackson said. "(Kessler) has the incredible ability to show courage and calmness." Jackson also said that although the McCain wants to play, he understand this decision. "I think he understands the situation we are in. For 15 years he has always understood the team's decision. " Jackson said. Kessler showed good passing precision and the ability to quickly lead the attack. In his first starting and full game, Brown's attack team pushed forward 384 yards. But he lacks the strength of his arm to grow up. McCain played two games Brown attack group the most explosive is not a coincidence. Although McCain may in the short term that Brown is more likely to win, Jackson thought it more important to observe their rookie quarterback. is thinking about the future when has failed in the season. The best way to make use of the rest of the season is to figure out Kessler's strength.

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