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Jacksonville Jaguars found tight end Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas) replacement, that is the former Oakland Raiders tight end from Rivera (Mychal Rivera). Rivera filled the position of the catcher's near end. The Marcedes Lewis's Jaguar career entered the twelfth season, and he was more of an open player for the twelfth seasons. He has never been more than 25 times a season since the 2012 season. Rivera, a 26 year old, was selected by the Raiders in the sixth round of the 2013 draft. Although he was slightly thin as a near - end, he once showed a glittering performance. he every season in his first two seasons have received 4 touchdowns, his performance in 2014 reached its peak, in 16 games 58 times the ball 534 yards, but later in the other team to introduce the proximal front reduced his chances. But Rivera , last season was quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr) in the new ball, the ball 10.7 yards every time he data is the highest career. In Houston's Dezhou playoffs, he was also the most successful passing goal of the rookie quarterback Connor Cook (Connor Cook), who completed the 4 catch and got 31 yards. last season he played 13 games, including 2 starts, is a career low, he made 18 receptions for 192 yards and 1 touchdowns are the lowest career. At the training camp, the Raiders had intended to deal with him.The official website of NFL | cowboy boss to support the establishment o cheap nfl jerseys free shipping f | in Las Las Vegas football team Dallas cowboy boss, Jerry - Jones is happy to see a NFL team in the casino. If the raid leader Mark Davies, as mayor of Las Vegas mayor Caroline Goodman said, firmly wanted to move the Raiders to gambling city, he would need to get their support from all the other teams of the league as much as possible. On Thursday, he got a key vote for Jerry - Jones. in the Cowboys Golf fellowship activities, Jones expressed strong interest in NFL will be in Las Vegas into market territory. Citing "sports news network" (The Sports Xchange) reported that Jones said that the casino has very good entertainment atmosphere, a resident population of 2 million sports; in addition, the city has a huge group of tourists, most of them are not the specific NFL fans. Considering these two factors, it is obviously a matter of solidarity with the future of NFL to move the team to the casino. Jones continues, "as you know, you need to have a suitable condition. The right owners are willing to complete such a team relocation. There are many things to consider. For me, it is true that Las Vegas has a factor of gambling, but it is far less than his entertainment value. So, in my view, it doesn't affect me as a support for it to become a NFL city. This statement Jones that would make Davies snickered. From the experience that the rams moved to Losangeles and passed the voting smoothly, we already know that Jones always has great influence in the league's team owners. According to YAHOO's Schwab, if Jones was not the most powerful man in the league, it was hard to have other names in front of him. For Davies's Raider relocation plan, he needed the consent of the other 23 team owners. Now that Jones is now on his side, it will certainly bring a lot of support and more approval. , of course, requires a lot of follow-up work even if the NFL owners sit down to vote for the gambling city. For example, if the dean spanos can and San Diego officials reached a new stadium for a lightning team agreement, then Davies can (he will) directly to the Raiders moved back to Losangeles and settled in the new stadium Stan Krohn J in Inglewood. assumes that lightning does not stay in San Diego, but Davies turned around Las Vegas behaviour shows that he is not for the Raiders moved to Las Vegas plans very worried, so close to the new Las Vegas stadium needed $1 billion 400 million in financing also need to be approved. This is not a real thing in any case.Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) this season, although already 30 years old, but still won the NFL this season to punch the ball mawang. Before the interview, Peterson told reporters that he is now the best league running back, when asked who is two time running back, he told us that Sunday game across the Seattle Seahawks veteran horse Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch). Peterson said that the two runner in the League was him. Although Lynch only scored 417 yards in 7 games this season, Lynch, 29 years old, had at least 1200 yards in every four seasons in the past four seasons. Lynch on Sunday against the Minnesota Seahawks Vikings in the National League wild card race on the first play of Peterson hope, hope to meet him. , "I remember participating in the NFL draft with him. We trained together in Arizona, and I knew he could not ignore it later." Peterson said, "his nickname beasts mode is for a reason: he is very powerful and fast. His lateral movement, his direction, his vision is great. Even if he didn't play many games this year, I still think he was the second best runner in the league, no doubt. "Compared with Lynch, I'm faster. I don't think he can change quickly like me, but his lateral movement is amazing. Lynch returned from his hernia surgery. He attended all the training this week, but Peterson missed his second training this week because of a back injury. Peterson said he was ready to go all in to play in the match on Sunday. Coach Mike Gilmore (Mike Zimmer) also said he would not have any restrictions on Peterson. "This is the playoffs." Gilmore said, "he is ready. It feels very, very good. "spent a very disappointed season on the court and on the field. San Francisco's 49 pass Aldon Aldon Smith was eager to rebound in the 2015 season. "anxious" is the general manager of Trent Barker (Trent Baalke) to become the star at outside linebacker mentality, last season he made 2 sacks the lowest occupation career comeback from 9 match ban imposed on him after the union. "He's very ambitious," Barker told ESPN on Friday. "He's doing very well... For anyone who has faced aldong's situation, it needs to be recovered day by day. But he did very well for a long time. " Smith actually got a contract in 2015 for 1 years, and he will get a basic salary of 1 million yuan, but if he can enter the list of 53 people in all 16 games, he will get more than 5 million 100 thousand dollars salary. Buck saw the 25 year old player "growing up as a leader of the team." he thought "it's great to see this. It's also fun to watch al Dong grow up". He thought Smith had a great chance to get the full salary. 49 are in urgent need of the appearance of Smith, after they have seen in this offseason linebacker Patrick Willis (Patrick Willis) and Chris (Chris Borland) - Poland Howard announced his retirement. The team may lose defensive striker Justin Smith (Justin Smith). Earlier in the east of Al panic when rival quarterback Justin has been responsible for the fire cover to attract players. 49 people are quite different from a year ago, but Smith's return to the past can make the defense team get a headache every week.

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