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in sixteenth weeks of play, San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers lightning in the core (Philip Rivers) under the leadership of a successful comeback in San Francisco 49, the initiative will compete for the playoff firmly in their own hands. But Rivers's injury will be a big shock to the next race. NFL famous media man Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) Rivers have intervertebral disc prominent problems in the last few weeks, and has reached the demand for emergency treatment outside the hospital, Rapoport said Rivers even considered this season no longer play. Rapoport also added that Rivers will be back surgery in the offseason, Rivers also injured ribs has been improved.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thou cheap nfl jerseys free shipping sand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?Polo | extraordinary 2013 Colt starting price: 100000 yuan / price increase: 1000 yuan / horse Name: marvelous 2013 male foal sex: public height: 165cm date of birth: , 2013 color: red jujube uses: polo, equestrian, leisure riding, cross-country endurance is where the Beijing Sun Times Polo Club note: horse in Beijing International Polo Open welcome you to come to the Beijing sun times he horse Polo club. Because of the particularity of horses, once a deal is done, no return is made. The cost of horse transportation is borne by the buyer. : extraordinary 2013 colt (forehead with horsehair ~ ) extraordinary 2013 colt in Gunma in small knowledge: polo horse polo horse, as its name implies, is a horse type specially bred for a polo game. The skill and safety of a horse and horse are second to none. international standards for judging horses are: blood and skills. Because the horse is Polo Polo for special training, but also for leisure riding, so, polo horse skills are particularly important: polo horse education from the baby, he / she is from weaning (6 months) when he began to do more training and develop different training programs according to different ages. A well trained polo horse needs a good speed, endurance, and flexibility, and a gentle character. So the horse Polo is also called the post doc in the horse. International Horse Polo breeding is basically the use of pure blood as the father of the horse, the mother horse of the country as the mother. Park Introduction: horses are located in the Polo Club of Beijing sunshine times in Yanqing, Beijing. The air is fresh and dry, which is very suitable for breeding, living and training of good horses. Yanqing is a confluence of nomadic culture and farming culture. Since ancient times, it has the tradition of horse raising, the birthplace of Chinese contemporary Horse Tourism and the Polo capital of contemporary China. The Park began to breed good stallion from 1998.The official website of NFL | Peterson at trial, sentencing | football tentative December 1st at the end of the morning in the eastern time of October 8th, the Minnesota Viking runner Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) attended the trial. He was accused of being reckless or negligent in injure his 4 year old son. He is wearing a striped uniforms, sitting beside the lawyer rusty Hardin, trying to seek the court trial as soon as possible. Hardin said Peterson didn't have the ability to protect himself when facing harsh criticism from the media. Peterson and he all came up with an idea: solve this case as soon as possible so as to return to the court as soon as possible this season. , however, when Hardin asked the court to solve the case before Thanksgiving, judge Kelly Keith replied that the deadline of the court was already full before Thanksgiving. December 1st is the earliest time. But it is possible that Peterson's case can move forward after all the other cases are at the end of the trial. after Peterson left the court, Hardin briefly stated to the reporters behind him: I was very proud to say Peterson was a good man. This is a question of educational choice, but unfortunately it happened to a father with a strong love and will. at the same time, the prosecutor asked judge Keith to ask lawyers to try to minimize participation in media interviews, otherwise the trial would delay the trial longer. Peterson has agreed not to contact the child, the child is now living with his mother, but the legal proceedings are under way.

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