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New York jets now need Eric Dekker (Eric Decker) to recover from the injury as soon as possible and return to the team's first lineup. But at the moment, the team is not sure whether Dekker can play in this week's game. Local time Friday, Dekker due to a hamstring strain in only a small amount of training, then the team was listed as doubtful". This week's jet's opponent will be Dekker's old host, Denver Mustang. , other injuries include Harris Harris (David Harris), David Nelson (David Nelson) and Kwei Darin Walls (Darrin Walls). Rex Ryan, the head coach of the jet, said in a press conference that Dekker hoped to contribute more to the team. There is no doubt that Dekker's recent downturn has nothing to do cheap nfl jerseys free shipping with his injuries. He was injured in the second week competition with the Green Bay Packer, and he had been tortured for the next few weeks. But before the accident, he showed a take over all qualities needed extra. Even if Dekker could play this week, he would not have been able to play 100%. This is of course bad news for the jet, after all, they need at least 30 points against Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) to win.Bowling | forwarding: on the Shanghai Golden League Bowling 2012 annual finals event information according to the rules of the Shanghai bowling Golden League, will be on 2012 December 29th in Shanghai Sports Palace bowling Museum (Shanghai, Putuo, ) 1856 Dadu River Road in District) held the 2012 finals, inviting Hongkong bowling club three players and Shanghai bowling gold league ranked the top 13 players in the 2012 year of the year. The listed list of is as follows: contestant: Shou Yifeng, Chen Jianhua, Cai Hongfu, Fei Wen, Zhang Cheng, Fan Chunping, Zhang Jiong, Lou Yi, Chang Yi Yun, Zhao Ruwen, Lu Wei, Yang Suiling, He Pengfei. substitutes: Li Fuqing, Ge Qing, Yu Zhou Ming. note: the 2012 League score is the same, according to the competition and the total score is arranged in the ranking.????????????18?????????????????????????????????????????????20???????????????????????????????110??????????????????? The Marseille Team Jersey next season home court is still a continuation of the classic white shirt with blue details, collar and shoulder lines are all blue Adidas design, the body part is parallel to the blue line, the following is white shorts and socks, socks also have parallel lines. let's take a look at the Monaco 2010-11 season shirt| handball Games women's handball preliminaries | ten teams in Changzhou Olympic Sports Center | hand Association Luca to 14 May 6th, the Eleventh National Games women's handball preliminaries held in Jiangsu Olympic Sports Center of Changzhou City Metro stadium, there were from Beijing, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Xinjiang, people's Liberation Army and other ten teams. after 5 days of fighting, the first stage group phase has ended, Anhui, Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangxi were the first group A to five, Jiangsu, Heilongjiang, Xinjiang, people's Liberation Army, Sichuan were the first group B to five, meeting the rest of the day, will be the second stage ranking tournament in 13 days. according to the competition rules, the game in the team will get the National Games finals, so part of the team to save power, have sent all the main competition exciting number is not much, but can still see some teams in the game in the process of preparing for the Games in the level of increase rapidly, has made no small progress, I believe in the National Games finals will be more exciting. (Paul)

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